Back when bareMinerals first released their READY shadow formula I was stuck on which shade or shades I should choose. Then a video appeared in my Youtube subscription box that led me to my first choice. If you aren’t already watching Pinksofoxy, I suggest you subscribe to her videos. They are always fun to watch and she is genuine and honest. The video in question is here. I was so inspired that I ended up purchasing the duo and one of the loose shadows she used.

The Showstopper duo contains Bravo (periwinkle) and Encore (jeweled lavender).

And the loose shadow in Skyline:

You can see a swatch of Skyline in this post here.

The shadows are soft, pigmented and easy to blend on the eyes. I fell in love with this duo right away, and figured it was time I wrote about and show you a FOTD I did awhile back.

(no mascara on in this photo, must have remembered after I took it because I can see I have it on in the other two photos! LOL)

Wearing the Showstopper duo over NYX Milk Jumbo Pencil and Skyline to line and darker outer corner. Also wearing CARGO Blush in Catalina and Jemma Kidd Air Kiss Lipgloss in Strip on lips.

I really enjoy this pressed formula and they did a lovely job pairing shades together. These retail for $20 at Sephora and Ulta.

Tarte has released several exciting new products and shades for spring this year and I have been really antsy to try these beauties out…

That eye candy! Although I am not the biggest fan of click pen type packaging, the cute and spring-like designs on these make that detail easy to overlook. Plus, I have actually found that it’s quite handy for on-the-go application because it can be done with a single hand (unlike twist up glosses or ones with a removable wand).

They are infused with maracuja oil and retail for $21 for .12oz of product. They are formulated without:

I counted and it takes about 51-55 clicks to get the gloss to come out initially (I know, slightly annoying). But once the gloss has been, well initiated, it’s all easy street from then on. 1-2 clicks dispenses enough gloss to cover my lips. If you prefer a thicker coverage you may need another click or two. I would err on the side of caution though, because it’s easy to get too much out of application methods like these and make a mess out of the cap.

L-R: Tipsy, Flush, Amused, Charmed

I will be reviewing 4 of the shades in this post, but you can also see me wearing Natural Beauty in this post. You might be seeing another shade or two come up in a giveaway and look for other shades coming soon in FOTDs. πŸ™‚

Swatches L-R: Tipsy, Flush, Amused, Charmed

I find the glosses to be neither sticky nor slippery. It also has a slight minty scent and a hint of a tingle on the lips. I dislike most “lip plumping” products because I find the tingle to be more of a burn and irritation. That’s not the same feeling I get with these. It’s a slight cooling sensation and I quite like it. They are quite shiny and last about 3-4 hours on me (if you add eating and drinking it would probably reduce to 2 hours). There is a nice color selection in shades that are creamy or shimmery. If you are looking for really high pigmentation you probably should look elsewhere as that’s not what you get here.

Tipsy (my personal favorite next to Natural Beauty)




I really enjoy the feeling of these glosses (and this is coming from a person who has really been more into lipstick the last several months). I like that as they wear off my lips feel moisturized (must be the maracuja oil) and soft. It’s not like some glosses that I put on and feel like my lips need chapstick or balm underneath.

The packaging alone won me over, but the formula within doesn’t disappoint. If you are looking for something pretty to carry in your bag this spring, I suggest heading over to Sephora and giving these a look πŸ˜‰

*the products in this post were provided by PR for consideration and review only*

Blush lovers rejoice! Tarte has released 4 new shades of their Amazonian Clay line and I couldn’t be happier!

As you know, these blushes stole the top spot for best blush of 2011, and for good reason. The formula is amazing; it lasts well throughout the day, blends easily on the skin and comes in a variety of lovely shades.

Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blushes retail for $25 for .20 oz and are formulated without:

The four new shades are:

I already owned Glisten and Adored from the previous releases and here are side-by-side in the pan photos of how the two releases compare:

Old Glisten vs New Glisten: In person, they seem pretty identical. My old one just shows wear vs being perfectly in tact.

New Adored vs Old Adored: The packaging color changed, and the new one seems to be a slight bit brighter. I can’t tell if the color of the packaging is just throwing my judgment or if they are indeed different. If there is a difference, it is slight, the new Adored being slightly brighter than the old version.

Tarte Frisky

Natural Beauty vs Frisky: I also thought you might be wondering (as I did) how does Natural Beauty compare to Frisky? Are they same except one has sparkles? I say no. Frisky is more pink/peach and Natural Beauty has more red.

Tarte Buff

Tarte Buff vs Exposed: I also figured the same about Buff and Exposed. Buff is definitely more brown/tan than the pink toned Exposed. Both are flattering on my skin tone, but this gives others more options when it comes to a nude blush from this line.Β 

Swatches with flash L-R: Glisten, Buff, Adored, Frisky

(I used my old Glisten and Adored for theses swatches…maybe a giveaway in the near future πŸ˜‰ )

Swatches in natural light L-R: Glisten, Buff, Adored, Frisky

Wearing Tarte Frisky lightly on Cheek, Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine gloss in Natural Beauty, Tarte Amazonian Clay liner in Rich Green, Bare Minerals Ready Shadow Scenic Route duo

Wearing Buff on Cheek, same items as above.

