It’s that time again! MAC has released another collection. I wasn’t paying much attention to it, really but then I saw a few swatches floating around the internet and I had to check it out. Some of the items have sold out on MAC’s website, but it launches in store this Thursday and is available from other retailers (Macy’s, Nordstrom).

Here is what I picked up:

MAC Feed the Senses Lipstick

MAC Feed the Senses

MAC Smash Hit Lipstick

MAC Smash Hit

I ordered these lipsticks for two different reasons: Feed the Senses seemed like something I would wear all the time and Smash Hit seemed like something very unique to my collection that would be fun to have if an occasion to use it appeared… and I am sure it will. Often. 😉 I haven’t swatched either of these yet but I figured some up close photos might help for those who want to see what the tube looks like.

MAC Gilt Gourmet Fluidline

MAC Gilt Gourmet Fluidline

MAC Deliciously Rich Fluidline

MAC Deliciously Rich Fluidline

I bought both of these for the same reason others will skip them completely- the shimmer factor! I have purchased other Fluidlines that boast an incredible sparkle and when the light hits them they are absolutely gorgeous. I enjoy the Fluidline formula (it’s one of the only gel liners I use these days). Again, I haven’t swatched these yet but look for comparisons in the near future. In the pots they have such dimension!

MAC Gilty Morsel

MAC Gilty Morsel

MAC Sex and the Oyster

MAC Sex & the Oyster

I try to choose shadows that are either very unique and complex or something I will use a lot (or in a perfect world-BOTH). Gilty Morsel is a Lustre finish which can spell problems for fall out. I’ve not yet tried to apply this to my lids but when I do I will be applying my eyes first, and then the rest of my face as I am sure fall out will be a concern. Sex & the Oyster has a wonderful finish and formula. It’s simply lovely.

Swatches done dry, without primer:

MAC Indulge Swatch Comparisons

Swatches L-R (all MAC): Parisian Skies, Sex & the Oyster, Silverthorn, Arctic Grey, Retrospeck, Nylon, Gilty Morsel, Barefoot, Bare My Soul

Unfortunately all of my potential MAC “dupes” for Sex & the Oyster are limited edition items. Silverthorn immediately came to mind as a possible dupe because of it’s blue tones but it is much lighter and much more silver. Parisian Skies has a similar undertone but is completely different in finish and texture. It lacks the pearly, multi-dimensional shimmer of Sex & the Oyster and is much drier. Arctic Grey is much, much lighter and far less blue. The closest I could find to Gilty Morsel was another Lustre finish and does happen to be permanent- Retrospeck. It is cooler-toned, less yellow but Retrospeck has a better formula. Barefoot and Bare My Soul were limited edition and are much darker.

MAC Eat Love

MAC Eat, Love

MAC Beluga

MAC Beluga

MAC Divine Decadence

MAC Divine Decadence

These shades are actually quite unique to my current line up and especially to MAC. I liked the formulas, though Eat, Love and Beluga are slightly drier in texture.

Swatches done dry, without primer:

MAC Indulge Swatch Comparisons 2

Swatches L-R (all MAC): Eat, Love, Femme Noir, Typographic, Beluga, Carbonized, Divine Decadence, Bronze, Glamour Check, Friendly

The closest I could find to Eat, Love (with that name I had to order it, and the shade sealed the deal) was Femme Noir (discontinued shade). Eat, Love has a hidden shimmer that comes out when the light hits just right. It’s an interesting combo of deep green and hints of blue. I had no close matches for Beluga but I included Typographic so you can gauge/reference the tones. Beluga is a stunning shade, really. I pulled out what I suspected might be similar to Divine Decadence but again came up empty handed in terms of a dupe. Bronze is the closest, but is significantly lighter, less brown. The formula on Divine Decadence is perfection. Carbonized, Glamour Check and Friendly are all limited edition shades and don’t really come that close.

What do you think? Will you be Indulging? 😉

4 responses to “MAC Indulge Collection: New Eyeshadows Swatches and Comparisons!”

  1. snookielex says:

    Can you do swatches of the lipsticks? I’m really interested in Feed the Senses but would like to see what it looks like with your skintone :). Love that Sex & the Oyster shadow! Not usually one I’m drawn to but it’s beautiful :).

  2. MAC has kinda fallen off my radar for a while… but those warmer golden shades look really good. I’m a sucker for neutrals, that’s for sure! LOL!

  3. berrymix says:

    Feed the Senses and Divine Decadence are tempting me!

  4. Juliana Glumac says:

    Great post. I wondered if Sex and the Oyster was similar to Parisian Skies

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