I’m not the kind of person who pays *super* close attention to runway shows. I usually check out some slideshows from a few of the designers, look at makeup breakdowns and call it a day. I did, however, pay closer attention after Zoya announced on Twitter that they had created some custom colors that would be available to purchase during NYFW after the shows. One such show was Bibhu Mohapatra whose designs actually blew me away:

(these two are my favorites)

After seeing the photos above and looking at the box of nail colors they created I knew it was meant for me, so I plunged and ordered it.

The Color Box:

(I LOVE how this came packaged. So chic!)

What Zoya says:

The look and Inspiration:

The models all wore Rekha (the red) on their left hands and either Parveen (the nude) or Zeenat (the pewter) on their right hands.

We wanted to know why Bibhu wanted the models to wear different colors on each hand, so he told us the story for this assortments inspiration.  He told us that the red was an homage to his mother. When Bibhu was growing up, he remembered his late mother always wearing the most beautiful color of red nail polish on her nails. Because it was customary to eat with your right hand in India, she only wore the red on her left hand. So he always remembered her left had being painted  That was the look that Bibhu was trying to recreate as the models were coming down the runway. All the models wore Rekha on their toes.

Zoya Rekha:  A full coverage, rich, classic red cream.  Described by everyone as the show as the  “most beautiful red they have ever seen.”

Zoya Parveen: A nude with a liquid crystal effect and two-coat full coverage

Zoya Zeenat: A soft pewter with a liquid glass finish and two-coat full coverage

And of course, on the nails:

Zoya Parveen : Not quite camel toned, but definitely a more tan/brown leaning nude. I love the glass flecked look this gives! It is chic without being washed out. 2 coats on this one was just right.

Zoya Zeenat (sunshine)

Zoya Zeenat (shade): I had to include two photos because this shade is just too gorgeous to capture in one. It’s the perfect pewter/silver. Not too metallic or flashy and in the shade has a unique blue-ish dimension. Again, the glass flecked look is perfection. This is my favorite shade of the three, and quite possible one of my most favorite Zoya polishes ever. 2 coats

Zoya Rekah: I have to agree with what the people backstage at NYFW said, it’s one the most, if not the most beautiful red creme to ever grace my fingernails. The formula and application is flawless. This was two coats.

Zoya’s polishes last well on me, for the most part. Their Anchor & Armor base/top coats have totally changed my world in terms of how long a polish will last on my nails; I’m never looking back!

Sadly this box was limited edition and I think it sold out it 1 or 2 days. I wish I had gotten it sooner so I could have shared it with you while it was still available. I hope they will re-release this shades…maybe in their fall line up? Who knows, but if you can get your hands on this somehow I’m certain you won’t be disappointed.

I’m not the first person to discover the awesome-ness that lies within the Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadow formula. After seeing a deluge of YouTube videos and blog posts of various shades I finally decided it was time to give in and try them out. It’s always hard when you have to order something overseas. You can’t see it, touch it, etc. AND the waiting. But one fine day they arrived and it’s no wonder why I soon felt the need to fill up my shopping cart with more shades…

Rouge Bunny Rouge Delicate Hummingbird and Angelic Cockatiels. I do find the names endearing. The packaging is plastic and I’m not really impressed with the quality of it. I have said this before, but for the price Burberry shadows are far more luxe with packaging than most brands are. I also find that these are sometimes difficult to open. But nonetheless the beauty lies within the actual product itself.

Delicate Hummingbird (daylight)

Delicate Hummingbird (flash)

Delicat Hummingbird is one of those “have to have it” taupe shadows. If you’re like me, you’re on a no-taupes-left-behind beauty tour. The quality and texture of the shadow itself is amazing. Not as dry as Chanel, but not as soft as Le Metier de Beaute. Of the the three I find that Rouge Bunny Rouge is the best. The pigmentation is superb and while Le Metier de Beaute makes a fine shadow, sometimes I feel like it’s a bit too soft. I included a flash picture so you could see the dimension of this shade. Truly stunning!

Angelic Cockatiels (Daylight)

Angelic Cockatiels (flash)

Angelic Cockatiels is such a wearable lid shade. The same things I said above apply here as well. This shade is like a cross between MAC All That Glitters and Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in Emerveille. It marries the best qualities of both in one spectacular pan.

