The last time I visited Target one of the sales associates mentioned their new app called Cartwheel. She mentioned that I could use the app (which is free to download for iPhone and Droid users and can also be used on your desktop, tablet or mobile web) to find deals on any item in the store. Sounds awesome to me! So when I was approached to write about my experience with the app and share that with all of you I had to join in! I used my login that I had already established on, but you can also login with Facebook. If you choose to use the app with Facebook you can adjust your privacy settings so you don’t feel guilty of the perpetual overshare. Anyway, here’s how it looks: Target Cartwheel App 1 As I said, I logged in with my current Target account. Target Carwheel App 2 You can find offers on any products carried at Target by either searching or scanning a bar code while you are in the store. That’s pretty convenient! All I have to do is press a button to make sure I’m getting the best deal? Count me in. You can use Cartwheel discounts WITH your other manufacturer and Target coupons. That means, yes, they are allowing you to STACK your deals. You aren’t missing out on anything or having to fore go other offers. You can also use offers multiple times until it expires. There is a limit of 4 items per offer, per transaction and 6 Cartwheel scans per day. That means you could use the same offer 6 times in one day or continue using it whenever you want to until the offer expires. Target Cartwheel App 3 I did a quick search for beauty items (because, well, that’s my thing) and found several current offers for Revlon products. I added the Colorburst lip offer to my list. You start out with 10 spots (or 10 offers). There is a badge system by which you can earn extra spots. There are benchmarks for how much money you have saved using the app ($10, $25, $50, etc.) and a social sharing component. For each badge you earn you gain another offer spot. It’s a fun way to keep track of your savings and rewards you for sharing offers with your friends. I’m excited to use the app more and to see how my much I will save by using it for a few months. No more missing out on good deals for me! You can find out more about the Target Cartwheel app by visiting the website here. To start you off on your Target shopping and Cartwheel quest, a chance to win a $1,000 Target GiftCard®. Leave a comment below telling me if you’ve used the Cartwheel app and the best offer you’ve gotten so far. Good Luck! 


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90 responses to “Introducing the Target Cartwheel App”

  1. Anna Pry says:

    haven’t had a chance to use it yet but i have downloaded it

  2. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

  3. tweet–

  4. Elena says:

    I have not used it yet

    elena150980 at yahoo dot com

  5. I’ve used it! The best deal I’ve used was on C9 running clothes. 🙂

  6. Brianna says:

    I’ve been using Cartwheel for months now and saved $50 already! The best deal I got was $8 off a pair of boots! 🙂

  7. Nice app. And what a giveaway, wowies!

  8. Lisa Brown says:

    I have not used the app yet; I won’t be at Target for a few weeks yet, will try it out then.

  9. Allison Downes says:

    I have not used this app yet, but I am planning on downloading it and giving it a try!

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway!


  10. Allison Downes says:

    I tweeted:


  11. Kiara says:

    I haven’t used the app yet.

  12. Tammi Velez says:

    I haven’t used it yet. I am excited to prepare for my next shopping trip, though!

  13. D Schmidt says:

    I have been using the app and my best saving so far was 50% off a Leappad Ultra!

  14. Natalie says:

    I use cartwheel all the time and once saved 2 dollars on mac and cheese and cereal.

  15. Whitney Lindeman says:

    To be honest, I only used it once and then kind of forgot about it. I can’t wait to get started again, though!

  16. Stephanie V. says:

    Haven’t used yet but now that I know about it – will use for sure!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  17. Love Cartwheel! The search feature is awesome. I use coupons all the time, and it saves our family lots of money. I like using it on clothes, baby things, groceries- everything! If I won, I’d love to buy furniture/home decor.


  18. HilLesha says:

    I have never tried it before, but thank you for bringing it to my attention! I’ll definitely check it out. 🙂

  19. Kim Ripley says:

    I have used the app to save money on clothes for my family.

  20. Annie says:

    I love shopping at Target and this is a great giveaway.

  21. Tamar says:

    Never used it before. Just learned about it. Looks great!

