One of the things I really adore about Burberry is that, unlike Chanel or Dior (and many others), they do not release gads and gads of new colors/products each season. They pick a select few things to add and to me, it makes the releases feel more special and unique. Plus, it’s easy to get many items in a line if you aren’t constantly trying to keep up with the 6 latest colors they released. Just my opinion of course. πŸ˜‰

I had not really heard about Burberry’s spring 2012 releases until I saw Sabrina of The Beauty Look Book swatch the new eyeshadow they released (yes, just one shade!) and it looked too beautiful to pass up.

Pale Barley was just as gorgeous in person as it was in the pictures I saw online. I wondered as I first opened it what I might have that would be similar. Although I didn’t find a dupe, I decided to show you what it looks like to two other popular shades.

L-R: Chanel Safari, MAC Patina, Burberry Pale Burberry

Swatches L-R: MAC Patina, Burberry Pale Barley, Chanel Safari

Initially I thought that Patina looked pretty close in the pan, but when swatched it’s significantly more green and gold than the more light brown/gold Pale Barley. Safari is cooler and is more grey than Burberry. All three give off a similar sheen, though.

Wearing Pale Barley, blended over the entire lid (Burberry Porcelain as highlight), without flash.

Close up of Burberry Pale Barley. I love the sheen it gives my eyes, and it has such dimension too!

If you’ve not yet tried Burberry eyeshadows you should know that the texture is divine, so soft and velvety. I haven’t experienced fall out or creasing with any of the shades I have tried. You can see my review of 4 other shades here.

Have you tried anything from the Burberry line? I know it’s steep in price, but I highly recommend checking them out if you get the chance.

13 responses to “Another Burberry Hit: Pale Barley”

  1. I like it! I love my Burberry eyeshadows a lot. They are worth the price. I haven’t really heard about their Spring Releases either. Will need to look into that!

    • Danielle says:

      I do too. I find them creamier (and the packaging is better) than Chanel. The formula rocks my world and their colors are so easy to use!

  2. kelly says:

    yum. i am really loving the looks of products burberry puts out! i want to spend ridiculous amounts of money on the brand haha.

  3. Dovey says:

    How natural and beautiful! It really fits with the simple aesthetic the name Pale Barley implies.

  4. I love these bronze nude hues. I have patina. I don’t own any burberry but maybe i will have to try some.

    • Danielle says:

      Burberry is fast becoming my favorite high end/luxury brand. I haven’t tried a single product that I have been disappointed in! πŸ™‚

  5. Oh my, Pale Barley is gorgeous! The dimension is amazing on your eyes. I’ve heard so many good things about these eyeshadows, but for the price, I will mostly likely only purchase one. Don’t know which one to pick! They’re all so gorgeous

    • Danielle says:

      I know, the price is -__- but they are better than Chanel in my opinion! I highly recommend Pale Barley, Rosewood or Midnight Brown. Those are my favorites of the ones I have.

  6. That is a really, really pretty color and it is kinda what I have been looking for. How close to Urban Decay’s “Buck” is it? Because I keep putting “buck” on and wanting it to LOOK like the way Pale Barley looks in your pics!

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks Christine! Buck is matte while Pale Barley has shimmer to it, and Pale Barley is more gold in tone and quite a bit lighter than Buck as well. I swatched them side by side just now, and while they both seem to have a similar undertone, that’s where the similarity ends, unfortunately!

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