Hi ladies! I didn’t really intend to post two bigger posts back to back, but such is life. πŸ˜‰

EDIT: Two new pictures of the paint pots have been added below. One is with Let’s Skate in direct sunlight, no flash and the other is a comparison swatch of Dangerous Cuvee Paint Pot and For Effect.

MAC Glitter & Ice has landed!

MAC Glitter & Ice is coming soon and I just got my order in today! I wanted to share my swatches and thoughts in case you hadn’t decided what to order yet. First, I’m not a huge fan of the white packaging. It looks wintery enough but I neither love nor loathe it. I did however enjoy the silver boxes that everything came. Oooh…something shiny to play with. Or, at least that’s what my mind told me..

MAC Unconditionally Fabulous vs China Glaze Snow Globe

I am not going to swatch these right now because I don’t know if I will be keeping the MAC one. In person they are very similar but you can see the MAC glitter is smaller than in the China Glaze. Bummer. I was hoping for the white polish that looked like a candy shop/ice cream shop for your nails.

MAC Glitter & Ice Paint Pots (without flash)

MAC Glitter & Ice Paint Pots (flash)


L-R: Let's Skate, Morning Frost, For Effect

I knew I would love Morning Frost being that it’s in the same vein of shade I tend to go for a lot (think lighter golden taupe). The one that really surprised me was Let’s Skate. It looked ok in swatches but nothing stellar. I ordered it just to see and honestly, I love the shade. It has a golden-pink shimmer in it that makes it look iridescent. A stunner for sure! For Effect is a charcoal grey with plenty of shimmer (think Cham-Pale paint pots in terms of texture and glitter/shimmer). I like them all, but Morning Frost and Let’s Skate are stand outs.

MAC Snow Season MES


L-R: Snow Season over Pixie Epoxy, Snow Season Dry, Snow Season over Morning Frost

I am admittedly not the biggest MES fan. For the money, I think the shadows could use significant improvement. Usually. Snow Season is a great one, though and is worth the money in my opinion. It’s lighter on it’s own but over Pixie Epoxy it shines and looks gorgeous over Morning Frost.

MAC Shimmermint MES


L-R: Shimmermint over Pixie Epoxy and Shimmermint Dry

I was expecting Shimmermint to be a little more….mint. And maybe for some people it is, being how the colors can vary pretty drastically based on veining. It’s pretty and smooth and one of the better MES I’ve swatched and touched. It’s very winter-like. Icy, without being blue.

MAC Whirls & Twirls Lipstick


MAC Seasonally Spicy Technakohl


L-R: Whirls & Twirls, Seasonally Spicy

Whirls & Twirls is exactly as I thought it’d be. It’s a glaze so I knew it was sheer and shimmery. It has a lovely iridescent quality to it again and is truly unique to my collection. I love that it’s shimmery without being frosty.

Seasonally Spicy I got just to try the Technakohl formula. Having never tried it before I didn’t know what to expect. It’s a nice shade, and goes opaque fairly easily. It’s not as soft as my Urban Decay 24-7 pencils, but it also dries to a nice firm liner. I tried to smudge it after about 30 seconds and the thing wouldn’t budge. it was like it had formed a layer on my skin and was …adhered? to it. Can’t wait to test the wear time!

MAC Dazzleglass She-Zam


MAC She-Zam Swatch

I already had the She-Zam Dazzleglass from a previous release. I couldn’t tell you what one that was because I got mine from a CCO. It’s nice, definitely not an everyday gloss for me and it’s super sparkly. Hate to use the word for the third time this post…but it isΒ  iridescent. Or, a silver-opal.

EDIT: Adding extra swatches:

L-R: MAC For Effect vs Dangerous Cuvee (natural light, no flash)


Let's Skate Paint Pot, direct sunlight

Those were the items that stood out in the collection for me. I hemmed and hawed at some of the other items for awhile, but determined that my collection just didn’t have room for the other items in there.

What are you planning to haul? Did this collection do it for you or were you unimpressed? Dish!

By now you have seen Ebru of Ebrushka’s Makeup Bag and I tweeting and blogging about our super theBalm finds at T.J. Maxx. But, this past Friday when I stopped in I found the steal of all steals…..


I didn’t find this palette right on my first visit. It was visit number 3 to this T.J. Maxx when I spotted it. Sadly, I only found one otherwise I would have bought more to share with all of you. BUT, my boss and her friend each found one at another T.J. Maxx near here the next day. So, just keep your eyes open. πŸ™‚

This palette is basically a soap opera in makeup form. From the packaging, name of the title, and name of the shadows, it’s downright daytime tv. πŸ™‚


This palette hasn’t officially released yet, which makes is so intriguing to be at T.J. Maxx already. It will retail for somewhere around $50 when it comes out this holiday season, but I picked it up for $19.99. LOVE that I didn’t have to pay retail.


