It’s no secret that I love the Burberry Beauty line. I have never been disappointed by any of their products. When I saw that their spring collection contained new blushes and a new eyeshadow I was incredibly excited, to say the least.

I recently stopped by the Burberry counter at my local Nordstrom and was excited to see the spring line up out. I picked up a few things that caught my eye.

Burberry Hydrangea Pink Blush

Burberry Hydrangea Pink Blush

Burberry Hydrangea Pink Blush Macro

Burberry Hydrangea Pink Blush

It’s bright, pink, and slightly fuchsia toned. In one word: it’s gorgeous. Like all Burberry blushes I have tried it is utterly smooth and silky, and packs quite a punch in the pigmentation department.

Burberry Hydrangea Pink Blush Comparison Swatches

Swatches L-R: MAC Salsarose, MAC Azalea, Tarte Natural Beauty, Burberry Hydrangea Pink

Hydrangea seems to sit somewhere in between Natural Beauty and Azalea. I am so thrilled Burberry is releasing brighter colors in the lip and cheek department. This bright pop of pink is the exact blush I was looking for for spring.

Burberry Gold Pearl Shadow

Burberry Gold Pearl Shadow

I was initially a bit hesitant to purchase this shade because I wasn’t sure how exactly it compared to the other Burberry neutrals I have in my arsenal. Turns out it’s quite different but it is also more sheer than other shades from their line.

Burberry Gold Pearl Shadow 2

It also has a fine shimmer shot throughout. You can see the shimmer particles in the photos above and below.

Burberry Gold Pearl Macro


Burberry Gold Pearl Swatch Comparisons

Swatches L-R: Burberry Pale Barley, Burberry Trench, Burberry Gold Trench, Burberry Gold Pearl, Burberry Porcelain

You can see that Gold Pearl is much more yellow in tone and much lighter than most of the other shades. It’s closest relative is Trench, but Trench is more neutral. As I said above, it’s more sheer then many of the other shades I have tried. It might be one best swatched in person if you can.

Burberry Sweet Pea Swatches

Burberry Pink Sweet Pea

The one gloss that captivated me from this release was Pink Sweet Pea. It’s a very unique color (look at that shimmer!) and it pairs well with the Hydrangea Blush. It leaves behind a nice stain on the lips long after the gloss has worn off. The formula is comfortable, not tacky or sticky. It wears off evenly, and can be built up or sheered down to your liking. It’s my favorite item from the collection!

Burberry Sweet Pea Swatch Comparisons

Swatches L-R: NARS Strawberry Fields, Burberry Pink Sweet Pea, NARS Easy Lover

When I pulled glosses to compare it to I really couldn’t find anything I had that was close. Strawberry Fields is much darker, and Easy Lover is lighter and much more sheer, but does contain a similar shimmer. But just LOOK at that color. It’s absolutely swoon-worthy, right?! It has a blue-ish shimmer that you can see in the sun and it’s perfection on the lips. My SA couldn’t confirm it, but I have heard that this shade is limited edition.

What spring collection have you admired the most so far? For me, I’d definitely say Burberry is at the very top.

Eeek! Fall is just around the corner and I’m finally able to say I’m looking forward to it. I love the summer- the hot days and long nights, the sun, swimming and everything in between. However, the fall is such a special time of year. The brisk air, the falling leaves…everything is just so magical. Including, and this is important, the makeup. That’s why since I first learned of these new shadows being released by Burberry months ago I was already excited for autumn to get here.

The two new shades are #23 Dark Sable and #24 Mulberry and both are gorgeous- though I’ll admit Mulberry steals the show.

Dark Sable


I’ve only just received these, but as you can see from my previous collection post on Burberry eyeshadows, I’m no stranger to their formula and their excellence. They are by far my favorite high end powder eyeshadow. The packaging and etching are the icing on the cake.

Swatches L-R: Burberry Taupe Brown, Burberry Dark Sable, Burberry Mulberry, Burberry Midnight Brown

I was struck by how close Dark Sable was to Taupe Brown. It’s definitely a bit warmer, more brown but I did not expect them to be this similar. That makes Mulberry stand out even more. There isn’t anything like it in the current Burberry line up. It’s a beautiful slightly burgundy brown with loads of dimension, just like Midnight brown. It’s autumnal perfection in pan form. If I could only choose one of the two new shades, it’d hands down be Mulberry.

They are both available online at Nordstrom right now. The shadows retail for $29/each.


Really, I am just going to cut right to the chase. Burberry is releasing something limited edition for a change (very unlike the brand as most everything they put out is introduced into their permanent range)…oh wow, look at me, rhyming and everything. *sigh*

Anyway, I wanted to share with you some quick pictures and swatches as it is hitting Burberry counters as we speak and (thanks to Xiao at Messy Wands for the heads up) it’s also available now on Nordstrom’s website.

It’s called Sheer Summer Glow and WOW is she gorgeous. Burberry usually packages their hefty metal cases into black velvet pouches all stitched with the signature Burberry print- but they threw in a surprise and made this one a sandy-beige. Very seasonally appropriate and a classy touch.

Feel free to pause here and stare. Really, I will wait. .  .  .  .  .   .    .      .      .

