Hello! Remember me? Long-lost wayfaring beauty lover? If you follow me on Twitter I posted a few updates over the last two months about what has been going on with me. I have gone through several personal changes, not the least of which is a job (though not career) change and relocating to the Chicago area. It’s been fun living in a bigger city but it’s been incredibly time-consuming during the adjustment. I’m happier than I can ever remember being and look forward to the other exciting things this new chapter of my life will bring. I thought it would be incredibly scary moving to a big city and away from my lifelong friends and family, and I was right. However, I have a great support system so it’s made it a lot easier for me. I also appreciate everyone who has emailed, tweeted and messaged me the past two months. I cannot tell you how much it brightened my day when I saw that. What also surprised me was the amount of visits my site still received even without any new posts. I owe a huge thank you to all of you for sticking this out with me!

Anyway, consider this my “welcome home” entry. I included few photos below to show some upcoming posts. I will be easing back into this so don’t expect daily posts, but I am shooting for 5-6 posts a month at this point, more if I can. I also just received my Chanel Notorious today- I haven’t photographed or swatched it yet but I’m super pumped to feature it once I do. You can also expect a few Dior eyeshadow palettes, some of the Sephora Cinderella collection and a few other bits and bobs including perfume (which I have really been getting into the last 2-3 months). I’m also planning a favorites post that includes what I have really been using during my move/transition (hint-some *awesome* staple products I have discovered).

Thanks again for sticking it out with me and being patient. I’m happy to be back in a sense and look forward to not only post/interacting again, but reading all of the blogs I have missed so much!


17. 03. 2012

News! Well, not news actually since you have probably noticed that I haven’t been posting much lately. I tweeted the other day that I had some great material and lovely inspiration but l –l <—–that much ambition. It’s true that I’ve been incredibly busy at work, plenty of personal commitments and the weather has been super unseasonably wonderful. I think I’m also suffering the effects vacation-itis. Yes, if you’ve been following me on Twitter you know that I am leaving this week for my favorite place in the whole world (so far)…New Orleans. From now until whenever I am back and ready to post again you won’t be seeing much from me (at least on my blog). I do, however, have a lovely guest blogger coming in next week that many of you know, but some of you may not. She’s got some exciting things to share with you so look forward to that.

I said “acquisitions” didn’t I? Well then…here is a preview of some of the things I’ve got going right now 🙂

My first try of Paul & Joe

The legendary Lancôme Erika F…does it live up to the hype??? I also have a few other Lancôme goodies to share with you…some exciting things for eyes! 🙂

NARS & MAC!! Was lucky to have found the Mega Metal Shadows at my local CCO recently..Unflappable is finally mine! 🙂

Speaking of finally mine…I did manage to get my hands on my long coveted Estée Lauder Modern Mercury Gelee…and a few other more recently lusted after items.

Hair tutorial? Going to try and get one done for this 5 minute hair! (bare-faced! I have eye and lip products on but NOTHING on my skin…feels good too!). We’ve gotten a new video camera so I *might* even attempt to make this into a video!

We always save the best for last don’t we? Some new Burberry items! You can find my other Burberry posts by clicking here, here, here and here. Oh, and here. If you can’t tell, I’m *kind of* obsessed with the brand. 🙂 And that lipstick? Yeah, that was FREE. Yes, I mean $0.00!! I announced on Twitter two weeks ago that Burberry was doing a GWP (Gift With Purchase) at Nordstrom and did they deliver! Bummed you missed out? Make sure to follow me on Twitter because that’s where I announce this super-important-limited-time-offer stuff. 😉 That’s Gold Trench, Almond and Tangerine for those wondering. The lipstick? Well, you’ll soon find out.

I also have some great color-themes, another history of makeup lesson, some skincare, Dior and Chanel reviews and maybe even a MAC palettes post coming soon, but for now I bid you Adieu, Adios and all those other fare-thee-well vibes…I’m off to go eat.  🙂

29. 12. 2011

I promised I would do a haul post of my birthday goodies, and so…here we are! My birthday was just about two weeks ago (flew right by) and I ended up spoiling myself quite well, indeed. This can also be considered a preview of what’s on the horizon; I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Ulta had sent out a 20% off coupon sometime in early-mid December, which I used to pick up some bareMinerals goodies I had my eye on. I am very pleased with all of these items so far. I had already tried one of the duos before (the Showstopper duo) and enjoyed it so much I knew I had to try more of the shades.