From top left: Chanel Fauve, Le Metier de Beaute Corinthian, Rouge Bunny Rouge Delicate Hummingbird

From top: Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Emerveille, Chanel Beige Lamé, MAC All That Glitters, Rouge Bunny Rouge Angelic Cockatiels

Swatches L-R (daylight): Chanel Emerveille, Chanel Beige Lamé, RBR Angelic Cockatiels, MAC All That Glitters, Chanel Fauve, RBR Delicate Hummingbird, LMdB Corinthian

Swatches L-R (flash): Chanel Emerveille, Chanel Beige Lamé, RBR Angelic Cockatiels, MAC All That Glitters, Chanel Fauve, RBR Delicate Hummingbird, LMdB Corinthian

As I said earlier, Angelic Cockatiels is like a combination of Emerveille and All That Glitters. Beige Lamé is more brown and much less shimmery. Corinthian is more brown than both Fauve and Delicate Hummingbird and Delicate Hummingbird is the most purple of the three.

Both of the RBR shadows are powders, but have cream-like qualities. They aren’t cheap, either. At about $35 each plus pretty costly shipping from Zuneta (where I ordered, and the only place I think you can get them if you live in the US) they are quite a luxury item. It’s best if you are going to try these out for the first time to pick something you will get a lot of use out of. Overall I’m happy to report that these are a total win, I just wish they were easier to get a hold of and that the packaging was a bit more…well, a bit more fetching for the price range.

Have you tried Rouge Bunny Rouge? If you have, what is your favorite thing that you have tried so far? Happy Sunday! 🙂 Anyone else looking forward to The Walking Dead tonight?! After last week’s episode I’m on pins and needles waiting to see what happens next.

Before I begin this fun little history lesson, I thought I should properly introduce this new mini-series to you. I went a little pin-crazy today on Pinterest (highly addictive) and came across some retro makeup looks. After viewing several it dawned on me that it would be SO much fun to do a series of makeup looks inspired by a certain time period, along with a brief history of what woman used during that time. There you have it. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do, and if you have a specific time period you would love to see, feel free to leave it in a comment below, or email/tweet me. 🙂

(Image source: vintagevivant.com)

Whenever someone mentions the 1920s I think of Flappers almost instantly. The rebel girls who wore skirts too short and hair bobbed, so risqué! It’s no surprise that in the ’20s women changed how they wore makeup seeing as how the metal lipstick tube was invented just a few years prior and that rouge (now more commonly called blush) was finally made into powder form making it easier to apply. While interpretations of what women in this time period wore may vary, there are a few points that most sources I read can all agree on.

First is that the lips were shaped into a cupid’s bow and the lower lip was slightly exaggerated. Colors varied from year to year, but deep reds, red-browns, oranges and raspberry colors were popular. For the most part lighter, more porcelain skin was in vogue, of course until Coco Chanel arrived from back from a vacation in the sun with a glorious tan. Rouge was bright and usually red and anything but subtle. I used my lipstick as my blush and, using a stippling brush, lightly dotted it on the apples of my cheeks.

Eyes were kohl-rimmed and usually shaded with green, turquoise or deeper, darker greys. Mascara did not exist in the form that we know it today. It was mostly in cake or wax form later in the decade, but earlier on women used what they had at their disposal. Using a combination of Vaseline and soot, a woman could give her lashes a darker, waxy appearance as was the style. In my rendition I imagined that if I had used Vaseline on my lashes (I didn’t) my eyes might get a little smudgy, even greasy looking. I added a small amount of Vaseline to each of my eyes to simulate the effect it probably had.

Eyebrows were thin, and very dark. They had a distinct rounded feeling and were turned downwards.


Products used:




I hope you enjoyed the final results. I had a great time doing this tonight except I have to say, I’m surprised by how long it took me to get the lips right. I thought it would be so simple. It wasn’t! 🙂

(Sources: Flappers, 1920s Makeup, Cosmetics in the 1920s)

(item marked with a ‘*’ was provided by PR for review purposes only)


All of the Lipstick Bandits and I were talking (well, emailing) back and forth one day about doing a post about our first lipstick, if one could even remember what it was anymore. I don’t recall my exact first shade, unfortunately. It wasn’t even that long ago that I started loving obsessing over lipsticks. In fact, I hardly wore them at all until about 2010. But, prior to that I had just a few shades that I would wear in the summer or at Christmas time. Mostly, though, I was a gloss girl. Now my tastes have matured and I leave the shimmery gloss behind most days in favor of a satin or glossy finish tube of wonder.