Ok (seriously, if you want to scroll up and stare again, I won’t judge) does this need any more explanation? If you have never tried Burberry it’s a good time to start. This powder is just as soft as the rest of the powders I have tried from their line. It’s weighty at 10g of product and it retails for $50- which I know is not cheap. But consider that the new Dior Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder is the same weight, but $5 more.

This powder also is shot through with a lovely sheen (not glitter or heavy shimmer), hence the whole “Glow” in the title. The four colors blend together nicely to create a beautiful and healthy summer glow.

The four shades (without flash)- I had a tough time picking up all the shades. In real life I can see that they are there but just now that the light two counteract the darker two in a highlight/contour kind of way. What I love is that Burberry made each shade big enough to be used on it’s own which rarely (if ever) happens. A+

L-R: Dior Aurora vs Burberry Summer Glow (Natural Light)

L-R: Dior Aurora vs Burberry Summer Glow (flash)

You can see the more pronounced glow coming from the Burberry product. You can also see that it’s more of a bronzer than Dior Aurora is. Aurora on me is really a blush. Summer Glow lives up to it’s name and gives the effect of a day in the sun without the skin cancer, wrinkles or regret.

I dusted this on my cheeks and temples just as soon as I was done swatching and I am enjoying the effect. I promise you will see this in a FOTD post very shortly, or, maybe even a video! 😉


17. 03. 2012

News! Well, not news actually since you have probably noticed that I haven’t been posting much lately. I tweeted the other day that I had some great material and lovely inspiration but l –l <—–that much ambition. It’s true that I’ve been incredibly busy at work, plenty of personal commitments and the weather has been super unseasonably wonderful. I think I’m also suffering the effects vacation-itis. Yes, if you’ve been following me on Twitter you know that I am leaving this week for my favorite place in the whole world (so far)…New Orleans. From now until whenever I am back and ready to post again you won’t be seeing much from me (at least on my blog). I do, however, have a lovely guest blogger coming in next week that many of you know, but some of you may not. She’s got some exciting things to share with you so look forward to that.

I said “acquisitions” didn’t I? Well then…here is a preview of some of the things I’ve got going right now 🙂

My first try of Paul & Joe

The legendary Lancôme Erika F…does it live up to the hype??? I also have a few other Lancôme goodies to share with you…some exciting things for eyes! 🙂

NARS & MAC!! Was lucky to have found the Mega Metal Shadows at my local CCO recently..Unflappable is finally mine! 🙂

Speaking of finally mine…I did manage to get my hands on my long coveted Estée Lauder Modern Mercury Gelee…and a few other more recently lusted after items.

Hair tutorial? Going to try and get one done for this 5 minute hair! (bare-faced! I have eye and lip products on but NOTHING on my skin…feels good too!). We’ve gotten a new video camera so I *might* even attempt to make this into a video!

We always save the best for last don’t we? Some new Burberry items! You can find my other Burberry posts by clicking here, here, here and here. Oh, and here. If you can’t tell, I’m *kind of* obsessed with the brand. 🙂 And that lipstick? Yeah, that was FREE. Yes, I mean $0.00!! I announced on Twitter two weeks ago that Burberry was doing a GWP (Gift With Purchase) at Nordstrom and did they deliver! Bummed you missed out? Make sure to follow me on Twitter because that’s where I announce this super-important-limited-time-offer stuff. 😉 That’s Gold Trench, Almond and Tangerine for those wondering. The lipstick? Well, you’ll soon find out.

I also have some great color-themes, another history of makeup lesson, some skincare, Dior and Chanel reviews and maybe even a MAC palettes post coming soon, but for now I bid you Adieu, Adios and all those other fare-thee-well vibes…I’m off to go eat.  🙂

One of the things I really adore about Burberry is that, unlike Chanel or Dior (and many others), they do not release gads and gads of new colors/products each season. They pick a select few things to add and to me, it makes the releases feel more special and unique. Plus, it’s easy to get many items in a line if you aren’t constantly trying to keep up with the 6 latest colors they released. Just my opinion of course. 😉

I had not really heard about Burberry’s spring 2012 releases until I saw Sabrina of The Beauty Look Book swatch the new eyeshadow they released (yes, just one shade!) and it looked too beautiful to pass up.

Pale Barley was just as gorgeous in person as it was in the pictures I saw online. I wondered as I first opened it what I might have that would be similar. Although I didn’t find a dupe, I decided to show you what it looks like to two other popular shades.

L-R: Chanel Safari, MAC Patina, Burberry Pale Burberry

Swatches L-R: MAC Patina, Burberry Pale Barley, Chanel Safari

Initially I thought that Patina looked pretty close in the pan, but when swatched it’s significantly more green and gold than the more light brown/gold Pale Barley. Safari is cooler and is more grey than Burberry. All three give off a similar sheen, though.

Wearing Pale Barley, blended over the entire lid (Burberry Porcelain as highlight), without flash.

Close up of Burberry Pale Barley. I love the sheen it gives my eyes, and it has such dimension too!

If you’ve not yet tried Burberry eyeshadows you should know that the texture is divine, so soft and velvety. I haven’t experienced fall out or creasing with any of the shades I have tried. You can see my review of 4 other shades here.

Have you tried anything from the Burberry line? I know it’s steep in price, but I highly recommend checking them out if you get the chance.