Initially the sparkle in both Buff and Frisky made me a little apprehensive, but as you can see on the cheeks they look natural and are not even close to approaching disco ball territory. I am pleased that all of the blushes have the same high quality and longevity of the previously released shades.

You can find the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes at Sephora, Ulta, QVC and Not all of the shades are available everywhere. It appears that Ulta carries Adored and Glisten but not Buff or Frisky (yet) but Sephora has the entire line available.

Will you be indulging in some new blush for spring? I highly recommend you check these shades out, you won’t be disappointed πŸ™‚

*the products in this post were sent by PR for consideration and review*

I got to thinking yesterday that it had been a bit of time since I last did a color themed post (one of my favorites to do actually). I put it out there on Twitter asking what colors I should do next and Arianne of Glitter Geek suggested Emeralds as one and I thought that would be a good place to start these off again (Tangerine is next on the agenda).

There are many variations of the Emerald shade, from bright and glowing to deep and blackened. Either way they are striking.

Emerald Polishes! L-R: China Glaze Gussied Up Green (gifted to me by lovely Jessica of Getting Cheeky), Zoya Holly, Zoya Ivanka, China Glaze Emerald Sparkle

All are sparkly. I should have considered NARS Zulu when choosing, but to be honest Zulu doesn’t exactly strike me as a jewel tone, but it would have provided some contrast to the very sparkly polishes above as it is more of a jelly consistency with no shimmer whatsoever.

L-R: China Glaze Emerald Sparkle, Zoya Ivanka, China Glaze Gussied Up Green, Zoya Holly

Too Faced Lucky Charms- from the Fun in the Dark palette.

Urban Decay Loaded and Kush from the NYC Palette

Nite Owl from the Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicles Vol. 1 palette (PS- I LOVE the packaging and names of the shadows for this palette and the quality is lovely)

Clockwise from left: L’Oreal Infallible in Emerald Lame (thank you Arianne!), Maybelline Color Tattoo in Edgy Emerald, Maybelline gel liner in Forest, Urban Decay 24-7 pencil in Graffiti.

Swatches with Flash L-R: UD Loaded, KatVonD Nite Owl, Too Faced Lucky Charms, US Kush, L’Oreal Emerald Lame, UD Graffiti, Maybelline Edgy Emerald, Maybelline Forest

Swatches in Natural Light L-R: UD Loaded, KatVonD Nite Owl, Too Faced Lucky Charms, US Kush, L’Oreal Emerald Lame, UD Graffiti, Maybelline Edgy Emerald, Maybelline Forest

I can’t say a bad thing about any of these liners or shadows. They all are pretty and unique in their own way. Also, if you really enjoy the Maybelline Forest liner it is pretty much a dead on dupe of the UD Loaded shade. I initially had them swatched right next to each other, and they were so similar I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference if they weren’t different textures.

UD Loaded vs Maybelline Forest

What are your go to Emerald shades? Do you have any matte suggestions? I realized I don’t have a single matte-looking variation! Also, please feel free to leave your suggestions for upcoming colors. Tangerine is next, but I’d leave to hear what else you are interested in seeing! πŸ™‚


Although this collection has been around for several months now, I have finally jumped on the bandwagon and picked up two things from Illamasqua’s fall release. What really prompted me to start lemming one of these was a post by the beautiful and talented Silhouette Screams back in September, here. Then, after hemming and hawing for awhile I came upon another post from Sabrina of A Little Obsessed here that totally sealed the deal for me. So what did I pick up?

Belladonna Intense Lipgloss (that name!! swoon!) it totally reminded me of that Sandra Bullock movie Practical Magic, which is basically one of those movies my mom and I share as a movie we really only watch together. So, of course, I had to get it!

These glosses are called intense for a reason. They are highly, highly pigmented. For how pigmented they are I am impressed by how easily I can swipe this on and not mess up. Most pigmented glosses and lipsticks I have to be careful with, but this one applies with ease. It is also not sticky, a trait I no longer tolerate that well in my glosses, but nor is it entirely slippery. It is the perfect balance between the two. It is one of the longer wearing ones I own and will stick around for a good 4 hours.

Wearing Illamasqua Belladonna on lips.

Oh, and I had to include this clip!!

Then of course I had to check out one of the new shimmer blushes…

Ambition blush is exactly what I wanted. Although the shimmer looks a bit scary in the pan it doesn’t translate that way on the cheeks. Absolutely work friendly- I have worn it to meetings and to the office several times. It stays put all day as all of the Illamasqua powder blushes I have tried do. It’s easy to blend but a light hand is required or you will over-do it. This gives such a nice rosy, natural flush to my cheeks; it’s like I stepped outside in the cold for just a second.

L-R: NARS Taos, Illamasqua Ambition, Tarte Amazonian Clay in Passion, Milani Red Vino

(just a side note, that tarte blush came in a limited edition set from QVC, it is not available for individual sale as of right now)

I had to do some swatch comparisons of course! Taos is far too red and Red Vino is darker with more pronounced golden shimmer and it is also more sheer. Passion is fairly close but leans more pink/berry than the more neutral toned Ambition.

Wearing Illamasqua Ambition on Cheeks

Overall I highly recommend both of these items. I haven’t encountered an Illamasqua product that has disappointed me yet. Have you tried the brand? What are your recommendations?