The Lipstick Bandits are back (and so I am- but that’s a different story for a different day!) with a new feature just in time for the dog days of summer- sheer lipsticks that are totally worthy of those melty-sun afternoons. You know what I’m talking about. ;) A kiss of color and shine that makes eating a Popsicle look like a fine art.

My choice was fairly easy. I had purchased this lipstick last fall and have never done a proper feature on it. It has appeared in comparison swatches but the formula is what makes this stand out above the crowd. It’s the Giorgio Armani Sheer Lipstick in #36

The color verges between coral and pink (a total Danielle shade to be sure). It boasts a juicy shine, buildable color and a texture that feels a lot like buttah- in the best way possible.

Giorgio Armani Sheer Lipstick #36

Swatches L-R: Giorgio Armani #36, MAC Gotta Dash, MAC Full Speed, Chanel Flirt, MAC Flamingo

Like all sheer lipsticks the color you end up with is really dependent on your natural lip color. My lips are naturally a light pink and not very pigmented so for me what you see is what you get for the most part. If your lips are more pigmented I would recommend always trying before buying when you can that way you can avoid spending good money on a lipstick that looks like a clear gloss (yep, happens to the best of us), unless of course that’s what you’re after. :)

Product Breakdown:




The Giorgio Armani lipstick formula is comfortable and easy to wear/apply. It’s one of the best sheer formulas I have tried. Although, as with most sheers the wear time isn’t as long as a regular or matte lipstick would be. Verdict? Lipstick Bandit approved for all kinds of summer fun. :)

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Just in time for the unofficial start of the sunny season, all of the Lipstick Bandits decided to showcase a lipstick that oozes summer- something fun and bright. I imagined deciding on one wouldn’t be easy, but I knew right away what color family I would choose- coral. Coral is by far my favorite color for lips (and tips!) all summer long. I originally planned to go with something I already had in my collection (MAC Vegas Volt for example), but you know what they say about the best laid plans…. <ahem>.

I was absentmindedly searching for swatches of a line I had never tried before but have continually heard about (both good and bad). Being a curious minded person I figured I had to test the waters myself and form my own opinion. The brand in question? Tom Ford. Again, I wasn’t intending to make my purchase anything related to this post but once I came upon the swatch of it I knew it was meant to be. *cue dramatic scene cut music*

The packaging. It’s weighty enough and the color combo is starting to grow on me, though when I first saw the brand it was a turn-off. Also, the packaging is not exactly black. As you can see under the light it turns kind of an amber- brown color. I quite like that it’s a bit of a chameleon that way. Keeps things interesting.

But what you really want to see is the color, and rightly so:

True Coral- It’s a gorgeous shade and as the name implies it is a pure coral color and it’s positively glowing. It’s bright, and even brighter in person. The formula is by far my favorite high end regular lipstick formula I have tried (not counting the glossy type lipsticks). Dior’s formula is lovely, but this is more pigmented. I find Guerlain Rouge G’s can be drying on me, and this isn’t. On my lips it glides on effortlessly and feels so smooth. I was surprised to find that it was not a dry formula, nor did it feel dry on my lips. Normally lipsticks with this much pigmentation can be parching, but that’s not the case here. When I rub my lips together it feels almost balmy- no drag at all.

Laser-bright! As I mentioned earlier Coral is my favorite lip color to wear in the summer time. I find it so face brightening and I just like the way it works with my skin tone. I’m often sporting either bright liner or a bright lip and little else on my face during the summer and this is a shade that can pull that off with little effort. Though I have only owned it for about 5 days as I write this I have already worn off the ‘TF’ logo imprinted into the tube, a true testament to how much I enjoy it. Another thing worth noting is that I actually *want* to reapply this. On a normal day I rarely reapply lip color. I just forget. I get busy and I don’t look in the mirror and I forget. This lipstick is that unforgettable, ladies.

True Coral on the lips- The staying power is fair to good- though I think I would be happier if it held up better against drinking and eating. To be fair, most lipsticks (including Chanel’s ubiquitous Dragon) don’t hold up well on me when I’m dining.  Maybe it’s just my body chemistry.

Ah, and then there’s the matter of the price. Le sigh, you know it couldn’t all be great news, could it? It’s a staggering $48 price tag (same as a Rouge G). So will I be buying up the entire range any time soon? No. But I will probably pick a few strategic colors that I know I will use over and over again. Nordstrom carries the lipstick line, but you can also get them from Neiman Marcus, Barney’s and Saks.

Ah, and then there’s the matter of the price. Le sigh, you know it couldn’t all be great news, could it? It’s a staggering $48 price tag (same as a Rouge G). So will I be buying up the entire range any time soon? No. But I will probably pick a few strategic colors that I know I will use over and over again. Nordstrom carries the lipstick line, but you can also get them from Neiman Marcus, Barney’s and Saks.

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The Lipstick Bandits strike again! This time we posed the question: Is there a universally flattering lipstick shade out there? We think we have found it and it shouldn’t be any surprise because most of you will have heard of this shade before…

It’s MAC’s Viva Glam V! When I first got into the online beauty community, even before I started this blog, I had heard-tell of the wonders of this lipstick. Even my own mother owned it before I even had a chance to tell her about it’s amazing-ness! This was one of my first MAC lipstick purchases. It’s such an easy to shade to wear with anything which makes it a perfect purse lipstick (the one that’s always in your bag. I also love the Viva Glam program which you can read about here. MAC donates 100% of the proceeds of the Viva Glam lipsticks to the MAC AIDS Fund. Talk about a win-win!