Also, this palette is THE EXACT same one as the very limited edition Muppets palette theBalm is releasing. I prefer this one because as a child the Muppets scared me and I don’t care for anything with Muppets on them. If you like the shades but can’t get or don’t want the Muppets themed one, keep a look out for this one. It’s so worth tracking it down. The quality of the shadows is so superb and smooth. They aren’t given enough attention for sure!

Swatches L-R: The Oil Tycoon, The Estranged Mom, The Supermodel, The Bad Boy

This top row represents a great fall eyeshadow palette all on it’s own. Lovely!

Swatches L-R: The Southern Belle, The Mother-in-Law, The Guy Who Died But Didn't Really Die, The Mistress

Again, smooth and great pigmentation. Longest name for an eyeshadow ever goes to “The Guy Who Died But Didn’t Really Die” LOL. In person it’s more of a taupe, and a nice one at that.

Swatches L-R: The Step Brother, The Coma Patient, The Police Man, The Brain Surgeon

The Police Man is the only shade I can’t see myself using a lot, because it’s just so blue. Not the kind of blue I reach for…but maybe I will find something creative to do with it πŸ™‚

Swatches L-R: The Neighbor, The Stock Broker, The Basket Case, The Older Woman

I love all of these shades. Soft, smooth, and great highlights/lid colors. I can’t pick a favorite here, I love them all!

Cheeks and Lips too!

TheBalm also including lip and cheek colors. Something I really love about theBalm is that they keep the cream products separate from the powders…so no mess! Drama Queen and The Perfect Man are cheek and lip colors, while the Evil Twin is more of a lipgloss. They all feel nice on the lips and on the skin.

Swatches L-R: The Drama Queen, The Perfect Man, The Evil Twin

These can be built up or sheered down depending on the color you are looking for. They blend on my cheeks easily, and don’t feel drying when I wear them on my lips. Evil Twin is a nice nude gloss, not too sticky and looks natural.

All in all I am 100% impressed with this palette, not a single dud in the bunch which is saying a lot when you have 16 shadows and 3 lip/cheek colors. I will work on getting myself to use that light, bright blue shade…and maybe post a FOTD when I do. πŸ˜‰

Have you found theBalm at your TJ Maxx or Marshall’s yet? Do you have your eye on this palette or any of the other goodies found there so far?


It’s been awhile since I updated the nail polish hauling I have done. The last nail polish swatch-a-thon I did was back in May already…time flies! In case you aren’t aware, I am a pretty big polish fanatic. I change my polish about every other day and love love love sparkle on my tips. Some of the new fall collections have launched and so I thought it might be nice to share some of what I have gotten so far, and what I hauled over the last two months or so.

Teal the end of summer...

Swatches L-R:

Oooh sooo prettyyyyyy

Swatches L-R:

Ready for fall?

Swatches L-R:

Berrie, Berrie Vampy

Swatches L-R:

Le Metier de Beaute!

These are from the Rock ‘N’ Romance Set from Nordstrom’s. The formula on all of these is brilliant.

Swatches L-R:

Did Heat of the Night give you a flash back to another polish? Good, because it did for me too…

Hay BOO!

China Glaze Lubu Heels on left and LMdB Heat of the Night on the right. They both have that black/brown base to them but the shimmer in LMdB is so micronized. It makes it look so different, and gives it a coppery feel (typing that reminded me of David Copperfield) LOL. If you liked Lubu Heels, you will probably want to get your hands on this shade. They aren’t dupes, but I would say they are in the same family somewhere.

Metal Mania

Swatches L-R:

Now I have heard and seen comparisons of Revlon Carbonite and Chanel Graphite…here are some of the photos I snapped to show how similar/different they are.

Indirect Sunlight, Graphite on far left, Carbonite to it's right


L-R: Indoors, Without Flash: Graphite, Carbonite

Normally I don’t do blurred pictures, but when I saw this next photo on my camera screen I thought it really illustrated the true difference in sparkle:

Graphite vs Carbonite Sparkle Factor

My conclusion is that while Carbonite and Graphite are both very similar in initial shade and tone…Graphite’s sparkle factor is about 100x that of Carbonite. The Revlon version is of course a better deal and if the sparkle doesn’t bother you, grab that one. But if you are in the mood to splurge and sparkle is everything…go for the Chanel. I cannot believe I am saying that. I feel like a criminal recommending buying a $25 nail polish.

Who do I look like?

One last comparison for you. At a CCO trip this past July I found MAC Soiree nail polish from the Cham-Pale collection this past winter. It was a “sold out” shade and I never have interest in MAC polishes because of how terribly they perform on me…but CCO prices make it more bearable. I picked it up out of curiosity to see how close it compared to my beloved Orly Rage.

Swatches L-R:

Whew. That was a lot to get through. I hope this helped you find some new polishes for fall or to add to your everyday collection. I am excited for other shades still to come and for winter shades (Christmas nails are always my favorite). What collection for fall has interested you most? Have you picked any up yet?

Happy Friday ladies! Just a quick post here. I wanted to show you some comparison swatches for the recently released MAC collection, Blogger’s Obsessions, to help you decide if you should snag anything. This isn’t a review because I have only just received these items. These were swatched in natural sunlight and the shadows were swatched without primer. Enjoy, and I sincerely hope these pictures will aid in your decision!

