Once I decide I like something, and I mean really like something, I tend to go all in. I have a no-holds barred approach when it comes to different makeup brands and NARS is no exception to this obsession. It’s high time, then, that I did a collection post. You know, the one where I show you my NARS blushes.

You’ll see swatches, of course. But you will also learn about the ones I love, the ones I don’t and what I have my eye on next.

NARS Blush Collection 3

L-R: Exhibit A, Taos, Liberte, Taj Mahal

Blush is one of my most favorite items to buy collect hoard. As NARS is pretty well-known for their blushing beauties, it’s not surprising that I have amassed a nice collection of them.

NARS Blush Swatches 3

L-R: Taos, Exhibit A, Liberte, Taj Mahal

Taos was a shade I envied after seeing it in a blog post but I no longer remember the original inspiration. It was a few years ago so I’ll forgive myself. Suffice it to say that it is quite bright, incredibly pigmented and shot through with a fine shimmer. It’s very pretty and can make a great natural flush.

Exhibit A is a shade that you see in the pan, freak out a little and either become obsessed with or completely uninterested in. Let’s say I started out in group A and now find myself in group B. I rarely reach for this shade. It’s not that it isn’t beautiful or totally smooth and densely pigmented (because it is all of those things) it’s just not a shade I find myself wearing daily, weekly or even monthly. It’s nice to have, but not a must for me.

Liberte is another blush I was disappointed with. I did my original review here and my opinion hasn’t changed. If you don’t already have a similar shade, it might be worth looking at. But NARS has another blush- Gilda- that’s very similar and the quality of the formula is better. This is a skip for me.

Taj Mahal like Exhibit A is one of NARS iconic shades. It’s crazy looking in the pan, and no doubt scares away many a prospective purchaser. But on the cheeks it turns into something much more lovely and glowing. It’s also great when mixed with other shades, like I show here. Definitely put this on your list if you haven’t already.

NARS Blush Collection 1

(Above and below) L-R: Mounia, Outlaw, Dolce Vita, Oasis, Sin, Mata Hari, Desire

NARS Blush Swatches 1

Mounia was sadly (and inexplicably) discontinued some time ago. It’s a highly pigmented blush. I recommend a very light hand (or the NARS Yachiyo brush- which does amazing things with pigmented blushes). It borders between berry and red and has shimmer. It’s silky smooth. Worth having if you ever see it or if it gets repromoted.

Outlaw actually disappointed me a little. It was a previously discontinued shade that got brought back last year. It’s a nice color- a berry pink with a sheen. It looks nice on the cheeks but it’s not quite as silky smooth as other NARS blushes are. If you love the color, I’ve done a comparison post here showing other blushes that might do a better job.

Dolce Vita is a classic shade that everyone needs to have. I recently did a post on the entire Dolce Vita line from NARS here. I don’t need to say anything further. 🙂

Oasis is a blush I don’t hear about as often. It’s a pinky plum shade that is a fresh take on a neutral blush for fall. Truthfully it was my love for the Oasis lipgloss that pushed me to purchase this shade a year or two ago. I still love them both.

Sin is one of NARS most well known shades. It’s a moody plum shade that seems look good on everyone. It has sparkle in the pan but don’t let that scare you. Most of it never appears on cheeks.

Mata Hari is a total under-the-radar shade that you need to know about. It’s one of my most-used blushes from the NARS line and actually a fall staple for me. It’s pigmented but not overly so and it’s matte. It has that smooth formula I’ve come to expect from NARS.

Desire is another must have from the range. It’s bright, but not unwearable. It’s my ideal shade of pink and looks especially great when I’m rocking a tan. No matter the weather or season, I always look more perky when I’ve swept this matte blusher onto my cheeks.

NARS Blush Collection 2

L-R: Amour, Deep Throat, Lovejoy, Gilda, Boys Don’t Cry, Luster, Madly, Douceur

NARS Blush Swatches 2

L-R: Boys Don’t Cry, Gilda, Amour, Deep Throat, Lovejoy, Luster, Madly, Douceur

Boys Don’t Cry was a limited edition blush from the Pierre Hardy collection that was released earlier this year. You can see my original review and comparison swatches here. It’s a beautiful and bright shade that NARS should really add to their permanent line. They don’t offer another shade like it! Get it, if you still can.

Gilda was a shade I couldn’t decide on at first. I was torn between it and it’s close relative Gina. Gina is more orange while Gilda has more pink. That’s what ultimately swung my vote. Both of them were silky, smooth and pigmented to perfection. Worth it!

Amour is a shade I had largely overlooked until I saw Christine from Temptalia feature it here and then it was love…or was it Amour. It’s like someone took all most of the peach out of Gilda and this is what was left. It’s very pretty and easy to use. I’d add this to your list if you’re a pinky coral fan.