Zoya had an amazing flash sale and I finally decided to try the Anchor and Armor base and top coats, which I already love. I finally found my dream base and top coat! It made my previous manicure last longer than any other ones I have tried. I plan to buy the full sizes when these run out. It came with a mini of the Hurry Up dry drops and Remove+. I am undecided on both of those so far. I also bought the last two Zoya polishes I had on my wishlist, Charla and Ivanka. I imagine both will be stunning this summer.

Also while at Ulta I found the new Revlon nail polish displays. I picked up Whimsical to compare it to Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air (post coming soon) and a few others.

And, more nail polish. Two shades from the OPI and Nicki Minaj collection and a shade I have had my eye on for a long time, Jade is the New Black. All three are stunning.

And a little bit more of a splurge. My very first taste of Chantecaille. This palette is stunning, I have had it for three weeks and have still managed not to touch it. I really should though, it seems a waste to let it sit there. I also decided on another Burberry shadow, Taupe Brown. My first try of Giorgio Armani blush, this is shade #3, a shimmery peach.

Another first, my very first try of Cle de Peau. This is the Extra Silky lipstick #127 (KarlaSugar has swatches here), and it’s as divine as everyone says. Again, this is a total splurge item and a special occasion purchase because of the very steep price. Full review will be forthcoming.

I have tried the Dior Addict lipstick formula, but this was my first time trying their regular formula. I have three ladies to thank for convincing me I needed this shade (Xiao from Messy Wands, Paris from My Woman Stuff and Larie from Eye Heart It). Incidentally, that’s all the proof you need that the Lipstick Bandits do their job well! 😉

My parents surprised me with a new bag, and I love it! The lavender inside is just gorgeous!

I was stunned when I opened my present! I love my mom and dad! <3

The boy also upped the ante this year with the MK watch I wanted! It’s beautiful, and I have worn it every day. 🙂 This is the gold oversized runway watch.

And finally…

My free gift from Sephora and a Physicians Formula gel eyeliner set (it was 75% off at CVS, I couldn’t resist!)

I hope you enjoyed this haul, and look for these reviews in the near future 🙂

04. 02. 2011

CCO Haul!

Hello again! Here is another mini haul from my latest trek out to CCO. I have been wanting this Platinum Pink Shimmer Brick from Bobbi Brown since I swatched it at the CCO months ago. Finally broke down and snagged it up. Review and swatches coming soon. I also found an eyeshadow that I think has been discontinued because I couldn’t find it on MAC’s website when I went to order purples a few weeks ago, and that is the white-looking shade called Vellum. I also ended up picking up my very first pigment, Melon. Lastly, in scouring the MAC lipsticks I  found the non-Wonder Woman version of Marquise D’, which I wasn’t looking for but was happy to have found! I really liked that color when I had seen it swatched but despised the WW packaging (sorry if you like it, it’s a personal preference thing!).

Here are swatches of the MAC items I snagged:

Marquise D' lipstick, Melon Pigment, Vellum Eyeshadow

I am liking everything so far. Vellum is so unique. It shines purple/pink/white depending on the light. It is soft, and buildable but I was a little disappointed in the pigmentation. Melon pigment was not a surprise to me, I have swatched this before but I don’t generally like pigments and loose shadows so I tend to stay away from them. Melon is such a beautiful bronzey-gold-rose shade. It is like the loose shadow version of Rubenesque Paint Pot. Marquise D’ lipstick goes on smooth and is a very neutral shade that I imagine will go with many skintones and match any look. It has a slight shimmer to it as well.

I have never been disappointed with the items I have been able to find at any CCO I have been to. Have you ever stopped in one? What discontinued or limited edition items were you able to find?

I will be swatching and reviewing these items in upcoming posts. The items I purchased:

– NYX Blush in Raisin (Michele1218 recommended this blush and I love it!)

– NYX lipsticks in Fig and Rose (as seen swatched by Tiffany on WillWorkForMakeup)

– NYX Glitter Cream Eye Palettes in Sweet Chocolate Browns and Royal Violets

– Milani Dressmaker nail polish

– Lip Balm- came free in my shipment–thanks Cherry Culture!

But for this post, I will show you the NYX Raisin blush. When I first saw it in the packaging it looked similar to NARS Douceur. Upon further investigation it is different, but both are more subdued. Take a look:

NARS Douceur and NYX Raisin

NARS Douceur (L) and NYX Raisin (R)

They look more similar in the pan than when they are swatched on the skin. Doesn’t everything seem to go that way? Anyhow, I really enjoy this NYX color. I wore it today and it looks so natural and is one of the easiest blushes to blend that I own, seriously. What do you think? Which of these blushes would you wear? I definitely enjoy the NYX price better at about $4 compared to the $26 you will pay for a NARS blush!