My love for Giorgio Armani’s Eyes to Kill Intense shadows is well known. I have a number of them now and they are my absolute go-to cream shadows. You can see some of my previous thoughts on them here and here. When I found out about the new limited edition holiday shades, I knew I was going to be in trouble.

O, hai there!


Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Holiday shades

#19 is a gorgeous shade with an even mix of gold and silver. #18 is a nice light gold and is the exact shade I searched high and low for last Christmas when I wanted a sparkly gold cream shadow. I purchased Urban Decay’s Greed Primer Potion, which pales in comparison to this shadow. The sparkle factor on these shades is phenomenal and I don’t experience fall out.  There is also a pure silver shade (I believe it’s # 17) that I did not purchase because it just didn’t appeal to me like these two did. But if you are a silver gal, you may just want to check it out.

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Instense #19

Do you see this amazingness?!?! This is hands down my favorite of the two. When swatched together it reminds me of a creamy white gold shade verging on pewter, you will see what I mean in a minute. I have layered this under several shadows and it just gives a different life and dimension to them. I also feel like this is extremely eye-catching and eye-brightening.

Feel free to pause here and gaze at this…I know I am! 😉

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense #18

This shadow combined with Chanel’s Triomphal gloss (which you will see here soon, and I posted a photo of me wearing this on Twitter, here) is holiday magic, ladies. This is my favorite kind of gold. I don’t care for golds that are too orange or burnished. I like mine to be yellow and light and full of sparkle.

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense 18 and 19 in sunlight

I did a light swatch and then a heavier swatch. I kind of feel like the swatches don’t do these justice. I will have pictures of them on my eyes very very soon!

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense #18 and #19, indirect sunlight

Both of these shades are lovely to work with and can both be worn on their own, sheerly, built up, or layered. The formula is beyond for me, and lasts all day with no primer and no creasing. They can be worn and used wet, though I didn’t show them wet in my swatches because that’s not how I prefer to wear them. If you would like to see swatches with MAC Fix+, I would be happy to do so.

Do I recommend these? Of course. If you are on a budget (these aren’t cheap at $32/each) I would recommend the gold/silver mix- #19. It is such a unique mixture and unique shade. I absolutely adore it. You get a lot of product for the money (4g) which is the same as the Chanel Illusion d’Ombre shadows, more than Bobbi Brown Cream Shadows (3.5 grams) and less then MAC Paint Pots (5g).

These are available from Nordstrom’s website, but I called and ordered mine early from the very wonderful and helpful Kathy Shoreman of Neiman Marcus in Washington D.C., and you can catch her on Twitter here, or call her at 571-533-4972. She twitpic’s product photos and swatches too!

Have you tried the Eyes to Kill Intense shadows?

16 responses to “A Little Holiday Sparkle From Giorgio Armani”

  1. Brooke says:

    #19… swooooon – I need this

  2. Kelly says:

    these are so pretty! I’m a huge fan of gold eye shadow at the moment . . .

  3. Larie says:

    Pretty! I also like my golds light and sparkly and almost silvery.

  4. Sarah S. says:

    Man, these are sooo pretty in their pots <3

    • Danielle says:

      They are pretty on too 😉 My photos couldn’t capture their awesomeness, but hopefully after my sickness goes away I can put up a FOTD or two with them on. 🙂

  5. jessica says:

    I loooove these they are super gorgeous

  6. Pretty!! I like #19. I wonder how long before they get up here!

  7. This sounds weird, but #19 looks like a planet in the jar! Like looking down on a planet from in space. Very pretty :3

  8. Eliza says:

    This is sooooo gorgeous! <3 If I were to get these here it's gonna cost me an arm and a leg! boo! 🙁

  9. Paris B says:

    I had just convinced myself I didn’t need #18 and #19, convinced they are too light for me. But after seeing your swatches, I’m kicking myself for not getting them 😛 Tricky business since we don’t get GA here

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