I really *really* try not to be a so-called makeup snob. But I’m not perfect. I admit I am guilty of passing right by the Sephora brand makeup area in favor of swatching the more “worthy” brands like Dior and and NARS. I have tried to break that habit as Sephora has been consistently improving their line and adding more and more awesome pieces to their collection. You can see some of their line of 12 Hour Jumbo Pencils here which I adore, and their Outrageous Prisma Chrome shadows which I posted on Instagram here back in the winter of 2012.

When I found out they had released a new line of eyeliners along the same vein as their jumbo pencils I was thrilled- and jumped at the first chance I had to swatch them in person. Of course…. a few of them came home with me.

Sephora 12 Hour Liner Pencils

At $9 each these liners are a bargain! They contain the same amount of product as Urban Decay’s 24-7 liners at half the price. They claim to be waterproof and boast 12 hour wear. The 12 hour wear definitely stands with me, with and without primer. Waterproof? I would say more water resistant. After showering I am still left with traces of this liner on my eyes and need makeup remover to remove it. Even my boyfriend was stunned at how much scrubbing it took to get the liners off my arm at Sephora.

Sephora 12 Hour Liner Swatches

Swatches L-R: 15 Flirting Game, 17 Snakeskin Dress, 16 Roof top Party, Blonde Ambition

I fell in love with the four shades above immediately. Blonde’s Ambition is perfect for adding a touch of glow to the inner corners of your eyes. All of them have a creamy texture and are incredibly pigmented.

I swatched many more shades in store but I tried to restrain myself. I could have easily walked out with a dozen. You can see the entire shade range online here. I think I will be adding 25 Galaxy Girl and 09 Girl’s Night Out next.

What do you think? Will you be off to Sephora to check these out? I highly recommend them!


3 Responses to “Beauty Steal: Sephora 12 Hour Wear Eye Pencils”

  1. Waaaay pretty! Do you like them for your waterline?

  2. Sunny says:

    OMG did they make Snakeskin Dress into a liner as well? NEEEEED!!!

  3. yessss last time i was looking that these, the store didn’t have all the testers :(

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