Hello lovelies! I am sort of on a lipgloss kick right now, hence the glossy posts! Today we will examine the new Hourglass lipgloss trio holiday set available exclusively on Sephora.com. This set retails for $45 (def higher end prices here gals) for three glosses. The bonus? Normally these girls cost $28/piece–you get three for less than double the price of one! I am fairly certain it is the same amount of product as a full size gloss…I call deal on that one!

Hourglass Extreme Sheen Glosses L-R: Ignite, Siren, Child

Hourglass Swatches L-R: Child, Siren, Ignite

Let me just say, I bought this set SPECIFICALLY for the red shade. And believe me, it doesn’t disappoint. She glides on like a dream and lasts forever! Well, not really but after the glossiness fades, your lips are totally stained for hours afterward. LOVE! And just look at that shade!! I don’t have anything else like this. Gorg.

The other two shades I am kind of meh about. I mean, the formula is good, not sticky in the least, but the colors don’t ‘wow’ me at all. They don’t last that long either. No staining after-effect here.

All in all, this set was a let down. Between the $45 price tag (eep) and the pigmentation on Child (compare it to UD’s Max in my previous post–hello!) just isn’t there. While I enjoy the nude-pinky-brown sparkler that is Ignite–it just isn’t anything special for a gal with a lot of gloss! By the way, these glosses are brush applicators–and kind of junky ones at that (sorry!).

If you’re like me and ADORE the red—you can purchase it separately (from Hourglass) as I feel the other colors are too dupeable and ordinary to warrant the $45 price tag for the set.

What say you? Have you tried any other Hourglass products? This was my first purchase from them and I am not overly impressed.

I have been a long time fan (aka crazy obsessed with) of Urban Decay. They consistently come out with unique and new ideas and their products are top notch in quality. Mostly, though, I have stuck to their eyeliners and eyeshadows because that’s their powerhouse. I recently stepped into UD’s world of lipgloss…and Alice, you are in wonderland lady! Check it out!

Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lipgloss in Max

Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Max Swatch

Max is a thicker gloss, highly pigmented and a great pinky nude lip. This is actually my fav nude gloss (to date) that I own! It has a distinct smell….some call it creme brulee or maybe like a burnt caramel. I don’t mind it but if you have an aversion to scented gloss, beware! Admittedly, the guy on the top of the gap is gimmicky, but I am willing to overlook that fact because I enjoy the color and formula of this gloss. I get average wear time of about 2 hours on Max. This retails for $19 at Sephora, UrbanDecay, Ulta, and Beauty.com.

Have you tried any of the Pocket Rocket Lipglosses? Are you an Urban Decay Fan-atic?

I have had all of these items since they were released…I am thinking August though I can’t remember now! I am posting this a little bit after the party, but better late than never! Anyway, I am glad I partook in this collection. I am sadly STILL debating on the other eye duo Tzarine and the blush, Douceur (which I have been coveting but fear that the color will not work for my NC37 skin). But at any rate, I am glad that I picked up these items, namely the LE Rajasthan Duo–because she is gorg! See below for pics and swatches.

NARS Fall 2010: Rajasthan Eye Duo, Mangrove Eye Single, Strawberry Fields lipglos

Swatches L-R: Mangrove Eye Single, Rajasthan Eye Duo, Strawberry Fields Gloss

Overall, I was impressed with the items I picked up. Strawberry Fields is stunning! It is so highly pigmented, it’s almost not a gloss. It adds a pop of bright redish pink to your lips and is actually one of the longest lasting lippies I own.  Mangrove wasn’t as great as it is a tad chalky for my taste, but it still adds a nice and unexpected pop of color. It is what I would describe as a mix between chartreuse and mustard. The Rajasthan Duo is really the star of the show. The darkened shimmery peacock blue and the taupey- golden shimmer are perfectly paired and blend wonderfully. If you get anything (while you still can) get this eye duo. You will love it! Available from NARS and Sephora.

Did you swipe anything from NARS Fall 2010 collection?

Wow! I finally started blogging. I have been tossing this idea around for months on end. But my passion to share my passion with the world could no longer be repressed! I present to you my humble blog.

To kick things off, my recent haul from the Stila Warehouse sale that went on last week.

My recent haul from the Stila Warehouse Sale

The items shown are: (Starting from top left-right)

Swatches and Reviews will be forthcoming! Did you haul anything from the sale? They had some killer deals I could NOT pass up!