Spring is about a month away and I can’t tell you how excited I am. In addition to going back to New Orleans on the first day of Spring (yay!) I just can’t wait for more sunshine, long days and not to have to wear layers.

As usual, I saw this product on Twitter and had to investigate it further. I came up empty on both reviews and swatches of this product so it was determined that I would have to buy this sight unseen and hope for the best. And the best, my dears, is what I got.

It’s Givenchy’s new Poudre Bonne Mine Healthy Glow Powder. The compact itself is lovely. Sleek, black and weighty with the lovely Givenchy logo on the front. But as usual, it’s what’s on the inside that matters most…

Ta-Da! It’s a beautiful glowy bronzing cream. I say cream because when you touch it, it really feels like cream and blended on the skin it’s glowy as such but it’s weightless and not sticky so it’s also kind of like a powder. I hesitate to call it cream to powder because it really doesn’t feel that way to me. It’s cream AND powder. The product is sturdy and the design remained in tact after swatching it with my fingers and several brush swirls. There is no detectable scent to this product.

When I first swatched it it looked a lot like a creamy version of Dior Aurora so of course I had to see how close they are. For my own curiosity I had to compare it to the famous Soleil tan de Chanel as well.

Swatches L-R: Soleil tan de Chanel, Givenchy Bonne Mine, Dior Aurora

Bonne Mine is like the ethereal love child of the Dior and Chanel products. It’s the best of both worlds. It lasts all day on me. Granted I have worn it only twice as I just received it this week, but I needed to share this. If it lasted on me all day with my oily skinned ways, I am sure it can last on anybody.

To see the real effect that this gives I had to show a before and after…

Just Base Makeup (Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Primer, Jemma Kidd Light as Air Foundation in Light-Medium, MAC MFSN in Medium Plus, Tarte Maracuja Concealer in Light). In the pictures below I have only added the Givenchy Bonne Mine and a bit of lip balm since as you can see above my lips were looking pretty lifeless from some of my foundation getting on them.

(do pardon my messy brows, they seem to have a mind of their own lately because they are in need of a good trim)

You can see a big difference in the glow and color of my skin. It allows the natural glow of my skin to come through and it feels like my skin too. When I put this on I don’t feel the need for blush. It gives me skin just the right amount of life and lift that adding blush is not essential. Of course that won’t stop me from adding it when I want to, but it means that I no longer have to.

With completed makeup, nothing else added to my cheeks or face. It kind of looks like I have been on a mini-vacation to the beach.

Eyes- MAC Nylon and Moleskin, Urban Decay 24-7 liner Bourbon on upper lashline, Urban Decay 24-7 liner Baked on lower lashline, Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara

Lips- MAC Embrace Me lip pencil (that’s the color you see on my lips) topped with Dolce & Gabbana lipgloss in Candy (this is sheer, added for gloss only)

This retails for $50 at Sephora. The price is steep, but the product is lovely and oh-so worth it.


23 responses to “Going for Glow with Givenchy Poudre Bonne Mine”

  1. Larie says:

    It looks lovely on you, my dear! Lovely!!! I really want to rub out the texture of the powder because it looks like it would be fun to smush it, hahaha, but then I’m crazy like that. Ahem. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  2. Sarah S. says:

    You do look beachy with this on! So pretty 🙂 I love that bright lip color in your final face. This post raised several questions for me: 1)What do you think of the Jemma Kidd foundation? I’m bummed because I’ve been trying it for a few days and it just doesn’t seem to be wearing well on my oily skin 🙁 It is collecting in lines a lot after a few hours. Are you having that issue, too? 2) When my brows won’t behave, I brush them up and give them a trim and that usually helps (I guess they get too long?) Have you tried that? 3) If you were to only get the Chanel Soleil Tan or this, which would you choose? Sorry for all the questions, xoxo 😀

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks Sarah! For the foundation, are you using a primer? I use a mattifying lotion or primer daily because if I don’t nothing will last on me. I have been using the Korres Pomegranate one this week and I think it works well. For my brows, yep, exactly what I usually do. They are in need of a trim! I just didn’t have the time (or care lol) to do it today. It’s probably a little too early in owning this to say 100%, but I feel like this gives more of a glow than the Chanel. But, I do love the scent of the Chanel one, and it’s nice to give your whole face some instant color. It depends on what you are going for. I also think the Chanel has more product so your dollars will stretch longer with that one. When I make my final decision I will let you know! 🙂

      • Sarah S. says:

        Oh wow, duh. Bimbo moment! I haven’t been using primer XD I was spoiled by the L’oreal Magic Smooth souffle because I don’t really have to use one with it. Another bimbo moment: I let my brows be unruly for months and wondered why (I didn’t want to trim them because they appeared to be thinning) they wouldn’t behave. Finally caved and trimmed them and not only did they behave they regained their former full appearance! Straggliness makes my brows look like they’re thinning, like hair on a person’s head. Anyway, can’t wait to see which one wins out 🙂

        • Danielle says:

          LOL! I love that foundation too, soooo soft on the skin! Same, when I give them a nice trim they just look better all around, I suppose I should get to that…maybe tomorrow 😉 Nothing like a little procrastination!

  3. Sigh. It’s gorgeous. And so are you. 🙂

  4. O.o Danielle it’s so pretty! D:

    (& I can’t believe you had the willpower to mar that gorgeous surface – I’m not sure I could have done it :P)

  5. Yessie says:

    Wow! your description sounds amazing and makes me want it! Looks gorgeous on you:)

  6. It IS the ethereal child of Chanel and Dior. I love that hint of gold laced throughout the swatch– it’s beautiful but it doesn’t seem to show up overly gold/ glittery on your face. Just warm. Perfect look for a Spring evening chattering with friends in New Orleans, perhaps some funky jazz whistling in the background… 🙂

    • Danielle says:

      Christine, your comments seriously make my day! You are so thoughtful, and whatever brought you to my blog I am so grateful for it!!! 🙂

  7. Alex says:

    Sooooo gorgeous! I may have to swatch this 🙂

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  9. Debbie Quinn says:

    Hi, I hope you see this comment! I know this is a while after this post was published but the product looks lovely on you, would you recommend it for someone with pale/fair skin? Its my ma’s birthday soon and she used to love the No7 illuminating powder, but its been discontinued and I’ve been searching everywhere to find a good alternative! She used it over foundation to add a slight glow to the face, is this product more of a bronzer or is it subtle enough for a red-head?


  10. […] but I purchased a lip pencil called Embrace Me and absolutely loved it. You can see it in this post here. It is a fun, face brightening shade and I have used it alone and layered with great success. When […]

  11. Sam says:

    Hello! Can i know if the shade of givenchy bronzer nu got is in douce or ambre croisiere? Aka second or third shade? Because they are just so pretty,on yiu!

  12. Caroline Ares says:

    Can you tell me if that Givenchy Bonne mine powder is the same as the ones now available at Sephora 2014 called amber golden tan, light tan and extreme croissieres

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