07. 01. 2012

Good Morning! I hope you are all having a great start to your weekend. The weather is so nice here; it’s hard to believe it’s January! It may call for going on a trek with the dogs 😉 Do you have any fun things planned?

In addition to enjoying this little warm snap, I spent a little time gathering up some products that are so close to each other it’s difficult to tell them apart. I realize that I review quite a few higher end products on my blog and that it’s just not in everyone’s price range to buy those things. It wasn’t long ago that I felt paying more than $10 for a nail polish was insanity or paying $42 for a blush was outrageous, and believe me, my wallet still cries when I indulge. It’s with that sentiment in mind that I bring you the look for less! Similar products, huge price difference.

Revlon vs. Dior

I had actually purchased the Dior Addict lipstick in the shade It Pink prior to the release of the Revlon Lip Butters. Once they came out and I swatched them I was immediately struck by the similarity of the shade Sweet Tart to something I already owned. It turns out it’s just about as close a dupe as you could find to the Dior Addict lipstick. Packaging wise the Dior one is more luxe and is more unique, but I have to say I rather enjoy the packaging of the Revlon Lip Butters.

Revlon Sweet Tart vs Dior It Pink

It terms of shade and how they look on the lips they are identical. I cannot tell the difference by shade alone when I wear it. The formula is a bit different, though. The Dior Addict formula is more silky, feeling a bit more luxurious than the Revlon Lip Butter. They both give a glossy look and have similar wear time. Neither of them have a particularly strong scent, nearly undetectable to my nose at least.

Bottom Line:

Revlon Lip Butter- $6.49

Dior Addict Lipstick- $28.00

Revlon vs. Chanel

Another Revlon Lip Butter joins the party. Chanel released their Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks last spring and I purchased the shade Boy. To be honest, I rarely use it. The Rouge Coco Shine formula is not my favorite. It’s incredibly thin and I just feel if you are looking for a high end glossy lipstick there are so many other formulas that are better. That aside, Boy is a lovely color and I had hoped to someday find it in a better formula.

Revlon Peach Parfait vs Chanel Boy

The closest I have come so far is Revlon’s Peach Parfait. As a side note, I am NOT saying these are exact dupes. The photo speaks for itself. Boy is slightly more pink than Peach Parfait but I had to show this anyway for those who have had their eye on Boy but couldn’t swallow the high price or simply dislike the Rouge Coco Shine formula. Both have a glossy finish and have shimmer/sparkle. If Peach Parfait were slightly more mauve or pink it would be dead on. Depending on how pigmented your lips are, it might be closer when actually wearing it.

Bottom Line:

Revlon Lip Butter- $6.49

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine- $32.50

Sephora vs. Chanel

The moment I saw Sam from Pixiwoo use Chanel Illusion D’ombre shadow in Mirifique in one of their videos last fall I pined for the shade, but didn’t see it as something I would use often enough to warrant spending the Chanel price. I went to Sephora in search of the next best thing and truly believe I found it. That said, it didn’t satisfy my desire for Mirifique and I ended up purchasing it anyway.

Chanel Mirifique vs Sephora Glitter Black

I purchased Sephora’s Jumbo 12 hour pencil in Glitter Black. They are incredibly similar. Obviously the formula on each is different because one is a pencil and the other is in a pot. The shimmer and sparkle in Mirifique is superb and so many people say “No one does sparkle like Chanel” and in my experience that’s usually the case. However, the Sephora pencil lasts longer on me without primer and is easier to use. I can experience fall out with the Mirifique when blending and I don’t with the Sephora pencil. Overall, if you really wanted a black sparkly base the Sephora pencil will do just fine. If you are picky about your sparkle, Mirifique does not disappoint.

