MAC recently released their new Spring collection entitled Fantasy of Flowers. As soon as I read the color story I knew I would be picking up a few things from this collection. I mean, this is Bloomin’ Beauty, after all. A collection all about flowers was pretty much meant for me.

Although the collection was chock full of Mineralize Eyeshadows (I don’t care for those) and a few Mineralize blushes, my main focus was the lipsticks- Lustre formulas. They are one of my most favorite lipstick textures. I also picked up one of the new fluidlines, a repromoted Mineralize Skinfinish and a repromoted cremesheen gloss in Galaxy Rose. I had already owned this shade but I’ve sadly misplaced it. You can see my original review of that here.

MAC Phlox Garden

MAC Phlox Garden

MAC Phlox Garden Swatch

MAC Phlox Garden

I’ve been pretty obsessed with purples lately. It’s no surprise I wanted to have a nice purple gel liner in my collection. This one has a bit of pink to it which makes it quite… Radiant Orchid. Perfection.

MAC Rose Lily Lipstick

MAC Rose Lily Lipstick

MAC Snapdragon Lipstick

MAC Snapdragon

MAC Snapdragon Dupe

Swatches L-R: (all MAC) Courting Lilac, Syrup, Snapdragon, Playtime, Sweetie, Pink Pearl Pop, Snapdragon, Pink Popcorn, Rose Lily, Lovelorn

I didn’t really have another MAC lipstick that compared to Rose Lily. It’s quite a light pink shade and although I like it, I haven’t been drawn to those shades in the past.

Snapdragon was closest to Pink Popcorn (which was limited edition). Playtime was quite a bit more intense and more purple. Snapdragon shifts color depending on how the light hits it. It really is stunning.

MAC Heavenly Hybrid Lipstick

MAC Heavenly Hybrid

MAC Heavenly Hybrid Dupe

Swatches L-R: (All MAC) Rebel, Craving, Daddy’s Little Girl, Feel My Pulse, Heavenly Hybrid, Lustering, Girl About Town

Heavenly Hybrid is a gorgeous berry with a wearable purple tone. None of the other shades I had really came close. They are either too bright or too intense to give the same effect. Heavenly Hybrid is one of the most flattering shades I have picked up!

EDIT: I have added a swatch of Heavenly Hybrid vs MAC Plumful:

MAC Heavenly Hybrid vs Plumful

L-R: Heavenly Hybrid vs Plumful

Heavenly Hybrid is more purple than Plumful and although the two are similar, they are not quite the same.

MAC Fleur d Coral Lipstick

MAC Fleur d’ Coral

MAC Fleur d Coral Lipstick Dupe

Swatches L-R: (All MAC) Jazzed, Pleasureseeker, Sweet & Sour, Fleur d’ Coral, Altered Beige, Marquise D’, Creme d’ Nude

I thought Fleur d’ Coral would be easier to dupe. It turns out I must be lacking in peachy-nude shades from MAC! Jazzed and Sweet & Sour are much more coral in tone. Creme d’ Nude and Altered Beige are much lighter.

MAC Dreaming Dahlia Lipstick

MAC Dreaming Dahlia

MAC Dreaming Dahlia Dupe

Swatches L-R: (All MAC) Vegas Volt, Hibiscus, Fresh Salmon, See Sheer, Viva Glam Cyndi, Dreaming Dahlia, Razzledazzler, Sushi Kiss, Ever Hip, Cut A Caper, Flamingo, Reel Sexy

I wasn’t going to get Dreaming Dahlia because I thought it was going to be much more orange-red than it actually is. As it turns out, it’s a lovely muted coral. A must have for a coral-obsessed person like me. The closest shade to Dreaming Dahlia is Hibiscus, but it’s more pigmented, more intense. If Hibiscus were sheer, it would look incredibly similar to Dreaming Dahlia. The shades to the right of Dreaming Dahlia are much lighter and more peach.

MAC Perfect Topping

MAC Perfect Topping

It’s unfortunate but it appears as though MAC has changed the two repromoted MSFs in this collection. Most of the pictures of the “new” Perfect Topping have had very little lavender veining. I was lucky enough to have a significant amount in mine and so the color is different for me. MAC also appears to have changed Stereo Rose. The one I have from the In the Groove collection is much more coral than the one released here. If MAC cannot replicate the shade or wants to change it, they really ought to name it something else as I really feel it misleads eager MAC collectors and makeup lovers alike.

MAC Perfect Topping Comparisons

Comparisons (Clockwise from bottom left, all MAC): Star Wonder, Perfect Topping, Refined, Redhead, Porcelain Pink, Rio

MAC Perfect Topping Dupe 1

Swatches L-R: Star Wonder, Rio, Redhead, Perfect Topping, Refined, Porcelain Pink

MAC Perfect Topping Dupe 2

Swatches L-R: (slightly different lighting) Star Wonder, Rio, Redhead, Perfect Topping, Refined, Porcelain Pink

I was actually quite happy and impressed with both the color and texture of Perfect Topping. I don’t know how the original version of this is, but I know that I like the one I purchased here. I was also reminded of how chunky Porcelain Pink is. Refined has the best texture of all of them. Anyone remember this shade?!

I have to say the lipsticks really won me over here, but I knew they would. MAC lipsticks rarely disappoint. I’m not fond of the Mineralize collections because I think MAC has a long, long way to go to improve that formula. The lipsticks and fluidline were all on point. Perfect Topping surprised me and I am glad to (once again) own Galaxy Rose.

9 responses to “MAC Fantasy of Flowers: Swatches and Comparisons!”

  1. I’m really excited for the Fluidlines and I think I’ll probably pick up a couple of the lipsticks as well. I’ve got my eye on Heavenly Hybrid for sure. Thanks for all the comparison swatches too!

  2. Lau says:

    I orded the same lipsticks as you. No matter how many times I tell myself I have enough Mac lipsticks, I still cave. I love you’re swatches so you make me all giddy to receive my lippies in the mail:) btw apparently, RS comes closest to Raspberry Swirl and HH to Plumful:) I’m so ready for Spring to arrive:)

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks Lau! I don’t own Raspberry Swirl but I did pull out Plumful and swatched it along side of Heavenly Hybrid. It’s kind of close, but HH is definitely more purple. Thanks for the tip! I hope you enjoy the lippies as much as I do!

  3. Kadie Lee says:

    Your comparisons are SUPER helpful!

  4. karen says:

    great review and pics! I picked up snapdragon, heavenly hybrid, and rose lily!! i’m in love!! 🙂

  5. Miss Louise says:

    love the look of that orchid eyeliner! I think they came out with a pretty nice collection! 🙂
    (it’s the mineral collections that hurt my wallet! haha)

  6. Latoya says:

    Urgh, I have a hankering to pick something (or a few somethings) up from this collection, but unless I get to a store sometime soon then I will probably miss it all! Not that the stores are necessarily that hard to get to…but without a car it means that if I am really lazy then I just won’t bother, and I’ll miss all the goodies. It’s actually my usual plan to avoid buying any more stuff LOL

    Great comparison swatches though, Danielle! If I get off my butt they’ll be super-helpful haha

  7. Oh my, so much eye candy again! Thank you for all the swatches and comparisons. Dreaming Dahlia looks like my kind of color. I definitely hope to get some stuff from this collection soon.

  8. Carina says:

    thank you for all these swatches! it helps a lot to be able to compare the colors 🙂 I follow you now with bloglovin 🙂

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