Items I purchased:

L-R: MAC Resort Life Lip Gelee, MAC Evolution Revolution, Jemma Kidd Air Kiss in Strip, Milani 3D Glitzy in Designer Label, Mally Lip Laquer in Delish Apricot*

The closest glosses here are Jemma Kidd Strip and Milani Designer Label. Strip is more pigmented than Evolution Revolution, while Designer Label is close, but the shimmer particles are more apparent and are larger and glitter like. Delish Apricot is much more highly pigmented and behaves like a liquid lipstick and Resort Life is far more glittery/shimmery.

L-R: MAC Swell Baby, Urban Decay Creep, Stila Diamond Lil, MAC Hocus Pocus, Sleek Storm Palette Dark Grey Shade

I originally thought that Diamond Lil and Hocus Pocus might be dupes. I was pretty off. Diamond Lil pulls more taupey-brown while Hocus Pocus pulls more grey. Diamond Lil is supposedly a dupe for the infamous MAC Smoke & Diamonds and you can see the wonderful Pink Sith’s post comparing them here. From this I would conclude that Hocus Pocus is not a dupe for Smoke & Diamonds. Creep is similar, but in real life the black undertone is much more apparent and the sparkle is different too. The others are not even close.

L-R: MAC She Who Dares (Blue Side) Kat Von D Poe Blue, NYX Jazz Night Dark Blue Shade, NYX Jazz Night Light Blue Shade, Parisian Skies, Sonia Kashuk Paris at Night Quad Dark Blue Shade

Again, no dupes really to be found. I can’t tell you how happy I was that I picked two shadows up that I don’t have anything like yet. Not saying a dupe doesn’t exist, I just don’t have it. The lighter blue from the NYX Jazz Night palette is close, but lacks the obvious grey pull of Parisian Skies. Sonia Kashuk is much darker and much more navy in shade. The other shades are not similar really, but I wanted to include several just for comparison’s sake.

L-R: MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipglass, MAC Sonoran Rain Lipglass, Hourglass Siren Gloss, Revlon Colorstay Mineral Lipglaze in Continuous Coral, Loreal Infallible Lipcolor in Beyonce Red

I feel good about this gloss purchase. Nothing I own is really all that similar to it. Cyndi is much more pink and lacks the tightly packed shimmer, while Hourglass Siren is a blazing volcanic lava type of red and is more metallic. Continuous Coral is too coral and not red leaning enough and also lacks shimmer. Beyonce Red is a true in your face red and is matte in finish.

Overall I am happy with my purchases. I could have skipped Evolution Revolution, but I like Karen and I liked the story behind the gloss. The truth is I don’t care for the stickiness of MAC lipglass. I am hopeful about their new Glam Gloss collection coming out at the end of July. I saw some gorgeous looking orange and coral shades that I can’t wait to see swatches of. Allegedly the formula is non-sticky! *Squeals* Anyway, happy hauling ladies, and do share what you picked up, loved or hated about this collection below! πŸ™‚

*Disclosure: this item was provided for consideration and review by PR.


Hi ladies! We are in June, finally! It means that summer has officially arrived! To celebrate, I busted out some drugstore goodies that I find are great for the summer in terms of coverage and color.I cannot tell you how excited I am for the temperatures to be rising up and up and for the sun to be out constantly. In a word, it’s awesome.

L-R: Loreal Cystallized Coral, Prestige Fever, NYX Hot Pink, NYX Pinky, Physician's Formula Waikiki Strip

Loreal Endless Platinum Lipstick in Crystallized Coral: I got this about two years ago, but I still bring it out every now and then when the weather warms up. I like the nudey-brown infusion to it, and that’s what makes it pretty unique to my collection. The formula is also lightweight and shiny like a gloss.

Prestige Lipstick in Fever: I believe I also got this a few years ago, but I still love it just as much. It is a great coral for summer. I like the Prestige lipstick formula because it isn’t drying and goes on smoothly. I believe you can find Prestige products at Ulta, though I remember I purchased this at a Walgreens back then.

NYX Hot Pink Cream Blush: A newer addition to my collection, this color has Hot Summer Day written all over it. It is a stunningly bright pink cream blush. It goes on smoothly and is reminiscent of the old MAC Blushcreme formula. In the summer I die for cream blushes and wear them almost daily.

NYX Powder Blush in Pinky: Also a new blush to my collection, Pinky stood out from the NYX line to me as that perfect rosey pink color, and let me tell you, it delivered! I like the NYX blush formulas because they are highly pigmented and blend like a dream. They are very soft and rival much more expensive brands in the blush department. I picked both the NYX blushes up from Cherry Culture.

Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips in Waikiki Strip

Have you ladies found any summer swoon worthy pieces from the drugstore? Do share below!

P.S. Anyone else dying to find the Wet n Wild Summer Collection!? I have searched high and low several times, I am majorly bumming over here!