Bottom Line:

Sephora Jumbo 12 Hour Pencil- $10

Chanel Illusion D’Ombre- $36

Revlon vs Deborah Lippmann

Now, before I go into these two dupes I have to state my humble opinion about companies making exact copies of another company’s products. Revlon has been doing this with their nail polish for awhile now. I totally get that not everyone can or wants to pay the price for Deborah Lippmann or Chanel polishes. I can appreciate a company offering trendy shades in the drugstore for a lot less coin. BUT, it seems incredibly unfair and uncreative to downright steal the exact shade from another company. Just think of how you would feel if you came up with a brilliant idea and then someone comes after you, duplicates your idea and undercuts you in price and you lose a huge market share. It wouldn’t feel that great, would it? Again, this is simply my opinion. I prefer companies who constantly come up with their own unique ideas rather than just piggy-backing on someone else’s. /rant

Revlon Whimsical vs Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air

Revlon duplicated Deborah Lippmann’s shade, only there is more glitter in the Revlon version and you can see the difference on the nails here. In terms of wear time I prefer Deborah Lippmann because they just last longer on my nails. Whimsical seemed to go on easier than Glitter in the Air, though. I do prefer the packaging of Deborah Lippmann; her bottles are the prettiest! The shade is the same and no one would be able to tell the difference, other than the added glitter particles.

Bottom Line:

Revlon Whimsical- $4.99

Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air- $18.00

Have you discovered any good dupes lately? Do tell!

Hi ladies! Soo when I started hearing about Wet n Wild’s new holiday collection earlier this week I thought, “here we go again.” The hunt, the endless search…etc. It’s gotten old. BUT. I remember that I was able to easily find the Wet n Wild holiday collection last year at a local Walgreens without much trouble at all. But believe me, I remember how hard they were for so many to track down!

So, I gave said store a call on Tuesday and the sweet lady in cosmetics said, ” Call back tomorrow at this time. Our new displays get delivered on Wednesday and should be out by 3PM.” I didn’t call because I was too busy. But, on my way home I remembered what she had said and stopped in to Walgreens and……

Wet n Wild Baked, Not Fried palette

I guess you could say I was dazed by the fact that the holiday collection was there, completely untouched and ready to be ransacked.

I bought the baked shadow palettes ($4.99/each) and two of the nail polishes. I am only showing 1 palette and 1 polish here because, as usual, I have a little something up my sleeve. Stay tuned…

Baked, Not Fried Swatches

These are dry, over my new favorite primer/shadow setter Pixie Epoxy (not sure it’s really a primer, but it works wonders with shadows!). Gorgeous!

Some more swatches!

L-R: MAC Glamour Check, WnW Baked Not Fried, MAC Carbonized, WnW Baked, Not Fried (bottom most shades in the palette)

Not exact dupes but rather close. Carbonized is closer than Glamour Check is, but on the eyes I bet either would be hard to distinguish. Both of these MAC shades are limited edition. I prefer the formula of Carbonized (smoother, easier to apply) but Glamour Check and the WnW seem very similar in how they apply.

So close!

L-R: MAC Woodwinked vs WnW  shade (middle of the palette)

Extremely close in shade, but Woodwinked does not have the sparkle that the WnW one has. I prefer the MAC formula between the two, but I like the added sparkle from the WnW.

Hmm, not really dupes...

L-R: MAC Naked Lunch, WnW Shade, Stila Kitten

The lovely G of Nouveau Cheap had suggested in her fab-dabulous post here that there might be a Stila Kitten dupe …unfortunately I don’t think it’s close enough. Kitten leans more gold/peach here and the WnW shade leans more pink. Naked Lunch is much less shimmery when compared.

Not here either....

L-R: MAC Creamy Bisque, MAC Nylon, WnW shade (Lightest one at top)

The lightest WnW shade initially reminded me of Nylon, but Nylon has a sheen, not a shimmer and is lighter/more gold. My next try was Creamy Bisque, but again not really close. The formulas on all of these were quite nice.

Last but not least....

L-R: Bobbi Brown Tiger’s Eye, MAC Mythical, WnW Coppery shade

I didn’t have a dupe for this shade. I tend not to reach for coppers too often (especially when they lean too orange) because they make me look tired and well, like I got socked in the face.

Of all the shades, Woodwinked and Carbonized were closest in terms of color alone. Are there any true dupes here? Well, that depends on what your definition. If yours is “close enough” than there probably are. If yours is “exact replica” than I’m afraid I don’t have the shades.


This was my favorite of the polishes. BAR GLITTER! OMG. Coppery-Goldy-Glittery goodness. This is a must have! I also picked up Give Me a Price Quote because it was also bar glitter and looked fantastic. This is 2 coats (thicker ones)

And, because I realize these are notoriously difficult to track down. I decided to give away the two things I wanted most from this collection…

Wet n Wild Giveaway!

