Radiant Orchid: Paint Yourself Purple with Pantone's Color of the Year
Radiant Orchid: Paint Yourself Purple with Pantone’s Color of the Year by bloominbeauty featuring a benefit blush

Count me totally stoked at the announcement of 2014’s color of the year: Radiant Orchid. I have been obsessing over lavender-hued lips and cheeks since earlier this summer and perhaps it’s no coincidence knowing that this was the planned upcoming color.

Above I’ve selected various shades of appropriately orchid proportion. I’ve just ordered Benefit’s latest lip and cheek tint, Lollitint and I’m very excited to give that a whirl. I picked up the Buxom lip cream in Lavender Cosmo earlier this year and I’ve loved it. I also bought the Bite lip pencil in Violet and it’s so super saturated- it’s amazing. I picked up Hervana in store this past weekend thinking that it was about time that I got around to trying it and I’m hoping it’s going to pair well with Lollitint.

Laura Mercier has a beautiful caviar stick in Orchid that is still on my wishlist. Too Faced is coming out with new shades of a favorite lipstick of mine (La Creme) called Lollipop and it looks promising. I just swatched Givenchy It-Girl Purple blush in Sephora this weekend and it took everything in me not to grab it that very second. I imagine this will be mine in the near future.

For nails Zoya Charisma and Essie Play Date stood out as gentle, creamy ways to wear the trend if you aren’t into the bolder lipstick or blush variety.

What do you say? Is Radiant Orchid up your alley or all wrong for your coloring? I personally like it better than Emerald and Tangerine Tango from the past two years. I think it’s just girly and fun and oh so sweet.

3 responses to “Radiant Orchid: Paint Yourself Purple with Pantone’s Color of the Year”

  1. Kate Flint says:

    I just recently dyed my hair lilac! Score! Not quite orchid, but it will do πŸ™‚ I haven’t seen the new lollitint by Benefit yet, how exciting πŸ˜€

    Kate Xx

  2. Sarah S. says:

    This is so up my alley! I got a shirt earlier this year in this color and have been obsessed with stuff this color ever since. I even picked out a new pair of glasses with this color accent, so I know these choices for Color of the Year must have wormed their way into our collective subconscious, LOL. That Too Faced lipstick will DEFINITELY be mine ^.^ can’t wait to see your picks and comparisons in action, Danielle!

  3. Miss Louise says:

    I love those too faced lippies! I’ll have to check out their new shades! The new benefit tint is really exciting!!

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