Deep Throat is…sigh one of “those” blushes. You know, with the cheeky name that’s meant to be illicit but really just sounds cheap. I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but my future sister-in-law and I agree: NARS makes products that we need to “black” out the names on lest prying eyes ever get a hold of it. Despite it’s name, it’s gorgeous. One of the easiest to wear that NARS makes. It’s a peachy pink with a hint of golden shimmer. Try it, and you’ll fall in love.

Lovejoy is a newer one to my collection. Again, inspired by Temptalia in her post here. It’s an ideal transition shade for me. The bronze tones help me hold onto the last bits of my summer tan while the gentle rose tone evokes the chill of the Autumn air on the way. I’m officially calling this my go-to fall blush.

Luster was a shade I got around or at the same time as it’s cousin Madly. Both have a similar brown/nude hue but each of them looks different on me. Luster pulls golden peach and has a fine shimmer shot throughout. It’s beautiful and more a of a summer staple than anything for me.

Madly is my favorite of the two. It isn’t as shimmery as Luster and is much more nude looking. Some find it too muddy, but for me it’s just right. It’s one of my most-reached for blushes of all time….not just of the NARS brand.

Douceur is Madly’s pinker, matte cousin and was my very first NARS blush. It’s lighter on pigmentation and that’s what makes it easy to reach for again and again. It’s the kind of blush you can wear when you don’t know what to use. It’s the perfect makeup wing-man.

I hope you enjoyed this stroll through my NARS blush collection. I know they are releasing some palettes (undecided if I’ll be partaking in those) and new single shades soon- which I’m sure will end up finding a home in my blush drawers. From their permanent line I still have my eye on Torrid. And I really wish they’d repromote Crazed (a gorgeous bright raspberry).

What do you think of NARS blushes? Any must-haves I’ve missed?

13 responses to “NARS: All About Blushes”

  1. Lady says:

    fantastic collection!!! need to bookmark this for swatch references!! btw you and tiff i really need to post one of these too! im kinda surprised Doucer was your first NARs blush as it’s not a very old color, and in comparison to all the brights in the line. I was surprised Orgasm was not there, it was my first bc everyone told me (media) that it was the one to have LOL

  2. Bellyhead says:

    Wow, Danielle! This post is a true thing of beauty and like Lady above mentioned going to be saved for reference. Amazing!

  3. 10amBeauty says:

    Love this post! I haven’t thought to wear it for fall as I found it a perfect spring blush, but now I need to see what to pair it with. I’m definitely in love with Madly and still thank you for the rec!

  4. Latoya says:

    Yea…you kind of need Torrid! Great shade. Of all my blushes, NARS and Illamasqua are the largest number in my collection. I only have 6 NARS shades [Sin, Desire, Taj Mahal, Torrid, Boys Don’t Cry, and Turkish Red (discontinued)] but I think it’s a well-rounded group! I’d like to add a few of the more subtle shades like Luster and Douceur, and you’ve definitely sold me on Dolce Vita! This is another one of your excellent swatch and comparison posts, thank you my dear! 🙂

  5. What a collection! I’m eyeing Amour and Desire now. Thanks for all the shade reference. It’s very useful 🙂

  6. Jessy says:

    Thanks for doing this post…bookmarking it for future purchase reference. LOL
    I have my eyes on Exhibit A, Dolce Vita, Gilda, Amour, Taos and now adding Taj Mahal to my list!

  7. glambunctious says:

    Thank you so much for this amazing post! The swatches were great, but your feedback on each one was fantastic! You’re awesome! 😀

  8. Coco says:

    Exhibit A and Desire are just stunning! Your collection is amazing x

  9. Kate says:

    Great collection! You remind me that I really need to get Mata Hari and Desire. I can’t believe that I don’t have any pink Nars blushes, considering they’re my favourites. You’ve definitely inspired me to add a few more shades to my wish list. (Excellent swatches too!)

  10. Oh wow! You have an awesome collection. I don’t have a NARS blush yet but I intend to buy one soon! As a first blush, what would you recommend?

    • Danielle says:

      Depending on your skin tone…. if you’re fair I’d start with Douceur. If you’re a medium skin tone I’d start with Mata Hari, and if you’re deep I’d start with Desire. 🙂

  11. Laura says:

    Love your blog sweeties, great post. I’ve been meaning to try Nars as a brand for a while now. Lovejoy is so pretty! Might have to see where they sell it near me. Happy New Year xx
    Heroine In Heels

  12. Kaikeline says:

    SO nice to see a NARS blush review without Orgasm in the mix. In my opinion, it’s over rated. I bought it because everyone raved about it and I’ve only ever worn it once due to the ridiculous shimmer in it. I recently bought Douceur and Mata Hari which are both great but I’m wanting more shades and your post/swatches have really helped me – thank you!

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