TGIF! I don’t know about you, but I am SO ready for the weekend to kick off! Not that I have any grand plans (finally) but I do have plans for a lot of relaxxxing and outdoorsy type things. I need to enjoy the summer sun while it’s still here (the cicadas and crickets are reminding me of close we are to September).

Simple makeup will be the recipe for this weekends routine. Once again, I have Tarte to thank for such an easy, glowy look. In late June Tarte offered another TSV (Today’s Special Value) for pre-order on QVC. After loving the first kit (8th World Wonder and the second set) I jumped at the opportunity to snatch up another auto-delivery. This time the items are different but still include my fav: the Amazonian Clay Blush. 🙂 Score!

Glow Your Way to Gorgeous First Delivery

What this kit comes with:

*This kit also came with a deluxe sample of Park Ave Princess bronzer, but I already had that, so I shared it with a friend 😉 That’s why it’s not featured here.

L-R: Concealer in Medium, Peaceful Blush, LipSurgence in Sweet, Cream Shadow in Shimmering Taupe, Liner in Fig

Everything is stunning! I couldn’t be happier. I believe you can still get this set on QVC, though not in the auto-delivery anymore. The next two sets look gorgeous as well (see them here). They come out in October and January. What I love about the Auto-Delivery option is that each kit comes with new colors…which means new blush, lipstick, liner and cream shadow colors! Plus, the brushes and bags in each set are different. I snagged this for around $55 with shipping. For all full sized products, this is an INCREDIBLE deal. Another plus about these sets is you get access to shades that aren’t released anywhere else (including subsequent deliveries).

Peaceful Blush up close


FOTD with the kit


Feeling glowy!

I used all the items in this kit, plus the Tarte Clay Foundation in medium and Tarte Lights! Camera! Lashes! mascara. I bought everything myself, and it was money well spent!

How do you feel about auto-delivery sets? Have you ever purchased one? If not, you might want to re-think the next time Tarte does a set like this! 😉

01. 05. 2011

Hello ladies! Happy May! It was an awful, wet and cold April. I am looking forward to May in a big way! More sun, warmth, and of course…flowers! 🙂 I really get into gardening, and my lavender is already green again and growing and so are my Irises! I love growing my own herbs and different flowers. I will definitely share pictures along the way this spring and summer!

I wanted to pull together all of the items I have been using pretty much daily so you can get an idea of what I am “obsessing” over at the moment.

Dish of Obsessions!

  1. DDF Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew: I have finally found my HG moisturizer in this. It was a 100 point perk on, and it sounded interesting. Before using my points on it I read the reviews and people with oily skin were RAVING about this product. I knew I had to try it after that, being an oily/combo skin gal myself. This stuff feels amazing on the skin. It never feels greasy or oily or anything like that. EVER.
  2. Guerlain Meteorites Primer: I have already reviewed this here, but cannot say enough how much I enjoy using this product. And use it I do, every single day. I really feel like this gives my skin that added boost of luminosity and smoothness.
  3. Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation and MAC Pro Longwear Concealer: My HG foundation and HG concealer are never far from reach. After trying numerous of each, I have finally settled into happy land with these two essentials. Let’s face it, if you don’t have these two right, you can’t be fully happy with your makeup, at least I can’t!
  4. MAC Quad: I finally got the brilliant idea that keeping all of MAC shadows in 15 pan palettes is great for saving space, it isn’t the most conducive to using the shadows on a daily basis. So I took four of my favorites and plunked them into this quad. I don’t use them all together, but sometimes I do use just this quad for my eye makeup. Patina is great all over the lid in a rush. I love using Nylon on the upper lid and blending Mystery halfway onto the lid and into the crease for a grey smokey look. Soft Brown can and is used in many, many looks to blend out harsh edges.

