Tarte recently reformulated and re-released their very famous cheek stains. Along with those they released a new set of lip pencils called power pigments that are smaller in size and much more pigmented than the LipSurgence line. Both of the releases have shades that correspond directly to the Amazonian clay powder blushes- color me excited!

*press samples*

Tarte Exposed Products

Tarte Exposed Suite: Amazonian Clay Blush, Cheek Stain, Power Pigment

Tarte Blissful Products

Tarte Blissful Suite: Amazonian Clay Blush, Cheek Stain, Power Pigment

Tarte Tipsy Products

Tarte Tipsy Suite: Amazonian Clay Blush, Cheek Stain, Power Pigment

Tarte Cheek Stains and Power Pigment Swatches 2

Swatches L-R: Tipsy, Blissful, Exposed

The cheek stains and power pigments for Tipsy, Blissful and Exposed were very much like their powder blush counterparts. The power pigments are impressive. They have excellent pigmentation, feel cushion-y on the lips and actually moisturize. I did lip swatches of all the shades back-to-back and they didn’t dry them out, not even a little!

The Tipsy cheek stain was less pigmented then I would have expected. The new formula is definitely an improvement from the older version, however it’s worth noting that you do get less product and the price remains the same. It’s frustrating when brands reformulate and repackage an item (usually making it smaller) and then keep the price the same (or in some cases charge more). It’s a sign of the times I guess, as it’s becoming more and more frequent. It doesn’t mean that consumers don’t notice, because we do. Sometimes we overlook it because a product is that good- but it’s a hard pill to swallow nonetheless.

Tarte Exposed Power Pigment on Lips

Wearing Power Pigment in Exposed

Tarte Blissful Power Pigment on Lips

Wearing Power Pigment in Blissful

Tarte Tipsy Power Pigment on Lips

Wearing Power Pigment in Tipsy

Tarte True Love and Fearless

Tarte True Love and Fearless Cheek Stains and Power Pigments

I don’t have the corresponding powder blushes to these (sad face!) but these new colors are a welcome addition the to Tarte lineup.

Tarte Flush Products

Tarte Flush Suite: Amazonian Clay Blush, Cheek Stain, Power Pigment

Tarte Blushing Bride Products

Tarte Blushing Bride Suite: Amazonian Clay Blush, Cheek Stain, Power Pigment

Tarte Natural Beauty Products

Tarte Natural Beauty Suite: Amazonian Clay Blush, Cheek Stain, Power Pigment

Tarte Cheek Stains and Power Pigment Swatches

Swatches L-R: True Love, Natural Beauty, Blushing Bride, Flush, Fearless

The biggest surprise in this group was Blushing Bride. The cheek stain is actually quite different than the powder and lip versions and I adore it! It was my clear favorite of all of the new cheek stains. It’s bright, face-brightening and very pigmented. Fearless is a peachy-coral and True Love is a reddish-pink. Both of the shades really impressed me. Flush and Natural Beauty both look very similar to their powder blush relatives.

Tarte Fearless Power Pigment on Lips

Wearing Tarte Power Pigment in Fearless

Tarte Blushing Bride Power Pigment on Lips

Wearing Tarte Power Pigment in Blushing Bride

Tarte Natural Beauty Power Pigment on Lips

Wearing Tarte Power Pigment in Natural Beauty

Tarte True Love Power Pigment on Lips

Wearing Tarte Power Pigment in True Love

Ultimately the new packaging and great pigmentation make the cheek stains and power pigments a hit with me. The fact that they match my beloved Amazonian clay blushes makes them that much easier to fall head over heels for. The cheek stains retail for $30 and the power pigments are $24 and they are both available at Sephora or directly from Tarte.

My overall picks? All of the power pigments are AH-mazing, but Fearless, Exposed, True Love and Blissful are my favorites. For the cheeks stains I’d start with Blushing Bride, Fearless and Flush.

Tarte has released several exciting new products and shades for spring this year and I have been really antsy to try these beauties out…

That eye candy! Although I am not the biggest fan of click pen type packaging, the cute and spring-like designs on these make that detail easy to overlook. Plus, I have actually found that it’s quite handy for on-the-go application because it can be done with a single hand (unlike twist up glosses or ones with a removable wand).