The Prize:

1 winner will receive:

The Rules:

Thanks, and good luck!

This Giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Gaby for winning and thanks to everyone who entered!

04. 04. 2011

Hi all! Happy Monday! Based on the feedback I have gotten on past posts, many of you really really like seeing comparisons and possible dupes A LOT. I don’t blame you, I love it when someone finds and compares what they have to something new or different they have gotten. So, with that explanation I welcome This or That to my blog. A series of posts with items showing comparable colors, but not necessarily formula based. I will try to note any differences in formula that I detect along the way, but mostly these posts are going to be all about color! I cannot promise how often these posts will happen, at least once a month is my goal. Reason being it takes a long time to go through my collection, find comparable products, swatch, photograph, and then of course compose the post. I will take requests or suggestions for these, providing I have the products to compare. Without further ado, here come the swatches!

L-R ELF Mint Cream, OPI Gargantuan Green Grape, Milani Dressmake, China Glaze Refresh-mint, China Glaze For Audrey, Orly Mint Mojito

L-R: Orly Mint Mojito, OPI Gargantuan Green Grape, China Glaze Refresh-Mint, ELF Mint Cream (shown above it is China Glaze For Audrey), Milani Dressmaker

They all apply well, apart from one. OPI Gargantuan Green Grape is a pain. Shown above is 4 coats. I love the color of it but don’t see myself reaching for it too often based on the issues! Orly Mint Mojito has a darker green base than Milani Dressmaker, and lacks its dimensional jade sparkle. Both are very nice colors and easy to apply, and are two coats here. China Glaze For Audrey, Refresh-mint and ELF Mint Cream are all quite similar. For Audrey is more blue than the other two. Refresh-mint is lighter than Mint Cream and covers better. ELF’s Mint Cream is two coats here and you can see it doesn’t quite fully cover the nail. Milani Dressmaker would be my favorite if I had to pick just one. The price of these polishes very by where you get them, but range from $1-$8. The ELF one is the bargain of the bunch at just $1, so if you are looking for the pastel minty nail look but don’t want to shell out loads of cash to get it, this might be a good option!

L-R: MAC Crosswires vs Sonia Kashuk Coraline; MAC Ravishing vs. Revlon Colorburst Peach

I totally did not plan on getting all of these shades just to show them on my blog. But when I sat down to start this series I just began pulling products I thought might be similar. Lo and behold I found two drugstore almost dupes for two MAC lipsticks. I love all 4 of these lipsticks and they all go on smoothly. The longest lasting has to be the Revlon Colorburst if you are looking for longevity. Coraline is slightly more orange than Crosswires and Ravishing is slightly brighter than Peach. If you have one shade you definitely don’t need the other! Price wise you will be $14.50 for each of the MAC ones. On sale, I purchased the Revlon lipstick for about $4 and I paid around $8 for Sonia Kashuk at Target.

Clockwise from Left: Benefit Powderflage, Bare Minerals Well Rested, ELF Eye Brightener

L-R: ELF Eye Brightener, Benefit Powderflage, Bare Minerals Well Rested

Oh, how I love under eye brighteners! Three powder versions I have tried are from ELF, Benefit (the popular Powderflage) and Bare Minerals Well Rested. Of the three I can tell you my clear favorite is Well Rested. It is much more brightening than ELF’s version and is more yellow and flesh toned than Powderflage which is more pink in color. Well Rested is the most pigmented of the three as well. All three may work for different people, depending on your skin tone, under eye circles and personal preference. For me, I can use a translucent powder to set concealer so I am not looking for something to just set my concealer with. I want to see noticeably brighter results. Well Rested definitely gives me that. A word of caution if you have dryness under your eyes, Well Rested may emphasize the dryness so moisturizing is key.  Price wise, Powderflage is $28, Well Rested goes for $18 and the ELF version is the cheapest of the three at just $3. I would not recommend the ELF version for anyone of my skin coloring. I consider myself a medium skin tone, and it didn’t brighten for me at all. At first glance $3 makes it seem like a total bargain…but for me it was a wasted $3 as I did not notice any difference under my eyes at all.

Well, that wraps up  This or That Volume 1! Thanks for playing along! Do share suggestions, requests or your thoughts on the products I mentioned below, I’d love to hear what you think!