Happy Friday ladies! The weekend is upon us, first weekend in awhile where I don’t have some event to go to, which means I’ll be getting plenty of sun and R&R.

I wanted to take a moment to talk about beauty on a budget. It’s where I, and many other beauty bloggers/fanatics got our start. You will notice as you peruse the hundreds of blogs out there (by the way, thanks for stopping to read mine) that most of us feature more items in the mid to high end price range than from the drugstore. And while it’s fair to say I like (love) several items I have bought from department stores and Sephora, the drugstore items that are available are just as good. Sure, the packaging may not always be the most eye-catching but what about the good stuff that lies beneath?

All Drugstore: base and face

For most of my early makeup years, drugstore items suited me just fine. And while the occasional luxury item is certainly to be appreciated and treasured, I don’t want all you ladies out there to feel like you have to have and spend gobs of cash to achieve a great makeup look. A good friend of mine who works in fashion once said to me “Show me a lady who can go to Goodwill and pick up a few pieces, put it together and look fantastic and you will show me great fashion sense. Show me a lady who purchases what’s on the mannequin at Macy’s, and you will show me someone who knows how to copy great fashion sense.” I think this can apply to makeup as well. It’s about creating something for yourself, finding little bargains (and treasures) and putting something together that is uniquely you. I guess what I want to say, is that just because I may show a high end or pricier item on my blog that I love, doesn’t mean you have to run out and get it. Take what I loved about the product and challenge yourself to find something that fits into your budget. Obviously, when I recommend something, it’s for a reason. But, who’s to say you won’t find the next best thing….at half the price? 😉

More Drugstore Madness!

It is with that spirit that I write this post. Does it mean I won’t continue to indulge in mid and high end makeup? Of course not. I am at heart, a lover of beauty and that love extends to trying out as many things as I can…in hopes that I can share with you the hits and misses along the way. My first thought whenever I see a new product released is “Where can I find a cheaper alternative?” Because, in all honesty the second best thing to finding a great beauty item, is finding a great beauty item for a bargain.

Finishing Touches

So I challenged myself to go back to my roots and do my makeup entirely from the drugstore. And so I did. The items pictured above are what I used. It’s just what I happened to have. Look through what you’ve got, don’t feel the urge to buy something new. Half the fun is re-discovering what you already own!

The Swatches:

Face Products

Swatches L-R:

Eye Products

Swatches L-R:

The Finished Look:

100% drugstore EOTD


All drugstore FOTD

If I didn’t tell you, would you have guessed this was all drugstore? 😉

It’s not pictured in the swatches, but it’s in with the products show at the top…but my lipgloss I’m wearing is Maybelline Shine Sensational in Sweet Indulgence.

What are some of your favorites from the drugstore? I’d love to see your all drugstore looks so do share!

21. 02. 2011

Good Afternoon! I recently placed an order for some of the newest items released by uber budget-friendly cosmetics maker E.L.F. (eyeslipsface). I needed to order some duplicates of their studio line brushes (awesome, if you have never tried them, you must!) and threw in some of the new items to try. Here is what I hauled:

ELF Mineral Eyeshadows and Studio Matte Lipstick

ELF Swatches: Dreamy, Beachy, Tea Rose

I ordered two of the new mineral eyeshadows in Dreamy and Beachy. They are both fun and summery shades and blend like a dream. They are shimmery, but I like that in my shadows. These are dry swatches without primer, and look at that color payoff! Gorg! I also picked up the new Studio Matte lipstick in Tea Rose. I adore the lipstick formula. I usually hate matte lipsticks because of how drying they are, but not the ELF ones! I got a good 5 hours of wear time this weekend on this lipstick, which is fantastic…and I didn’t need to layer gloss over it! I can’t wait to pick up the other shades. All of these items were $3. You can find ELF products at eyeslipsface.com. They are having a sale today for free shipping on any order over $15 using code PRESHIP at checkout. Happy hauling!

Good Morning All!

Here is the look I told you about the other day. I used the Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Gold Palette for this look. Enjoy!

Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Palette

Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Palette

Products used for this look:




Happy Friday beautiful! I have something to confess…I am, above all things,  a bargainista at heart. I truly, truly detest paying loads of $$$ for products I can get at rock bottom prices, ya dig? So naturally I check out Eyeslipsface.com on a frequent basis for new and exciting products that are super steals. That’s where the Studio Line comes in. Mostly priced at $3 the Studio Line is leaps ahead of the normal ELF core line (the $1 priced items). The Studio Blushes are a great way to have several different choices of blush and not having to shell out massive dollars to do so.

ELF Studio Line Blush

The sleek black packaging is reminiscent of NARS, but definitely not as heavy (read sturdy) feeling as the NARS packaging. There is a mirror on the inside so it’s great to throw in your makeup bag for touch ups should you need one. These retail for $3 each.

L-R: Candid Coral, Berry Merry, Mellow Mauve, Fuschia Fusion, Blushing Rose, Pink Passion, Peachy Keen

I really enjoy these blushes. At times, they can be a bit powdery but with proper blending, they get the job done. I don’t experience any wear issues with these blushes, but keep in mind I always use face primer on days I wear blush. I won’t get into color specifics because the picture speaks for itself here. I also wanted to inlcude the NARS Albatross dupe (so I have been told, I don’t own Albatross so I can’t verify 100%).

ELF Studio Blush in Gotta Glow

It is really a highlighter, not a blush but I digress. It does add a nice, light golden glow on the cheekbones. It isn’t glittery so no worries about looking like a disco ball here. It just adds a nice glow to your face and I rather like it.

Have you tried the ELF Studio line blushes? They are a definite staple in my collection because of the great value and color variety!

The first half of this year I was over the moon for cream and gel eyeliners. I kind of lost touch with these beauties as my time became more scarce in the fall and now through the holidays. But truly, I do love gel and cream eye liners for the amazing staying power and control I have with shaping my eyes. Enter the ELF Studio Cream Eyeliners. A true bargain, these ladies retail for $3 each and come with a mini angled brush. I have four of the colors to share with you today.

L-R: Midnight, Copper, Metallic Olive, Gunmetal

They do have the normal black and brown shades in addition to a purple shade, none of which I have tried. I wanted to stick with colors that I didn’t already have somewhere else in my collection. They do also have a Pearl white color, which I own but cannot seem to find. Suffice it to say that it is lovely when used as a base for your eyeshadows. I get great wear time with these and they last all day on me. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending these to someone who wants to give cream eyeliners a go. The only thing I noticed with these compared to others I have is that they seem drier, not quite as creamy. They come in a cute acrylic square container, shown below.

ELF Studio Cream Eyeliner

For a $3 product (I probably bought all of them during a sale, so maybe $1.50) it is an absolute steal. You can find them on eyeslipsface.com. Are you a fan of ELF products? I know I am, especially with the Studio line of products.