They are infused with maracuja oil and retail for $21 for .12oz of product. They are formulated without:

I counted and it takes about 51-55 clicks to get the gloss to come out initially (I know, slightly annoying). But once the gloss has been, well initiated, it’s all easy street from then on. 1-2 clicks dispenses enough gloss to cover my lips. If you prefer a thicker coverage you may need another click or two. I would err on the side of caution though, because it’s easy to get too much out of application methods like these and make a mess out of the cap.

L-R: Tipsy, Flush, Amused, Charmed

I will be reviewing 4 of the shades in this post, but you can also see me wearing Natural Beauty in this post. You might be seeing another shade or two come up in a giveaway and look for other shades coming soon in FOTDs. πŸ™‚

Swatches L-R: Tipsy, Flush, Amused, Charmed

I find the glosses to be neither sticky nor slippery. It also has a slight minty scent and a hint of a tingle on the lips. I dislike most “lip plumping” products because I find the tingle to be more of a burn and irritation. That’s not the same feeling I get with these. It’s a slight cooling sensation and I quite like it. They are quite shiny and last about 3-4 hours on me (if you add eating and drinking it would probably reduce to 2 hours). There is a nice color selection in shades that are creamy or shimmery. If you are looking for really high pigmentation you probably should look elsewhere as that’s not what you get here.

Tipsy (my personal favorite next to Natural Beauty)




I really enjoy the feeling of these glosses (and this is coming from a person who has really been more into lipstick the last several months). I like that as they wear off my lips feel moisturized (must be the maracuja oil) and soft. It’s not like some glosses that I put on and feel like my lips need chapstick or balm underneath.

The packaging alone won me over, but the formula within doesn’t disappoint. If you are looking for something pretty to carry in your bag this spring, I suggest heading over to Sephora and giving these a look πŸ˜‰

*the products in this post were provided by PR for consideration and review only*

I liked the Top 5 TAG from last week so much that I wanted to make it a regular feature….introducing: Top 5 Tuesday!

For the first entry, I wanted to share my top five summer beauty picks for this summer. While I realize we still have a month of summer left officially, with the fall collections popping up all over it’s beginning to look like autumn already!

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy and Flush

Β Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy. My love for this blush formula and color truly blossomed this summer. So much so that it has become my all time favorite formula for powder blushes! There are so many things to like about this blush, they are long lasting, gorgeous shades to choose from, and tarte is cruelty free πŸ˜€

17 Mirror Shine Lipsticks. A love born from swapping with the amazing H of 25fLondon. You can see my swatches of the shades I own here. I love the texture of them, like silk. They are smooth, semi-sheer to sheer lipstick-lipgloss hybrids and unfortunately aren’t available in the States. So find yourself a good swap partner in the UK and get your hands on these! All of these are the same price as 1 Chanel Rouge Coco Shine and I like these WAY more.

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel. There isn’t a lot I can say about this bronzer that I haven’t already said, or that another wonderful blogger hasn’t pointed out. I LOVE the smell of this product. It wins the category of best smelling makeup product ever for me. Seriously. Also, cream bronzers and I were having a love affair this summer. πŸ˜€

Cream Eyeshadows

Cream/Pencil Eyeshadows.Β  These dominated and continue to dominate my eyes. Easy to apply, last all day, multitude of colors…what more could you ask for? Oh, the fact that they are waterproof? Done. I have added more to my collection recently; you will be seeing those soon. I also enjoyed the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense creams (here and here). But mostly, my favorites were ones that came in pencil form like Mally, Urban Decay and Sephora.

Shadows featured, left to right: Mally Beauty Shadow Stick Champagne, Sephora 12 hour Shadow Pencil in Kaki, Urban Decay 24-7 Shadow Pencil in Lit, Mally Beauty Shadow Stick in Dusk*, Mally Beauty Shadow Stick in Deep Plum*, BareMinerals Prime Time in Sundance, Urban Decay 24-7 Shadow Pencil in Rehab, Mally Beauty Shadow Stick in Platinum*

Sephora by OPI Go With the Flow-er

Sephora by OPI Go With the Flow-er. If I had to pick one polish that I wore on my fingers and toes the most, it would be this shade. It’s so sparkly in the sunlight too! I even bought bottles of this shade for some friends of mine, and the consensus was clear: Loved by all.

