Over the last few weeks I have been excitedly testing out some new skin care products. I’m always particularly thrilled when the brand uses ingredients are 100% natural. This was the very case with Havvn, who have developed a line called DNA Skin Care.

The very first thing I noticed was this:

I’m always happy to see a label that looks like this!

The system consists of 3 creams (and a toner/cleanser as well); one for Day, Night and an Activator (hence, DNA) that helps to aid both the day and night cream in their absorption.

The products are housed in tubes with tops that twist up to reveal a pump. The pump locks back in place making it convenient for travel. The one thing I don’t like is that the Activating cream needs to be used twice as often as the day/night cream but you get the same amount as the other two. I realize it keeps the continuity of the packaging but, it’s something worth noting.

Textures: Day, Night, Activator

I did like the way all three creams felt, and the way they sunk into my skin. They were not too heavy for my oily/combination skin- a common problem for me. I was warned in advance that the textures and scents of the creams would probably feel unfamiliar to me- and they do. Since they are none of the usual suspects in terms of ingredients I’m used to (and perfumes, dyes). They felt somewhat sticky to the touch, but once applied felt very smooth. I also noticed that the day cream smells fruity, but I can’t really pinpoint what the other two smell like. Vegetables maybe? They aren’t offensive, but certainly different than what I’m used to.

My skin feels smooth and hydrated, but not weighed down. Although I’m in my mid-twenties and don’t really have signs of aging yet, I do think this helped smooth out around my eye area, and underneath them.

The bottom line: If you are someone who really insists that your skin care is natural or are looking for something new to try, this would probably be a good place to start. You can purchase the Havvn DNA Skin Care System from their website here. The three creams come in a set and it retails for $79.99.

How do you feel about your skin care? Are you more skeptical of some ingredients over others?

*items in the post were provided by PR for review purposes only*

5 responses to “Havvn Wants You to DNA Your Skincare (No Double Helix Required)”

  1. Annick says:

    That’s interesting! It’s so difficult to find products that are clean of those nasties! I’m happy to hear it wasn’t too bad for oily skin as well… I’ll look into this! 🙂

  2. Very cool! I love when products are natural and work well!

  3. I do like all-natural products, although it’s certainly not a deal-breaker if a product isn’t. This line sounds quite cool, and I like the packaging a lot! Too bad about the activator, you make a good point. Hopefully they’ll take note 🙂

  4. This system looks really interesting and unique–I really want to try it now! And it’s got none of the bad stuff? Awesome

  5. Caitlin says:

    I’ve been reading your blog forever, but this is my first time posting! So good to see a fellow natural-skincare worshipper.

    Awesome post! Thanks 🙂

    I’ve started going to an esthetician at a medical spa by my house, and she’s given me GlyMed Plus® products. http://www.glymedplus.com/store/index/category/44/healthy-skin-makeup Really good natural makeup, and it clears my skin! Have you heard of them? Maybe you can review them?

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