It’s hard to believe that fall collections are releasing everywhere and that summer is already half way over. I love the summer, but I also enjoy the fall. It’s hard to tell if I like one more than the other- they are actually pretty equal for me. If we could alternate between fall and summer all year I’d be totally good. 🙂

Anyway I picked up a few things from the collection that I thought looked stunning, and all of the pieces together reminded me of a picture I took on an outing last fall:

You can *almost* see and feel the wind, right?

NARS Vent Glacé Duo- A light silver and a warm silver/pewter mix. I love this color combination and Vent Glacé actually means icy wind in French. I can see exactly why they named it this after applying it. It really does evoke both the image and the feeling of that cold, autumn wind (like my photo above). The texture is buttery and soft.

Outlaw Blush- I was really looking forward to this being repromoted. It’s already been said that the texture could use significant improvement and I agree. However, when I apply it to my cheeks it went on easily and nicely- not like the swatch.

More Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil- My obsession with these pencils continues on. The texture and payoff is glorious as usual.

Autumn Leaves Lipstick- I was actually disappointed by this. It’s kind of patchy and doesn’t go on evenly for me. It’s probably my least favorite NARS Lipstick that I have tried thus far. I like the color and the name, but the formula needs improving.

Swatches L-R: More Lip Pencil, Autumn Leaves Lipstick, Vent Glace Duo

All of these are pretty unique to my collection. You can see how pigmented More is and the patchiness of Autumn Leaves. Normally sheer lipsticks being slightly patchy isn’t as noticeable but with a deeper color like this it kind of stands out. As I said earlier, the duo is buttery and smooth and I lurvvvve it. 😉

Swatches L-R: Tarte Blushing Bride, Sleek Pomegranate, TheBalm Cabana Boy, NARS Outlaw, Illamasqua Ambition, Milani Red Vino

Outlaw isn’t the most unique blush in the world so you could definitely skip this one. I do think it looks nice on the cheeks and I don’t mind having it in my collection.

Wearing Autumn Leaves

Wearing More

Vent Glacé on eyes

Wearing Vent Glacé and Outlaw

Wearing Autumn Leaves, Outlaw, Vent Glacé

Wearing More, Outlaw and Vent Glacé

My overall picks from the collection end up getting narrowed down to two: More Lip Pencil and Vent Glacé duo. I was slightly disappointed with the quality of both Autumn Leaves and Outlaw so I have a hard time recommending them unless you are dying for the colors.

I don’t think I’m quite ready for fall yet. As I was applying the colors I winced a little– bring back my coral lipstick please! lol. How about you? Are you over summer and ready for cooler weather?

14 responses to “Like Leaves in the Wind, NARS Fall 2012 is Blowing on to Counters Now”

  1. Alison M says:

    So glad you put this post up! I thought More was going to lean a little bit more nude. It’s lovely, but not what I was hoping for so I’ll be passing on that. It’s funny how Outlaw is so hard to swatch. Some of my favorite eye shadows do the same thing but work beautifully when worn. But, now that I’ve seen your blush comparisons, I’d rather have Cabana Boy 🙂 My surprise favorite is the shadow duo. In pre-release photos I didn’t think much of it, but it’s gorgeous!

  2. Annick says:

    Argh, these are all reminders that summer is about to end! Noooo.

    More is stunning on your skintone. And of all the NARS fall collection, that would definitely be my pick. Sucks about Autumn Leaves though – I’m glad I read your review – I was thisclose to purchasing it!

  3. Arianne says:

    MOAR! I need More, please. It might just become my autumn nude lipstick. 🙂

    You look pretty Bloomz! Thanks for the great reviews.

  4. Kate says:

    I ended up coming home with a parcel of things from this collection, just because the colours are very “me”. Agree with you on “Vent Glace”, which I’ll be wearing all the time, I think…

  5. Yup! More and that duo is what I will pick up now. Those were the two things that caught my eye. Love how it just brightens up your eyes Rapunzel! 🙂

  6. lilladylife says:

    Thank you so much for the comprehensive review and honesty!!! i was most interested in autumn leaves and the blush but i think it’s a pass now, love the comparisons and wow did your lashes grow? they look amazing

  7. Jelena says:

    Great review! I like that lip pencil but I expected more from the Autumn Leaves Lipstick:)

  8. Delyteful Speaks says:

    Wow outlaw is so similar to most of the blushes u swatched.. I’ve had outlaw for a looooong time.. Apparently it’s a re-promote.. It is a nice shade but I don’t tend to reach for it at all because of it’s texture.. I much prefer Illamasqua’s Ambition and for a similar shade but no shimmer look, I love my Tart Natural Beauty which I recieved from one of the most wonderful and sweet bloggers I’ve met! 😉

  9. Wow, More is pretty. I hadn’t seen any swatches of it until now and I’m pleasantly surprised. I know you said you were disappointed with the lipstick, but I really like how it looks on you!!

  10. Sarah S. says:

    Oh Guru of Best Swatch Comparisons on the Internets, please let us know if you find a dupe (or dupes!) or even similar colors to Autumn Leaves? I’m on the hunt as I just feel certain it would be the perfect signature Fall lip color for me this year. But I definitely don’t want the NARS one if the formula leaves too much to be desired (see what I did there? yuk yuk).

  11. Toya says:

    Thank you for the swatches Danielle – though I’ve disregarded the eyeshadows of this release (the duo won’t show up on my skin, and the trio is just OK for me), I’ve been majorly eyeing the lippies, these two in particular! I’m definitely going to pick up More, and will have to further investigate Autumn Leaves – it looks lovely on you, but if it’s patchy its something to consider, and I haven’t got a good idea of how it will look on me, so we shall see! I’m not quite ready for Fall yet (though it is my fave season), as we’ve been having the best Summer weather I can remember since I was a kid!!

  12. Liz says:

    That lip pencil is the moodiest neutral ever! Loving it. 🙂

  13. Moving to Hawaii means endless summer for me… sigh. I LOVE Fall. I double triple love that shot of all of the swirling leaves, very nice. I think I could leave the blush. I do like the eyeshadows but they seem a tad frosty. Are they?

  14. Love that picture of the windy leaves! Vent Glacé is just gorgeous, everyone seems to be giving it rave reviews and I can see why. Too bad about Autumn Leaves, it looks oh so promising in the tube 🙁

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