One of my favorite types of posts to do are color themes. I love looking through my makeup and finding shades of the same vein and putting them together for photographs. I have done gold, teal, and rose gold in the past. A current color favorite of mine is the not quite blue, not quite grey variety. I decided to pull together some of my loves in this area.

Blue with a shot of grey

Once you get to know me you will notice that blue eyeshadow is not really my thing. I am *very* picky about what blues I will wear and admittedly it’s not often that I will wear them. I reserve brighter blues for summer time and even then, it’s usually just a bright liner. The exception to my polite disregard of the color blue in the makeup arena is blue-grey…or grey-blue…whichever. It can look sweet and feminine like Butter London’s Lady Muck…or it can look sultry and smoky like bareMinerals Skyline. Either way, I feel like blue-greys are so much easier to wear for me then regular ‘ol blue.

For the Nails

Clockwise from Top:

L-R: Cocktail Bling, Lady Muck, Sea Spray, Blank Slate in sunlight


L-R: Cocktail Bling, Lady Muck, Sea Spray, Blank Slate in Shade


L-R Cocktail Bling, Lady Muck, Sea Spray, Blank Slate, indoor flash

I don’t know that I could choose a favorite of the bunch because to me, they are all different and lovely in their own ways. Lady Muck has a gorgeous shimmer throughout and pulls more blue, while Cocktail Bling pulls more grey and does not have any shimmer at all. Sea Spray and Lady Muck are closest, but you can see the shimmer is much more pronounced in Lady Muck and Sea Spray is also lighter and brighter. Blank Slate is the odd man out, in a good way.

For the Eyes...

Clockwise from top:

L-R: MAC Parisian Skies, bareMinerals Skyline, MAC Scene, Benefit Steel Her Date- Sunlight


L-R: MAC Parisian Skies, bareMinerals Skyline, MAC Scene, Benefit Steel Her Date- Shade


L-R: MAC Parisian Skies, bareMinerals Skyline, MAC Scene, Benefit Steel Her Date- indoor flash

Again, these aren’t dupes, but rather all fall into my vision of what grey-blue (or blue-grey) is. Parisian Skies is lighter and has a sheen to it where Skyline is darker and completely matte. Scene is the most grey and is also matte. Skyline is the most pigmented, but it’s a loose shadow so if you prefer ones that are pressed, maybe stick to the other two. I was hard pressed to find a blue-grey eyeliner and this one came the closest for me. It has a smooth texture reminiscent of the Urban Decay 24-7 liners and this lasts all day on me. I really wish Benefit had decided to introduce this liner formula into the permanent line.

How do you like your blues? Do you like full on bright blues or do you prefer the more muted greyed-out variety?

01. 11. 2011

Essie Cocktail Bling Collection

Essie’s winter collection, Cocktail Bling, is a newer and more modern take on winter nails. All named and inspired by, as the names imply, bling. A touch of grey in all of the colors makes them feel oh so new and different this time around. All of them were smooth and easy to apply. I tend to have more difficulty with lighter shades, but Essie really nailed this formula (ha ha) and even Bangle Jangle and Cocktail Bling went on like buttah!

Essie Size Matters

Not quite a classic red, but definitely a favorite among reds I have tried. Usually reds on my nails are scary to me. I feel like they draw a lot of attention and honestly I prefer more coral and pink shades. But, this is enough to convert to wearing reds.

Essie Bangle Jangle

Like a mix between dove grey and lavender, this shade is pretty unique to my collection. As I said earlier it applied smoothly and without a fuss. It’s a feminine shade without being too spring-like. It will be easy to wear this winter.

Essie School of Hard Rocks

Ahhh!!! This shade was one of the two that I was looking forward to the most. Like a muted grey mixed with blue spruce tree, this is tied for being a star of the collection. I can see myself wearing this all winter long with no problems. It’s not a light shade nor is it too dark which is one of the reasons I like it so much.

Essie Cocktail Bling

I hope the pictures are allowing you to tell the difference between Cocktail Bling and Bangle Jangle. Cocktail Bling is light blue in undertone vs being lavender. This was a shade that I didn’t care for when seeing swatches initially. But as I saw it more and more it began to grow on me. There is something utterly chic about it and I can’t help but be drawn to it.

Essie Bobbing for Baubles

This is the other polish that was tied for the top spot in this collection. Essie describes this as “deepest darkest sapphire” and while I love the shade I have to respectfully disagree with that description. It is a highly greyed/slate infused blue that looks nothing like any sapphire I have ever seen. But it’s a gem in it’s own right. I love it.

The only shade of this collection I did not purchase was a camel/nude toned polish called Brooch the Subject. I didn’t have any craving for another nude polish so I skipped it. If I happen across a swatch that makes me think I want it I may indulge. For now, I am liking the more colorful options in the collection.

Have you checked out Essie’s new winter collection yet? What are your thoughts??

When I first spied Essie’s Autumn nail collection, the pale mauve-y light pink shade did not appeal to me. It looked like it would impossibly unflattering and just not a shade I would reach for. However, I have seen several YouTube videos and blog posts where it didn’t look like death hands (technical term) and so I figured I would give it a shot.

L-R: Angora Cardi, Merino Cool, Chinchilly, Lady Like

When I paired it with other charming and muted Essie shades it created a very ‘Lady Like’ palette indeed. The formula on all four of these is as you would expect for Essie, smooth and easy to apply….Lady Like being the most finicky of the group which I have sort of come to expect with lighter shades that aren’t sheer. They tend to require a bit more patience. But Lady Like doesn’t frustrate me like some other light offenders (OPI Mod About You, for example).

