09. 02. 2012

I am admittedly suffering from spring fever. It’s been unseasonably warm this winter and the weather lately (think sunny) has been getting me even more excited for spring to arrive.

Before Christmas the Chanel spring collection had already launched on makeup counters. I stopped by and had a look and was unimpressed by most of what I swatched and saw. It had so much potential but ending up falling rather flat for me. Anyway, I walked away with only one thing.

Flirt is a nice peachy-pink with a lovely golden shimmer. Although the Rouge Coco Shine formula is not my favorite of the glossy lipsticks, this color was too pretty to pass up.

Flirt on lips. It glides on evenly and smoothly, but the formula is a bit. This formula is not the most long lasting, about two hours on me. But, it’s one of those colors I can just swipe on without a lot of thought and it really brightens my face and adds just the right amount of color for day-to-day wear.

Swatches L-R: Giorgio Armani Sheer Lipstick #36, MAC Gotta Dash, MAC Full Speed, Chanel Flirt, MAC Flamingo

I don’t really have anything that is exactly the same, but one that’s kind of close. Flamingo is more pink and doesn’t have shimmer while Full Speed is not even close. Gotta Dash is more peach and doesn’t have shimmer and the Giorgio Armani lipstick is similar both in texture and tone but also lacks the shimmer and is less bright than Flirt.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine retails for $32.50 at Chanel counters and online at Nordstrom, Chanel and Macy’s. Although I prefer the Burberry Lip Mist Formula, Chanel’s Flirt is a shade worth looking into for spring if you are OK with reapplying it somewhat frequently.

Once upon a time (just a few months ago) I was actually quite afraid of wearing a bold red lip. I admired them from afar, never quite taking the plunge into wearing something so striking. That has all changed…starting…NOW.

Red, by Chanel

After seeing countless holiday looks and reviews on different reds I opted for two shades from Chanel. The new Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Triomphal, and the Rouge Allure Laque in Dragon (soon to be discontinued). I fell for Triomphal as soon as I put it on. A gorgeous red with a shot of pink; it’s so utterly wearable for me. I had tried Dragon on a few times at the counter before, never picking it up because I feared that I (although I loved the color) would never reach for it. Now, being spurred on by the fact that this shade has been discontinued and the endless praise this shade gets from ultra-blogger Christine from Temptalia, I decided it was time to give in. And oh, I am SO glad I did.

L-R: Triomphal, Dragon

They are different in shade and different in formula. Triomphal is a gloss (verging on a lipstick) and has a to-die-for formula and texture. Dragon is like a liquid lipstick meets a lip stain. It’s very long wearing. It has noticeable fading after 3 hours, but leaves a nice red stain on for at least 2 more after that, making it perfect for those upcoming holiday parties. Triomphal doesn’t last quite that long, but definitely has better wear time than a lot of my other glosses do. Granted, most reds end up staining my lips for longer than any other color, so keep that in mind when judging these.

Chanel Dragon Lip Swatch


Chanel Triomphal Lip Swatch

FOTD with Chanel Triomphal


FOTD with Chanel Dragon

You can see how Triomphal is so easy to wear, but Dragon just gives that va-va-voom feel.

Have you found your perfect red lipstick? Would you be able to brave wearing a shade like Dragon around town? Personally, I am loving it!

03. 11. 2011

This post is kind of old news by now, but I had to share this Fauve-rite new shadow of mine with you. Ever since I first laid my taupe-obsessed eyes on pictures of Chanel’s new Fauve eyeshadow, I just knew that we would be BFFs.

Chanel Fauve Eyeshadow

I actually got this back in early September, but somehow have managed not to post about it for almost 2 months. It’s high time you saw this beauty in action.

Chanel Fauve Dry/Over Pixie Epoxy in direct Sunlight


Chanel Fauve Dry/ Over Pixie Epoxy

This is my favorite kind of taupe. I prefer my taupes with a more purple/silver lean to them, and that’s exactly the effect that Fauve gives. It’s dimension is so difficult to capture on film. I had to see this one in person first to really experience how gorgeous it is. Color me impressed!

And of course, you want to see what it looks like on the eyes….

Wearing Fauve

Wearing Fauve

It is exactly what I hope it would be. It lasts all day on me, however I do normally use some kind of primer or base, I never wear it completely dry…or any powder shadow for that matter. The only thing I would caution against is that you may, depending on what base you use and/or how you apply it experience a small amount of fall out. I patted mine on with the sponge tip applicator it came with in this look and didn’t have issues. But, I could see it being one if you just try to brush or swipe it on. It isn’t the softest, creamiest powder ever, but it is a nice formula and the color is beyond.

Fauve FOTD

P.S.- I am wearing MAC’s Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick here.

Fauve is a winner all around for me. Although I wish Chanel’s packaging was a little more luxe than it is, I do think it’s worth picking up.

Have you tried Chanel’s eyeshadows? Is Fauve the kind of shade you would go for? Dish!

I don’t remember how long ago I first tweeted about this palette, but it’s probably been a good two months. I feel bad it has taken me this long to finally feature it! Anywho.. I was doing my usual aisle-by-aisle walk through of Ulta and (as it usually does) something sparkly caught my eye….

