It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the States and I couldn’t be happier about having some extra time out of the office. The weather is going to be HOT and I plan to soak it all in and spend some time on the water. Have a fabulous weekend!

I had to throw in some pictures of the flowers in my yard at the moment, enjoy!






(Jack Frost)


Wondering what the items are? Check out the tags section of this post to find out 😉

5 responses to “The Friday Film Strip (or Happy Friday) Vol. 3”

  1. Beth Hardy says:

    Hey there! Do you by chance own the Dior quint Auoroa?? How would you use it? Have fun at the river! Have a great long weekend!

  2. Beth Hardy says:

    Oops….on the water. Prob a lake up where you are!

  3. Dovey says:

    I hope you have a wonderful memorial day weekend Danielle 🙂

    I love the Verbana alongside the Burberry lippie.

  4. Sarah S. says:

    I want to go make eye looks with those flower colors! So pretty, fresh, and inspiring <3

  5. Latoya says:

    All of these photos are so vibrant and enticing Danielle! I love it. I just got a new camera for my birthday – I’ll have to play around with it in hopes that I can get even close to as great pictures as these! 🙂 Especially loving the Burberry lippie!

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