All of the Lipstick Bandits and I were talking (well, emailing) back and forth one day about doing a post about our first lipstick, if one could even remember what it was anymore. I don’t recall my exact first shade, unfortunately. It wasn’t even that long ago that I started loving obsessing over lipsticks. In fact, I hardly wore them at all until about 2010. But, prior to that I had just a few shades that I would wear in the summer or at Christmas time. Mostly, though, I was a gloss girl. Now my tastes have matured and I leave the shimmery gloss behind most days in favor of a satin or glossy finish tube of wonder.

While this is admittedly not my first shade, I believe it to be the one I have had the longest in my current collection. I have owned this shade since the summer of 2008. I remember it because at the time I thought it was the brightest lipstick ever and felt *slightly* intimidated wearing it. But wear it I did. In fact, most of the summer I was seen sporting this shade. It’s Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Cool Watermelon. And although Maybelline has discontinued this line and shade since then, I was able to find a seller on Amazon who has it available here.

Maybelline Cool Watermelon

I actually still enjoy the formula of this. It feel comfortable on, has a glossy finish and stains my lips for several hours. Ironically it also smells slightly like watermelon.

Cool Watermelon on lips

It’s no wonder I wore this shade to death. It’s brightening and fun without being over the top. It’s funny how my gauge of color intensity has increased over the last 4 years as I am no longer even remotely intimidated about wearing this (especially when compared to other super brights like MAC Neon Orange or Impassioned). I think many girls (and women) start with a drugstore lipstick; it’s the gateway into uncharted lands for good reason. They are reasonably priced, easy to access and these days come in a variety of vivid colors and formulations. Wondering what else I’m wearing in the photos above? See this post here.

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Ever since I learned that our second challenge as Lipstick Bandits would be to find and write about our favorite fall lipstick, I was skeptical that I would be able to pinpoint just a single shade.

Never one to give up easily though, I was not swayed by the daunting task. And actually my favorite happened by total accident, when I placed an order awhile ago for…


Yes, that’s right. Burberry. Specifically, Burberry’s Lip Mist formula.

Burberry Blueberry

When I first started my search in my stash for my perfect fall lipstick I began to notice that while I have a lot of shades I enjoy, I wouldn’t have picked one more than the other. I was disheartened. Not intending to buy a new lipstick for the sake of the post I resorted to the fact that I may have to choose a favorite fall lipgloss instead. It was only upon my first application of this lipstick that I knew we had a winner.

Burberry Blueberry


Β While it’s not standard for me to label something a “favorite” instantly, I already loved the Burberry Lip Mist formula, this was just a new shade to me. And, a perfect fall one at that. It’s slightly berry, slightly dark and has that kiss of shine that the Lip Mists are known for. It’s the best of every world. It’s neutral enough to be universally flattering, but berry enough to be a great addition to your autumn palette (and winter). It’s great for layering too. If you want to go from day to night, just add another swipe or two to deepen the color.

Burberry Blueberry Lip Mist

I have reviewed this formula before (here) but as a refresher, these are silky, luxurious and are basically a lipstick and lipgloss rolled into one. Plus the packaging is divine. They retail for $30 and you can find them on Nordstrom’s website here in the U.S.

And, just for good measure, a FOTD with Burberry Blueberry as the star of the show…

Burberry Blueberry FOTD

Burberry Blueberry Lipstick

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I hope you enjoyed the second edition of the Lipstick Bandits! πŸ™‚


Yes. Lipstick Bandits, unite! I was invited to the Lipstick Bandits by lovelies Rae from theNotice and Arianne from Glitter Geek and haven’t looked back since.

Sultry, mysterious and futuristic describes this Lipstick Bandit. I am a shape-shifter and shadow dweller and I loathe the boring lips of yesterday….

You Don't Know Me.


You Can't Catch Me.


Am I Here?


Or There?


I Am Everywhere. And Nowhere.

*Note: My lipstick in this picture looks more purple than it is. The close up of my lipstick and next picture are much more accurate representations of the color. πŸ˜‰

Look Out.

Are You Ready?

Product Breakdown:


(yes, I did not use blush or concealer for this look. I used extra foundation for concealer for a better, more flawless match)



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*Items marked with a ‘*’ were provided for review purposes only*

Hi ladies! It’s been a busy week for me so I’ve not had time to do a proper post in a few days. To fill the void in the mean time I wanted to share my comparisons of MAC’s newest collection of the only thing I purchased from it… Gem of Roses lipstick. The Semi Precious Collection didn’t interest me at all. It’s not surprising since I’m not a huge fan of MAC’s mineralize line in general. There are a few exceptions to that rule, like usual, but mostly it’s just not for me.

The Contenders

Yeah, sorry about the finger-printy Guerlain tube… obviously didn’t see that through the lens πŸ™‚ I went through my collection of lippies and pulled out what I believe are the closest things that I own to Gem of Roses.

The Contenders:

L-R: Guerlain Georgia, Korres Natural Purple, MAC Gem of Roses, Rimmel Rose Blush, Buxom Bombay

Guerlain has a similar tone, but is not as sheer or as glossy as the lustre finish of Gem of Roses. Natural Purple is too brown/mauve and not pink enough although the formula is quite similar. Rimmel’s Rose Blush is closest in terms of shade and texture but has sparkle (hard to detect here and not terribly noticeable in real life) but the formula and scent is different. I much prefer the smell of the MAC one. I’m not sure what the Rimmel one smells like, but it’s rather odd (not too off-putting, but worth noting). On the lips, Rimmel’s shimmer is more apparent and ends up giving it a slightly frosty look as opposed to the general shininess of MAC. Buxom is too matte and too pigmented to be considered for dupe-dom, but if you like the overall tone and shade of Gem of Roses you will probably enjoy Bombay as it’s matte sister. Overall, if you are searching for a Gem of Roses look alike, Rimmel’s Rose Blush will get you pretty close. And, best of all you can easily find it at the drugstore and probably on sale πŸ™‚

For good measure, I had to show you what Gem of Roses looks like on, of course:

Wearing Gem of Roses lipstick

I am happy with my purchase. MAC rarely lets me down in the lipstick department (if ever, really) and Gem of Roses proves to be more unique than one would think initially…at least in my collection. But, for those on a budget or if you missed out on the now sold-out shade definitely check out the Rimmel version the next time you visit the drugstore.

Did you purchase anything from Semi Precious? What’s a shade of lipstick you can’t live without?


14. 02. 2011

Confession: I have a difficult time finding a pink lipstick that I really like. I am super picky about the color. Usually it’s too cool or too light. But, a recent trip to the MAC counter at Macy’s helped me find my perfect everyday pink lipstick.

MAC Lipstick in Lovelorn

Lovelorn is a gorgeously wearable shade of pink. It is a lustre finish, which I generally like but they don’t last long on me. With a pink liner or pink gloss over the top (I like Lancome Juicy Tubes in Moulin Rose) the wear time greatly inmproves.

MAC Lovelorn Swatch

Isn’t it divine? I am in love with this shade! It is my new go to lipstick! Have you seen this shade or do you already own it? What pink lipsticks do you like best?