While this is admittedly not my first shade, I believe it to be the one I have had the longest in my current collection. I have owned this shade since the summer of 2008. I remember it because at the time I thought it was the brightest lipstick ever and felt *slightly* intimidated wearing it. But wear it I did. In fact, most of the summer I was seen sporting this shade. It’s Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Cool Watermelon. And although Maybelline has discontinued this line and shade since then, I was able to find a seller on Amazon who has it available here.

Maybelline Cool Watermelon

I actually still enjoy the formula of this. It feel comfortable on, has a glossy finish and stains my lips for several hours. Ironically it also smells slightly like watermelon.

Cool Watermelon on lips

It’s no wonder I wore this shade to death. It’s brightening and fun without being over the top. It’s funny how my gauge of color intensity has increased over the last 4 years as I am no longer even remotely intimidated about wearing this (especially when compared to other super brights like MAC Neon Orange or Impassioned). I think many girls (and women) start with a drugstore lipstick; it’s the gateway into uncharted lands for good reason. They are reasonably priced, easy to access and these days come in a variety of vivid colors and formulations. Wondering what else I’m wearing in the photos above? See this post here.

Want to see what lipstick started the other Bandits? Check out their posts below:

Spring is about a month away and I can’t tell you how excited I am. In addition to going back to New Orleans on the first day of Spring (yay!) I just can’t wait for more sunshine, long days and not to have to wear layers.

As usual, I saw this product on Twitter and had to investigate it further. I came up empty on both reviews and swatches of this product so it was determined that I would have to buy this sight unseen and hope for the best. And the best, my dears, is what I got.

It’s Givenchy’s new Poudre Bonne Mine Healthy Glow Powder. The compact itself is lovely. Sleek, black and weighty with the lovely Givenchy logo on the front. But as usual, it’s what’s on the inside that matters most…

Ta-Da! It’s a beautiful glowy bronzing cream. I say cream because when you touch it, it really feels like cream and blended on the skin it’s glowy as such but it’s weightless and not sticky so it’s also kind of like a powder. I hesitate to call it cream to powder because it really doesn’t feel that way to me. It’s cream AND powder. The product is sturdy and the design remained in tact after swatching it with my fingers and several brush swirls. There is no detectable scent to this product.

When I first swatched it it looked a lot like a creamy version of Dior Aurora so of course I had to see how close they are. For my own curiosity I had to compare it to the famous Soleil tan de Chanel as well.

Swatches L-R: Soleil tan de Chanel, Givenchy Bonne Mine, Dior Aurora

Bonne Mine is like the ethereal love child of the Dior and Chanel products. It’s the best of both worlds. It lasts all day on me. Granted I have worn it only twice as I just received it this week, but I needed to share this. If it lasted on me all day with my oily skinned ways, I am sure it can last on anybody.

To see the real effect that this gives I had to show a before and after…

Just Base Makeup (Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Primer, Jemma Kidd Light as Air Foundation in Light-Medium, MAC MFSN in Medium Plus, Tarte Maracuja Concealer in Light). In the pictures below I have only added the Givenchy Bonne Mine and a bit of lip balm since as you can see above my lips were looking pretty lifeless from some of my foundation getting on them.

(do pardon my messy brows, they seem to have a mind of their own lately because they are in need of a good trim)

You can see a big difference in the glow and color of my skin. It allows the natural glow of my skin to come through and it feels like my skin too. When I put this on I don’t feel the need for blush. It gives me skin just the right amount of life and lift that adding blush is not essential. Of course that won’t stop me from adding it when I want to, but it means that I no longer have to.

With completed makeup, nothing else added to my cheeks or face. It kind of looks like I have been on a mini-vacation to the beach.

Eyes- MAC Nylon and Moleskin, Urban Decay 24-7 liner Bourbon on upper lashline, Urban Decay 24-7 liner Baked on lower lashline, Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara

Lips- MAC Embrace Me lip pencil (that’s the color you see on my lips) topped with Dolce & Gabbana lipgloss in Candy (this is sheer, added for gloss only)

This retails for $50 at Sephora. The price is steep, but the product is lovely and oh-so worth it.