Sometimes as a beauty erm, connoisseur, you end up purchasing things and while they are beautiful and you enjoy them you never quite get around to giving it the spotlight it deserves. I need to get better about that, starting here.

I purchased a stunning summer palette called Bronze Sands from Estée Lauder’s annual bronze collection some time back in early March (and did give a peek of it in this post) but have never given it a proper review, until now.

It’s a stunning quint where all of the shades are smooth like buttah and pigmentation is superb. You may recall that I recently showcased the fall version of this palette called Violet Underground. It’s similar (if not identical) in formula but the colors and design are very different. It’s meant to look like waves in the sand and I think it does. The overall stunning presentation of these gelee eyeshadow palettes cannot be ignored or denied.

Dry swatches of the Bronze Sands palette

All of the shades work well together and I have enjoyed using it these past few months. The have such shine and dimension to them! I even featured this in one of my YT videos (yes, I plan to make more SOON). I hesitated to post this- it’s been languishing as a draft for months- because it’s long sold out to my knowledge but if you happen to own it or own similar colors I thought I would also share how I have been wearing it:

For a warmer look

For a cooler look

Estée Lauder continues to impress and amaze me with each new collection they come out with. It’s no longer the brand I once associated only with the over 50 crowd. They really are broadening their horizons and offering up releases that appeal to several age groups and all I can say is “thank you!”

12 responses to “Channel Your Inner Summer Goddess with Estée Lauder”

  1. Alison M says:

    Good grief, that’s gorgeous! It’s like summer in a box.

  2. I agree with you about how well Estee Lauder has been rebranding! I saw Violet Underground today and also died of the gorgeousness! Such a fun color combination and you wear it SO well!

  3. That is so beautiful! Have you ordered the violet palette? I can’t wait for mine. I should have ordered this one, it looks so lovely.

  4. I thought for some reason this palette hadn’t been released yet? Boo! I’ll be so mad if I missed it!

  5. My mom got me a baby blue eyeliner from EL about ten years ago and I LOVED it. I wore it all the time. I remember being surprised at what a progressive color they had as I had always thought it was an “old” brand. Seems like I’ve been overlooking them for a while! Love the post, thanks 🙂

  6. Anna says:

    These colors are stunning! I would love this palette.

  7. Liz says:

    Why must your pictures be so stunning??? *wipes drool* 🙂

  8. Toya says:

    Love the looks you created here Danielle! I particularly like how you used the deep brown-burgundy as liner – stunning!! I didn’t get this palette, nor the new Violet Underground one, and I don’t regret the decision but there’s no mistaking the fact that they’re beautiful to behold!

  9. Dovey says:

    I love Alison’s summer in a box comment. I’d have to agree! The coppery orange and the teal just say beach to me 🙂

  10. Victoria says:

    The palette looks so luxurious! the looks you created are gorgeous

  11. So lovely, I adore your golden lids;)


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