Top 5 Tuesdays: A great way to feature five of my favorites of any given topic/category. Want to suggest a Top 5? Email me Danielle@bloominbeautyblog.com Want to do the same Top 5 I featured? Make sure to send me your link so I can check it out! πŸ™‚

Hi ladies! If you’ve read my blog before or follow me on Twitter, you know that I have a particular obsession with all things Amazonian Clay from tarte. Tarte has really impressed me all year long and I have enjoyed every purchase I have made. And so, it is with that sentiment in mind that I share with you my collection of the tarte Amazonian Clay blushes. I am only missing one shade at the moment, Blissful! Hopefully, it will be mine soon.

A Bag of Blushy Goodness

L-R: Dollface*, Tipsy, Amused, Natural Beauty

All of these are in the permanent line. Dollface is a lovely light pink and is matte. I didn’t think this shade would show up on me, but it’s surprisingly natural and a perfect pink cheek. My love for Tipsy is no secret, as I have posted about it before. Amused is a medium pink that is deeper than Dollface but equally gorgeous and unique. Natural Beauty is a red-pink that creates a nice “5 mile run” blush on my cheeks that I really love.

L-R: Dollface*, Tipsy, Amused, Natural Beauty

I know my skin looks lighter here, and it must have been the angle of the sun and my camera. Regardless, the swatches are accurate and true to color πŸ™‚

L-R: Exposed*, Blushing Bride, Flush

Exposed is probably the best and most natural nude blush I own. Blushing Bride is one of the few that contain sparkle, but it’s subtle and not glittery. Swatched, it’s a fine shimmer. I think this might be similar to NARS blush in Sin. I can’t say for sure, because I don’t own it. Flush is nice purpley-pink shade that is matte and smooth. I think all three of these are great for fall too.

L-R: Exposed*, Blushing Bride, Flush

L-R: Tickled, Adored, Glisten, Peaceful

These four shades are (or were) sadly only available in special sets. Tickled is a coral-red shade and is matte and was included in the 2nd delivery of the 8th World Wonder set from QVC. Adored was available in a Sephora exclusive set earlier this year. It reminds me of what NARS Angelika might be like because it contains the same kind of sparkle. Again, not overly dramatic. Glisten came from the first 8th World Wonder delivery from QVC and is a favorite. It’s a great peachy-pink with gold sheen. It might be similar to NARS Orgasm or Deep Throat. Peaceful is from the most recent set, still available on QVC and will be featured as a Today’s Special Value this weekend. It is peachier than Glisten, but also has a golden sheen. It also lacks the pink undertone of Glisten. You can pre-order this set now via Auto-Delivery (search item #A219234) or one kit (search item #A218483). I think the kits are a great deal, and I love the auto-delivery option because you get new shades each season. I can’t wait for the fall versions of both kits!

L-R: Peaceful, Glisten, Adored, Tickled

Bottom Line:

What shades do you have your eye on? Have you picked any up, and if you have, which ones are your favorites?

*the items starred were provided for consideration by PR. The rest I purchased myself.
16. 03. 2011

Happy hump day! We have made it to the mid-week point; are you as excited for the weekend as I am? I need to catch up with friends and sleep after my travels. But, for now it’s time to admire what has to be my favorite cheek and lip color–coral! It is so lovely that I usually find myself gravitating towards these colors in new spring collections every year, and it should be no surprise then that I have several in each category that look similar…but I always find a way to convince myself that they are (if ever so slightly) different indeed enough to continue buying them! Enter Sonia Kashuk’s new-for-spring blush in the color Sunset.

Hmmm, Have I seen you before? L-R: Tarte Tipsy, SK Sunset, MAC Ripe Peach

L-R: MAC Ripe Peach, SK Sunset, Tarte Tipsy

Is it necessary to have all three? Of course not! The bargain of the bunch is Sonia Kashuk at $8.99! It blends very nicely and has just a hint of sparkle. It is perfect for spring, especially if you missed out on Ripe Peach and Tarte Tipsy is a little more than you want to spend on a blush. I wore this blush on Monday and it lasted all day for me. Bargain lovers should run out and swipe this blush up from Target to get that perfect coral glow for spring!