Happy New Year! I’m back with comparison swatches this time. It’s been far too long since I last posted comparisons….or even posted in general. I hope the holidays treated you well.

MAC recently released a new collection called Après Chic. Initially I knew that the oh-so-famous Stereo Rose was being repromoted in it. I already own Stereo Rose and while it is a lovely product, I don’t necessarily buy into all the hype that surrounds it. Having said that, I did purchase the other MSF released in this collection called Porcelain Pink. I have wanted this shade for awhile so it was nice to see it come out again.

MAC Porcelain Pink

Porcelain Pink is a gorgeous light pinky-coral highlighter. It was smooth to the touch but I did notice a little bit of chunky shimmer once swatched on my arm. The shimmer is much less apparent when actually applied.

MAC Porcelain Pink Up Close
Up close picture of the veining.

MAC Porcelain Pink Swatch Comparisons
Swatches L-R: MAC By Candlelight, MAC Redhead, MAC Porcelain Pink, Bobbi Brown Platinum Pink

Porcelain Pink is the sheerest in color and looks the most natural when applied.

I also indulged in a few of the lipsticks released in this collection:

MAC Haute Altitude Lipstick
Haute Altitude

MAC Hot Chocolate Lipstick
Hot Chocolate

MAC Apres Chic Lipstick
Après Chic

MAC Apres Chic Lipstick Swatch Comparisons Dupes
Swatches L-R (all MAC) Après Chic, Cockney, Viva Glam Cyndi; Haute Altitude, Lovelorn, Crème Cup; Hot Chocolate, Offshoot, Spice

As you can see from above Haute Altitude is probably the least unique. It is nicely pigmented, though and comfortable to wear. Hot Chocolate is definitely one of those ‘love or hate’ type of shades. I personally think it’s awesome. Après Chic is a sophisticated yet subtle red. It is incredibly wearable and just makes for a very polished look.

In all I’m very happy with my purchases. MAC has disappointed me with some of their more recent collections, but this isn’t one of them! Did any of you check out this collection? What caught your eye the most?