I think that most women know exactly what types of lighting suit them best and what types of lighting may require a bit more time at the makeup mirror than usual. For me (and many others), candlelight is lovely while florescents leave something to be desired. Enter the new Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders. From the moment I learned of their release I knew something exciting was on the horizon.

This new formula offers 6 silky smooth powders that help mimic different types of lighting, anywhere from moonlight to candlelight.  The shade I chose is called Dim Light, and I don’t think I could have picked a better match for my skin.

Hourglass Dim Light Package

Hourglass Dim Light Back

When I described the powders as “silky smooth” I really meant it. It just melts into the skin. It doesn’t turn creamy, but it doesn’t need to. It blends in flawlessly, never sitting on top of the skin or looking obviously powdery.

Hourglass Dim Light

Dim Light is described by Hourglass as a neutral beige, and I’d agree with that assessment. It does lean a little warmer on me, but I have a warmer undertone to my skin. Initially the powder looks like it has the tiniest bit of sheen (at least in sunlight) and an almost translucent color. However, when applied to the face or when swatched a noticeable change occurs…

Hourglass Dim Light Swatch

This is a heavier swatch done to show how the color may look when built up. I don’t wear it this heavily, of course, but there’s no stopping you from testing application methods to see how it wears best on you. I find that when I take a large powder brush and swirl it in the pan and dust lightly all over my face, starting with the T-Zone, I get the best results. I usually dip my brush back in the pan 2-3 times during application. I also don’t find that I have to reapply. The effect lasts all day. I also noticed that it seems to help keep the oil I normally experience at bay, but doesn’t prevent it entirely.

In the photographs below I am wearing Hourglass Dim Light dusted all over:

Hourglass Dim Light FOTD 2

Hourglass Dim Light FOTD

I do feel like it has a blurring effect, making my face look glowy, but not shimmery or shiny. The reason I like this particular shade is because you can use it all over. I was initially attracted to Luminous light (which incidentally is gorgeous and still on my radar) but decided it wouldn’t really be something that I would want to wear all over my face. This powder is flexible enough to be used on certain areas or as a nice all-over dusting. I’ve used it for meetings in office settings, weekend shopping trips and fancier evenings out and Dim Light performed each time.

These powders retail for $45 at Hourglass and Sephora. My opinion? Well, I’ve been using it every day since receiving it a month ago….. TOTALLY WORTH IT.

*item(s) in this post was provided by PR for review purposes only*

Hello! Remember me? Long-lost wayfaring beauty lover? If you follow me on Twitter I posted a few updates over the last two months about what has been going on with me. I have gone through several personal changes, not the least of which is a job (though not career) change and relocating to the Chicago area. It’s been fun living in a bigger city but it’s been incredibly time-consuming during the adjustment. I’m happier than I can ever remember being and look forward to the other exciting things this new chapter of my life will bring. I thought it would be incredibly scary moving to a big city and away from my lifelong friends and family, and I was right. However, I have a great support system so it’s made it a lot easier for me. I also appreciate everyone who has emailed, tweeted and messaged me the past two months. I cannot tell you how much it brightened my day when I saw that. What also surprised me was the amount of visits my site still received even without any new posts. I owe a huge thank you to all of you for sticking this out with me!

Anyway, consider this my “welcome home” entry. I included few photos below to show some upcoming posts. I will be easing back into this so don’t expect daily posts, but I am shooting for 5-6 posts a month at this point, more if I can. I also just received my Chanel Notorious today- I haven’t photographed or swatched it yet but I’m super pumped to feature it once I do. You can also expect a few Dior eyeshadow palettes, some of the Sephora Cinderella collection and a few other bits and bobs including perfume (which I have really been getting into the last 2-3 months). I’m also planning a favorites post that includes what I have really been using during my move/transition (hint-some *awesome* staple products I have discovered).

Thanks again for sticking it out with me and being patient. I’m happy to be back in a sense and look forward to not only post/interacting again, but reading all of the blogs I have missed so much!


I haven’t ventured too far into the world of Hourglass Cosmetics until recently. I had tried several things in store and loved most of what I have sampled. And who can forget their extremely unique-never-duplicated-amazingly-gorgeous Siren gloss I featured here? But if there is one item I had to pick as something I have always wanted to try it would be their Visionaire Eyeshadow duos; long listed as a favorite of beauty blogger extraordinaire, Temptalia.

Let’s start with the packaging, which is sleek, understated and classy.

But then you go to open it, and THIS happens:

Yes, ladies. It swivels. It’s quite possibly the most entertaining packaging of any makeup item I own. The brush that’s included? Totally usable and actually quite lovely. The generous mirror makes sliding this in your purse a total win.

Dune is a fabulous color combination. It’s a gold/champagne with a slightly blue-toned khaki with gold and copper sparkle. Both shades are gorgeous- but up close they really shine…

The textures are every bit as buttery as I have heard them described. They are easy to blend and last all day on my eyes (I almost always use primer- especially in the summer so keep that in mind).

Dune on eyes

Product Breakdown:




I am incredibly happy with how this duo both looks and performs. It really exceeded my expectations, which is saying a lot because the bar was already set so high. I have my eye on Gypsy next- it needs to be mine! The duos retail for $38 at Sephora and are worth every penny. Have you tried the Hourglass eyeshadows yet?

*Items marked with a ‘*’ were provided by PR for review purposes only* The item featured in this review was provided by PR.

Hello lovelies! I am sort of on a lipgloss kick right now, hence the glossy posts! Today we will examine the new Hourglass lipgloss trio holiday set available exclusively on Sephora.com. This set retails for $45 (def higher end prices here gals) for three glosses. The bonus? Normally these girls cost $28/piece–you get three for less than double the price of one! I am fairly certain it is the same amount of product as a full size gloss…I call deal on that one!

Hourglass Extreme Sheen Glosses L-R: Ignite, Siren, Child

Hourglass Swatches L-R: Child, Siren, Ignite

Let me just say, I bought this set SPECIFICALLY for the red shade. And believe me, it doesn’t disappoint. She glides on like a dream and lasts forever! Well, not really but after the glossiness fades, your lips are totally stained for hours afterward. LOVE! And just look at that shade!! I don’t have anything else like this. Gorg.

The other two shades I am kind of meh about. I mean, the formula is good, not sticky in the least, but the colors don’t ‘wow’ me at all. They don’t last that long either. No staining after-effect here.

All in all, this set was a let down. Between the $45 price tag (eep) and the pigmentation on Child (compare it to UD’s Max in my previous post–hello!) just isn’t there. While I enjoy the nude-pinky-brown sparkler that is Ignite–it just isn’t anything special for a gal with a lot of gloss! By the way, these glosses are brush applicators–and kind of junky ones at that (sorry!).

If you’re like me and ADORE the red—you can purchase it separately (from Hourglass) as I feel the other colors are too dupeable and ordinary to warrant the $45 price tag for the set.

What say you? Have you tried any other Hourglass products? This was my first purchase from them and I am not overly impressed.