20. 11. 2011

You may or may not have heard about Essie’s newest collection of polishes being released (already available online) in stores soon. It’s called Luxeffects and features polishes meant for layering, or giving a certain effect. My first choice from this collection was Shine of the Times, for obvious reasons.

Essie Shine of the Times

It’s a flakie, and the reason why so many nail junkies are going ga-ga for this color. It’s nice to see Essie stepping up it’s game like this. The dimension here is out of this world. The formula itself is pretty thick. It’s easy to use, but it requires a little more patience. It’s worth the slightly extra effort for the effect that you get.

In order to show what this polish can do, I decided to test it over several different shades, textures and formulas.

Zoya Danielle, OPI Honk if You Love OPI, NARS Zulu

The first ones I chose were Zoya’s Danielle (for a muted opalescent effect) and two darker shades, one that is a cream and one that is a jelly.

Essie Shine of the Times


Essie Shine of the Times over Zoya Danielle


Essie Shine of the Times over NARS Zulu


Essie Shine of the Times over OPI Honk if You Love OPI

Shine of the Times looks pretty on it’s own, and sparkly. Zulu brings out the the gold and Honk if you Love OPI brings out the coppery-pink tones. Zoya Danielle is almost the same as wearing it alone, except that it covers your nail a bit.

Essie Midnight Cami, ELF Black, Chanel Graphite, Deborah Lippmann Believe

Of course I wanted to try it over other darker shades, a cream black (ELF Black), a dark sparkly blue like Essie Midnight Cami, over a metallic shade like Chanel Graphite and over something lighter and only slightly metallic, Deborah Lippmann Believe.

Essie Shine of the Times over Essie Midnight Cami


Essie Shine of the Times over ELF Black


Essie Shine of the Times over Chanel Graphite


Essie Shine of the Times over Deborah Lippmann Believe

I really liked this over Believe. Super pretty! I don’t really wear black nail polish so I doubt I will ever be wearing the ELF combo, but for those who do like black, it makes a really unique effect over it. I didn’t care for it over Midnight Cami personally, but I could see ladies sporting this. Chanel Graphite surprised me as it added a whole other dimension to it. I stopped at a Chanel counter with this combo on and the sales woman remarked at how gold Chanel Graphite looked on me. I let her in on my secret and she loved it!

Overall, Shine of the Times is a unique polish to my collection that makes just about every polish look…cooler. Are you into flakie polishes? Do any of the Luxeffect polishes appeal to you? Dish!

12 responses to “A Luxe Effect Indeed.”

  1. Jessica says:

    Need need need need! This is lovely Danielle thank you for demonstrating with so many different shades and finishes.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Thanks so much for these helpful photos! It really shows off how versatile this “effect” nail polish is. Looks great over all the shades you posted (again, thx for posting so many different ones!) but I’m really loving it over the darker shades. It shows off the pearlescent flakes so much better.

  3. Larie says:

    Yikes, I need this! Now! Love the combos you came up with!

  4. really pretty, love it over believe the best!

  5. kelly says:

    neat! i have sally hansen hidden treasure so i know i wont be needing this. loved the combos you showed.

  6. lilladylife says:

    oh i love flake polishes but all the one i have tried are terrible!! this one looks insanely better!!

  7. Hannah says:

    Wow this is so cool. My fave would have to be it over the Nars polish, that is so stunning!!

  8. Sarah S. says:

    Thanks for showing it over all the different polishes! This is super-pretty and festive 🙂

  9. Kelsey says:

    It looks incredible over the darker polished!

  10. So pretty! It looks good over all the dark shades especially Nars zulu!

  11. Drooooooooool. It looks SO good over the dark polishes *____*

  12. SD says:

    cant wait to get my hands on these! ah-maze!!


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