CARGO Metallico Eyes Palette

Ahhh. Is it legal to have this much sparkle in one palette?!?! My first thought when I saw this was…”OMG, these are like Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill!!!” (only in my head IĀ  say ETK) =P It’s too long of a thought otherwise.

Swatches of the top row, dry and wet.


Swatches of the bottom row, dry and wet.

I love how these apply when wet. When dry they are more of a sparkly sheer base, but wet…they are POW in your face. I see several shades here that look like Chanel (Illusion d’Ombre) or Giorgio Armani (Eyes to Kill). The best part was that this palette (and a super cute bag and a double ended brush) was only $39. That’s just over the price of one Chanel or GA shadow. Only, you get 8 shades!

As far as performance goes, as I stated above, the colors are better when wet (I use Fix+ from MAC) and perform more like the Giorgio Armani ones when you do so. I wouldn’t say they are as long lasting though. I don’t have to use primer with GA, but I did with these. I also don’t have to use Fix+ and I really felt like I needed to here. The texture is nothing like the ones from Chanel and really not like the Buxom Stay-There shadows either. These seem closest to the Eyes to Kill formula because it feels like densely packed “loose” particles, and both formulas are designed to also be used wet.

L-R: CARGO , Buxom Stay There Shadow in Pug, Giorgio Armani ETK #4

L-R (with flash) CARGO, Buxom Pug, GA #4

I thought I’d share some side-by-side swatches of what the CARGO palette greyish/purple shade looks like compared to Buxom’s Stay There Shadow in Pug and Giorgio Armani ETK in #4. A lovely friend is sending me some of her Chanel Illusiore and I cannot wait to compare that with these three as well.

I have used these all over my lids as a base, and I have used some of the shades as liner. I find as liners they last longer and never smudge or budge, but when I use them all over the lids, I do notice a little bit of creasing by the end of the day. If you layer if with a powder shadow I find no creasing at all. Doesn’t the black totally remind you of Chanel’s Mirifique?! I had the Chanel artist put Mirifique on my eyes as a liner when it first released and I was so disappointed that the sparkle was totally lost in translation. Not here my friends…check out how I wore this today:

CARGO Metallico Eyes palette black shade as liner

The sparkle is absolutely there and is totally eye brightening. This is on it’s own, but if you prefer even more black and dark liner, just layer it over a black shadow. It’ll look amazing!


FOTD Product Rundown-




Whether or not this palette is for depends on a few things…how often or how much you like sparkly shades and if you have been wanting a similar effect to the more expensive versions but didn’t want to shell out all that dough for just one shade. I believe this mimics the effect of other shadows like it on the market.

It is worth noting that the compact is small (think a bit bigger than a credit card) and each shadow is .7 grams. The Chanel and Giorgio Armani ones have 4g of product and Buxom gives you 3.5g. If you do the math, .7×8= 5.6g of product total. So you ARE getting more. What I like about this palette the most is the range of colors. I cannot say I will entirely use up any one shade of Eyes to Kill or Chanel. It just probably won’t happen. So to own smaller sizes of more shades to me is a better value overall.



Happy weekend! I have been super busy the last few days between work-related travel and trying to get my house in order for fall, all while trying to enjoy the nice humidity free days we are having. I wanted to give you ladies a sneak peak at some items you can expect to see very soon…. feel free to add your requests to the comments below if there is something special you’d like me to show or do. šŸ™‚

CARGO Metallico Eyes Palette

How does this CARGO Palette hold up to the likes of Giorgio Armani and Chanel? You will all soon find out šŸ˜‰


My first taste of Burberry beauty (thanks again to the epic swap with the lovely DelytefulSpeaks). And yes, it is as good as it looks!

Chanel Favuve Eyeshadow

My favorite new item, Chanel’s Fauve eyeshadow. It’s my most coveted item at the moment, and you will soon know why!

Wet n Wild Dreamweavers Trios

I was not successful at finding these myself, but luckily I have some great twitter friends in Missy, who has a fabulous YouTube Channel (Start2FinishMUA) and Courtney, who has a really wonderful blog called Eyes, Lips & Curls and they were able to get me the whole collection. Many thanks to those awesome and beautiful ladies! You will get to see these shadows up close soon, and hear my thoughts on whether they are worth tracking down!

Storing All Your Goodies

I am definitely not an expert at storage, and most of my storage is functional, rather than fashionable. But, with a few nice touches you can make your collection easy to use, easy to find, and pretty to look at. šŸ™‚ My storage and organization coming soon!

Julep Nail Polishes

My first taste of Julep Nail Polish thanks to the Julep Maven Program (and seriously awesome first month discount). My thoughts on the polish and the program, less the drama (it didn’t involve me, so I’m not going there. If you want to read about the affiliate program drama, there have been many well-written posts about it already). šŸ™‚

Tarte Clay Blush in Blissful

!!! This must mean my collection of Tarte Clay Blushes in finally complete! See how this shade compares to the others, and to other brands.

Revlon New for Fall

Those elusive Revlon polishes (Deborah Lippmann dupe alert!)….and whether or not they are worth searching high and low for!

I have a few more things up my sleeve but I am not going to post pictures of those because I don’t want to ruin the surprise! So, I will leave you with a lovely picture of one of my lovely pooches!

"Yo, this post was a snooze fest. I mean look at me, I'm catching flies in here."