Happy Tuesday ladies! I wanted to give you all a sneak peak of something that was just released in the Fall 2012 collection from Estée Lauder- the Violet Underground Cyber Metallic palette. The formula is the same as the Bronze Sands palette released for the summer (I still have that draft waiting to be posted!) and the other gelee products Estée Lauder has released. This is a preliminary look only, not a review. Enjoy!

The outer packaging itself is a gorgeous deep violet color with the “EL” monogram embossed. It’s plastic, but feels sturdy. It was easier to open then the aforementioned Bronze Sands palette (anyone else feel me on that? lol).

The inside: stunning! Very art deco, and very ‘it’ styling and shading for this fall.

Rich in color and in detail….

Swatched- dry and in direct sunlight.

Swatched wet (cloudy/overcast) Unfortunately in the time it took me to wipe off the first swatches and re-do them with the wet effect the clouds came rolling in. Of course! lol

My first impression is a positive one. The packaging is tops, the brushes included work well, the design of the shadows is both cool and chic while the shades themselves mix everyday colors with high-fashion ones. The texture and payoff were great- though the fuchsia shade when used dry didn’t pack quite the punch I thought it would.

I can’t wait to create some looks with this. It’s available now from Nordstrom.

14 responses to “First Look: Estée Lauder Violet Underground Palette”

  1. Ria Harris says:

    The wet swatches look amazing although not sure how the hot pink could be used well. Would love to see any looks you create.

    Ria x

  2. Oh wow, very promising! The color combo is interesting, and color payoff looks excellent!

  3. Dovey says:

    Oh my goodness. That violet is like ultraviolet! It’s certainly a magical palette (the lightening bolts remind me of harry potter as a matter of fact). Can’t wait to see what you make of this!

  4. Swatched wet it looks amazing! Really wanting this so far. 🙂

  5. lilladylife says:

    the swatched wet looks incredible!!!!!!!!! go estee lauder for going outside their comfort zone these last two years!

  6. Care says:

    It’s a gorgeous palette without a doubt – unfortunately there are only two shades I’d wear, making this a non starter for me. Thank you so much for posting this first look! It certainly is stunning palette! ox

  7. Beauty Box says:

    Oh my goodness me…this is so vibrant and arresting…Estee Lauder is powering on with their eyeshadow gelee quads….Lovely swatches….

  8. Those are AMAZING looking! SO rich and pigmented–even dry!

  9. Wow, the colors look stunning in this palette! I’m really impressed by the imprinted designs on the shadows themselves too. Estee Lauder is definitely remaking itself as a brand and it’s nice to see some pops of color in their makeup. Thanks for the lovely and always helpful swatches 🙂

  10. Toya says:

    Although there are only really two shades in this palette I would actually wear, the whole idea of it and the presentation, and the packaging (that violet case! I die!!) is almost enough to make me buy it just so I can ogle it all the time LOL. I hope you do some looks with this Danielle, I know you’ll make it look great!

  11. Those wet swatches are OUT of control… oh, and I want to come and take a swatch making class with you 😉

  12. Miss Kwong says:

    OH! I’ve never seen Estee Lauder doing such vibrant colours!
    (Most of their colours are sheer and neutral)
    and now that they’ve done these!
    looks amazing and can have so many combinations to work with!

    Say meow to me on:
    Miss Kwong: From Catwalk to Classroom
    Facebook: Miss Kwong From Catwalk to Classroom

  13. Fun! I bet a lot of people will love that peachy champagne shade! The imprints on the palette are really cool. Sadly, I have to admit that I don’t own any of these – sometimes they just seem to have too much sparkle! I’ll have to take a look and check it out though!

  14. […] where all of the shades are smooth like buttah and pigmentation is superb. You may recall that I recently showcased the fall version of this palette called Violet Underground. It’s similar (if not identical) […]

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