    MAC Shadows L-R: Nylon, Patina, Soft Brown, Mystery

    T-B: Stila Kajal Topaz, MAC Sharkskin, JK Dewy Glow Rose Gold

  5. Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow: Although more recent to my collection I can already say that I am 100% in love. After trying it out I promptly returned Amber Diamond as this gives the same effect but in my preferred texture! Those of you who prefer creams and liquid highlights to powder will definitely want to give this a go! I got it in the shade Rose Gold.
  6. Stila Kajal Liner in Topaz: I have never really liked white on the waterline (except certain special circumstances and looks) I prefer more of a nude liner there. Having struggled to find something to stay the course on the waterline I finally settled on Topaz during the latest F&F sale at Sephora. I have used it everyday since and I am so impressed with the staying power! Keep in mind that my eyes are not watery and I don’t suffer from allergies so this may affect your results if you do.
  7. MAC Sharkskin Shadestick (Disc.): Found at a CCO in Orlando earlier this year. I had wanted it for some time and was delighted at finding it. I recently re-discovered it upon digging through my collection one day. I use an eyeliner brush and swipe it on my eyes. I have no problems with it staying put. Much more brightening than a black liner!

    Tarte Clay Blush in Flush

  8. Tarte Clay Blush in Flush: Ahh, long lost love. When I first discovered my love for these blushes back in February I went on a spree and snatched up 6 shades right away. To my dismay I haven’t had a chance to play with all of them that much because, yes, I have several other new blushes to try as well. Flush is gorgeous! It was one of the first two I chose (the other being Tipsy) for good reason. You should check this shade out if you haven’t already!

That wraps up my current obsessions, save for two things: my new favorite mascaras! I am saving those for a separate post, coming right after this one! I can’t wait to share these with you guys because I am really excited about these two products!

Do we share any obsessions? What products do you find yourself reaching for day in and day out?

Do I really need to explain myself anymore on this one? If you follow me on twitter, you have heard me profess my love for the formula on these. If you follow my blog, you have seen part 1 and part 2 already. I have a feeling this won’t stop until I own them all! Luckily two of the colors don’t swatch all that great on my skintone, otherwise—yikes!

Here is the latest catch, Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Amused!

Tarte Clay Blush Amused

Tarte Clay Blush Amused Swatch

This color is stunning! It is bright without being garish and highly pigmented. Medium and dark skintones will look fantastic in this. Fair skin tones should use a lighter hand and it can work for you too! This has to be one of my favorite pink blushes. The color is so perfect for my medium skin! Love it!

Have you picked up any of the blushes I have shown here yet, or any others that are currently being offered from Sephora?

Good Morning Beautiful! It should come as absolutely no surprise that I have picked up more of these blushes (no, I am not ashamed, they are THAT good). If you care to re-visit the awesomeness that was my initial review of these beauties click here. Otherwise, I will get to the good stuff…the swatches!

Tarte Clay Blush L-R: Glisten, Natural Beauty, Adored

Tarte Clay Blush L-R: Adored, Natural Beauty, Glisten

The blushes here have the same smoothness and longevity as the ones I previously reviewed. These colors are so fun and gorgeous. Natural Beauty is a wonderful strawberry red and really does represent a natural pinched cheek look on my skin tone.  Adored and Glisten are different from the rest of the collection because they both contain shimmer (Adored has actually silver shimmer in it and Glisten lives up to it’s name with a glistening glow, but I classify it as shimmery none the less). Glisten might be a dupe of NARS Orgasm, though I wouldn’t know for sure because I don’t own it. I suppose it is worth mentioning that two of these blushes are currently only available in special sets. Glisten is part of a QVC exclusive set that I will be reviewing later this week. Adored is part of a special set available from Sephora. I do not know if either of these colors will be released separately, but I hope they will be! Natural Beauty is available in Sephora stores now and online. I did speak with a Tarte rep at Ulta when I was there over the weekend and she said that the clay blushes would not be carried there for the foreseeable future, which is too bad. These retail for $25 and I highly recommend picking up at least one shade!