It’s a lustre finish which means it’s quite shiny and it also contains shimmer. I think it adds just the right glow to my lips.

These lipsticks retail for $14.50 on MAC’s website/stores/counters. Is MAC a little out of your price range? I tried to find some close drugstore options as well:

I compared it to two of the Revlon lip butters I own in Sugar Plum and Peach Parfait:

Swatches L-R: Revlon Peach Parfait, MAC Viva Glam V, Revlon Sugar Plum

Although I didn’t find an exact dupe, Peach Parfait is an excellent everyday choice as well. Sugar Plum is a bit more, well, plummy. Although it isn’t crazy pigmented, it isn’t quite as neutral as the other two.

Wearing MAC Viva Glam V!

Did I mention this lipstick is also very versatile? Yep, you can wear it a multitude of ways…like…add some shimmery gold gloss…

MAC Viva Glam V layered with NARS Greek Holiday gloss

It adds a summery/beachy touch, don’t you think? I *love* this combo!

Want to perk up the shade for drinks after work? Add a bright lip liner…

MAC Viva Glam V layered over MAC Embrace Me lip pencil (see here)

Viva Glam V turns an otherwise neon-bright lip pencil into more of a berry shade that’s perfect for going out.

What’s on the rest of my face? Here is the product breakdown:

Face- Tarte Maracuja Concealer in light, MAC MSFN in Medium Plus spritzed with Fix+, MAC Modern Mandarin lightly stippled onto cheeks, MAC Whisper of Gilt skinfinish

Eyes- MAC Dalliance Mega Metal Shadow (inner corners), MAC Modern Pewter Extra Dimension shadow (all over lids, lower lashline) MAC Havana Extra Dimension shadow in outer corner/crease, Tarte Amazonian Clay liner in Rich Green, Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara

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All of the Lipstick Bandits and I were talking (well, emailing) back and forth one day about doing a post about our first lipstick, if one could even remember what it was anymore. I don’t recall my exact first shade, unfortunately. It wasn’t even that long ago that I started loving obsessing over lipsticks. In fact, I hardly wore them at all until about 2010. But, prior to that I had just a few shades that I would wear in the summer or at Christmas time. Mostly, though, I was a gloss girl. Now my tastes have matured and I leave the shimmery gloss behind most days in favor of a satin or glossy finish tube of wonder.

While this is admittedly not my first shade, I believe it to be the one I have had the longest in my current collection. I have owned this shade since the summer of 2008. I remember it because at the time I thought it was the brightest lipstick ever and felt *slightly* intimidated wearing it. But wear it I did. In fact, most of the summer I was seen sporting this shade. It’s Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Cool Watermelon. And although Maybelline has discontinued this line and shade since then, I was able to find a seller on Amazon who has it available here.

Maybelline Cool Watermelon

I actually still enjoy the formula of this. It feel comfortable on, has a glossy finish and stains my lips for several hours. Ironically it also smells slightly like watermelon.

Cool Watermelon on lips

It’s no wonder I wore this shade to death. It’s brightening and fun without being over the top. It’s funny how my gauge of color intensity has increased over the last 4 years as I am no longer even remotely intimidated about wearing this (especially when compared to other super brights like MAC Neon Orange or Impassioned). I think many girls (and women) start with a drugstore lipstick; it’s the gateway into uncharted lands for good reason. They are reasonably priced, easy to access and these days come in a variety of vivid colors and formulations. Wondering what else I’m wearing in the photos above? See this post here.

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Ever since I learned that our second challenge as Lipstick Bandits would be to find and write about our favorite fall lipstick, I was skeptical that I would be able to pinpoint just a single shade.

Never one to give up easily though, I was not swayed by the daunting task. And actually my favorite happened by total accident, when I placed an order awhile ago for…


Yes, that’s right. Burberry. Specifically, Burberry’s Lip Mist formula.

Burberry Blueberry

When I first started my search in my stash for my perfect fall lipstick I began to notice that while I have a lot of shades I enjoy, I wouldn’t have picked one more than the other. I was disheartened. Not intending to buy a new lipstick for the sake of the post I resorted to the fact that I may have to choose a favorite fall lipgloss instead. It was only upon my first application of this lipstick that I knew we had a winner.

Burberry Blueberry


 While it’s not standard for me to label something a “favorite” instantly, I already loved the Burberry Lip Mist formula, this was just a new shade to me. And, a perfect fall one at that. It’s slightly berry, slightly dark and has that kiss of shine that the Lip Mists are known for. It’s the best of every world. It’s neutral enough to be universally flattering, but berry enough to be a great addition to your autumn palette (and winter). It’s great for layering too. If you want to go from day to night, just add another swipe or two to deepen the color.

Burberry Blueberry Lip Mist

I have reviewed this formula before (here) but as a refresher, these are silky, luxurious and are basically a lipstick and lipgloss rolled into one. Plus the packaging is divine. They retail for $30 and you can find them on Nordstrom’s website here in the U.S.

And, just for good measure, a FOTD with Burberry Blueberry as the star of the show…

Burberry Blueberry FOTD

Burberry Blueberry Lipstick

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I hope you enjoyed the second edition of the Lipstick Bandits! :)