*All swatches below are 2 coats of each polish, no top or base coats)

L-R: Lady Like, Chinchilly, Merino Cool, Angora Cardi

All of these shades are formal office appropriate in my opinion. They allow you to sneak in some Autumn shades without having to go super vampy, super dark or super sparkly. These are easy to wear colors and can probably be paired with just about anything in your closet.

Lady Like is surprisingly wearable and offers a nice option to nude nails. I actually quite like it on me. I have a feeling this is a shade you have to try to know if you will like it because how looks is very dependent on skin tone.

L-R: Angora Cardi, Merino Cool, Chinchilly, Lady Like

Lady Like is the only shade here that’s new for fall. I believe Merino Cool was released last fall (along with another favorite of mine, Sew Psyched) and Angora Cardi and Chinchilly were released in fall 2009 (along with 2 other stellar polishes Mink Muffs and Midnight Cami).

Do you have a favorite Essie shade? Would you wear these shades to work and feel comfortable? I sported Angora Cardi this week and loved it!

15. 10. 2011

It’s the halfway point in October to Halloween. People are raking leaves, picking apples and starting to layer on warmer clothes. Autumn is my favorite time of the year. Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday; Christmas and Thanksgiving trump Halloween any way you slice it (for me at least). But, that doesn’t mean I don’t like to get festive for the occasion.

I tweeted about these polishes the other day and thought it would be very helpful to see what they look like….so I did a little swatching. 🙂 All three of these shades were from China Glaze’s Halloween collection from last year. I wasn’t particularly fond of any of the ones released this year, regardless of brand, so I’m happy to be able to get more use out of these.

China Glaze Mummy May I


China Glaze Mummy May I (shade)

For some reason I was inclined to take shade photos of these three polishes, so sorry for the nail spam! Anyway, Mummy May I (adore the name) is a blackened purple jelly like base with plenty of purple glitter/shimmer. I call it glitter/shimmer because it’s not a chunky as most glitters nor is it as fine as most shimmer. It’s…Glimmer. 😉 A nice shade, perfect for a Halloween party. This was two coats.

China Glaze Zombie Zest


China Glaze Zombie Zest (shade)


China Glaze Zombie Zest (indirect daylight)

Zombie Zest is the love or hate shade of this group (there always is one). It’s an odd green color. Again, it has a jelly like base that is green-gold and almost…putrid? looking. Well, it is supposed to represent zombies soo… 🙂 I always love the oddball shades and so, again, no surprises here that I *really* like this shade. Plus the way it sparkles in the sunlight…it’s like Edward Cullen, the undead. Plus, I got this shade to show off to the boy. The Walking Dead is one of his favorite shows and I wanted to one-up him in the zombie department. Verdict? I win.

China Glaze Ick-a-body


China Glaze Ick-a-body (shade)

And the one that says Halloween the most…Ick-a-body. I love the name because it harkens to fabled character Ichabod Crane from Washington Irving’s short story. I loved the Disney version of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” growing up. And, so you can enjoy a little of Ichabod Crane…


And, since we are talking of childhood Halloween memories…. this one was a favorite…


Happy Saturday! 🙂

It’s been awhile since I updated the nail polish hauling I have done. The last nail polish swatch-a-thon I did was back in May already…time flies! In case you aren’t aware, I am a pretty big polish fanatic. I change my polish about every other day and love love love sparkle on my tips. Some of the new fall collections have launched and so I thought it might be nice to share some of what I have gotten so far, and what I hauled over the last two months or so.

Teal the end of summer...

Swatches L-R:

Oooh sooo prettyyyyyy

Swatches L-R:

Ready for fall?

Swatches L-R:

Berrie, Berrie Vampy

Swatches L-R:

Le Metier de Beaute!

These are from the Rock ‘N’ Romance Set from Nordstrom’s. The formula on all of these is brilliant.

Swatches L-R:

Did Heat of the Night give you a flash back to another polish? Good, because it did for me too…

Hay BOO!

China Glaze Lubu Heels on left and LMdB Heat of the Night on the right. They both have that black/brown base to them but the shimmer in LMdB is so micronized. It makes it look so different, and gives it a coppery feel (typing that reminded me of David Copperfield) LOL. If you liked Lubu Heels, you will probably want to get your hands on this shade. They aren’t dupes, but I would say they are in the same family somewhere.

Metal Mania

Swatches L-R:

Now I have heard and seen comparisons of Revlon Carbonite and Chanel Graphite…here are some of the photos I snapped to show how similar/different they are.

Indirect Sunlight, Graphite on far left, Carbonite to it's right


L-R: Indoors, Without Flash: Graphite, Carbonite

Normally I don’t do blurred pictures, but when I saw this next photo on my camera screen I thought it really illustrated the true difference in sparkle:

Graphite vs Carbonite Sparkle Factor

My conclusion is that while Carbonite and Graphite are both very similar in initial shade and tone…Graphite’s sparkle factor is about 100x that of Carbonite. The Revlon version is of course a better deal and if the sparkle doesn’t bother you, grab that one. But if you are in the mood to splurge and sparkle is everything…go for the Chanel. I cannot believe I am saying that. I feel like a criminal recommending buying a $25 nail polish.

Who do I look like?

One last comparison for you. At a CCO trip this past July I found MAC Soiree nail polish from the Cham-Pale collection this past winter. It was a “sold out” shade and I never have interest in MAC polishes because of how terribly they perform on me…but CCO prices make it more bearable. I picked it up out of curiosity to see how close it compared to my beloved Orly Rage.

Swatches L-R:

Whew. That was a lot to get through. I hope this helped you find some new polishes for fall or to add to your everyday collection. I am excited for other shades still to come and for winter shades (Christmas nails are always my favorite). What collection for fall has interested you most? Have you picked any up yet?