  22. I haven’t used the app yet because I’m just hearing about it. I hope to try it soon.

  23. Tracy L Davis says:

    I have not yet used the app. Can’t wait to use it.

  24. Kristi says:

    As a regular Target shopper this definitely sounds interesting. I’ve just downloaded the app and have started playing around with it.

  25. Janice Cooper says:

    I’ve never used the app, but would love to download it and try. I like the fact it has over 700 offers.

  26. channynn says:

    I read about this app a few days ago and downloaded it! Haven’t been to Target yet but looking forward to using it!

  27. Kathe says:

    I haven’t used it yet. Target is 40 minutes away so once a month trip

  28. Denise S says:

    I love finding home decor items at Target.
    lazybones344 at gmail dot com

  29. Dwayne Berry says:

    I have not tried Cartwheel

  30. Crystal F says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of it but will be looking into it. Thank you!

  31. Lorena Keech says:

    I only learned about it a few days ago so I have not used it yet.

  32. Terry says:

    I did download it but have yet to use it.

  33. DESIREE H says:

    I have downloaded the app, but have not used it. I will though, next time I am at Target this week.

  34. Cathy Truman says:

    I have not tried it yet but I will be trying it.

  35. Cathy Truman says:

    I have not used it but would like to

  36. Christina Marie says:

    No, I haven’t used the Cartwheel app yet. Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. Anastasia says:

    I have never used it, but it sounds like something right up my alley 🙂 Anything that helps me save and does it quick and easy is something I am dying to try! 🙂

  38. msrodeobrat says:

    I have not used the app yet, but I will definitely be downloading it for a trip this week!

  39. I haven’t used it in store to save

  40. Sarah Hirsch says:

    i have not used it yet, but it sounds like a great way to save money

  41. joni says:

    I have not use this app but it looks like everyone loves it.

  42. I haven’t used it but I will now! 🙂

  43. Lauren-Olivia Wood says:

    I’ve never used the Cartwheel App.

  44. Rosanne says:

    I haven’t used the app yet. Just got a Smartphone

  45. I could use the 20% off bedding discount!

  46. MichelleS says:

    Yes, the 5% off Ground Beef! I use it whenever it appears.

  47. Jenni Carlisle says:

    I’ve used it since it debuted and have saved a ton. I think the most I saved was around $10.

  48. I haven’t used the app yet but tomorrow I’m planning on going to Target so I’ll test it out then!

  49. I haven’t used it yet but I want to!

  50. coriwestphal says:

    I’ve downloaded it, but I haven’t really used it yet…I just played around with it!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  51. Kerry says:

    I haven’t used it yet, but I really want to try it!

  52. rachel says:

    I have! I got 30% off on some cleaning products, if I remember right.

  53. Becca says:

    I haven’t used it yet but I hope to get some good deals on groceries!

  54. sandra says:

    like the Mossimo Supply Co. Yoga Pants

  55. Betty Baez says:

    I got 25% off toys!

  56. raggammuffin says:

    i use the cartwheel app every time i shop at target…mostly on groceries.

  57. Daniel M says:

    haven’t tried it yet looks very interesting

  58. Heather says:

    Haven’t used it yet. I’m excited to use it to save money on my next trip though!

  59. RICHARD HICKS says:

    I have not used it yet, but look forward to coupons on pet supplies

  60. Sonya Morris says:

    I have not used it yet but I will on my next trip!

  61. jessica says:

    Can’t wait to use cartwheel on my next trip to target

  62. clynsg says:

    Haven’t used it, actually had never heard of it before seeing this.

  63. Barb Stenby says:

    I haven’t tried this App yet but I hope it starts saving me lots of cash!

  64. tina reynolds says:

    I used it this past weekend scanning everything in the cart it was so easy and at least half of what I scanned had discounts

  65. Lisa Pecora says:

    I have not used it but I buy food sometimes at Target so I will check it out!

  66. Mihaela Day says:

    I haven’t had a chance to use it yet 🙂

  67. Rosey says:

    I haven’t gotten a best offer so far because I haven’t used it, having just heard about it today. It does sound interesting though!

  68. Gianna says:

    I’ve never used it before. I don’t have a cell phone.

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