Hi ladies! I didn’t really intend to post two bigger posts back to back, but such is life. πŸ˜‰

EDIT: Two new pictures of the paint pots have been added below. One is with Let’s Skate in direct sunlight, no flash and the other is a comparison swatch of Dangerous Cuvee Paint Pot and For Effect.

MAC Glitter & Ice has landed!

MAC Glitter & Ice is coming soon and I just got my order in today! I wanted to share my swatches and thoughts in case you hadn’t decided what to order yet. First, I’m not a huge fan of the white packaging. It looks wintery enough but I neither love nor loathe it. I did however enjoy the silver boxes that everything came. Oooh…something shiny to play with. Or, at least that’s what my mind told me..

MAC Unconditionally Fabulous vs China Glaze Snow Globe

I am not going to swatch these right now because I don’t know if I will be keeping the MAC one. In person they are very similar but you can see the MAC glitter is smaller than in the China Glaze. Bummer. I was hoping for the white polish that looked like a candy shop/ice cream shop for your nails.

MAC Glitter & Ice Paint Pots (without flash)

MAC Glitter & Ice Paint Pots (flash)


L-R: Let's Skate, Morning Frost, For Effect

I knew I would love Morning Frost being that it’s in the same vein of shade I tend to go for a lot (think lighter golden taupe). The one that really surprised me was Let’s Skate. It looked ok in swatches but nothing stellar. I ordered it just to see and honestly, I love the shade. It has a golden-pink shimmer in it that makes it look iridescent. A stunner for sure! For Effect is a charcoal grey with plenty of shimmer (think Cham-Pale paint pots in terms of texture and glitter/shimmer). I like them all, but Morning Frost and Let’s Skate are stand outs.

MAC Snow Season MES


L-R: Snow Season over Pixie Epoxy, Snow Season Dry, Snow Season over Morning Frost

I am admittedly not the biggest MES fan. For the money, I think the shadows could use significant improvement. Usually. Snow Season is a great one, though and is worth the money in my opinion. It’s lighter on it’s own but over Pixie Epoxy it shines and looks gorgeous over Morning Frost.

MAC Shimmermint MES


L-R: Shimmermint over Pixie Epoxy and Shimmermint Dry

I was expecting Shimmermint to be a little more….mint. And maybe for some people it is, being how the colors can vary pretty drastically based on veining. It’s pretty and smooth and one of the better MES I’ve swatched and touched. It’s very winter-like. Icy, without being blue.

MAC Whirls & Twirls Lipstick


MAC Seasonally Spicy Technakohl


L-R: Whirls & Twirls, Seasonally Spicy

Whirls & Twirls is exactly as I thought it’d be. It’s a glaze so I knew it was sheer and shimmery. It has a lovely iridescent quality to it again and is truly unique to my collection. I love that it’s shimmery without being frosty.

Seasonally Spicy I got just to try the Technakohl formula. Having never tried it before I didn’t know what to expect. It’s a nice shade, and goes opaque fairly easily. It’s not as soft as my Urban Decay 24-7 pencils, but it also dries to a nice firm liner. I tried to smudge it after about 30 seconds and the thing wouldn’t budge. it was like it had formed a layer on my skin and was …adhered? to it. Can’t wait to test the wear time!

MAC Dazzleglass She-Zam


MAC She-Zam Swatch

I already had the She-Zam Dazzleglass from a previous release. I couldn’t tell you what one that was because I got mine from a CCO. It’s nice, definitely not an everyday gloss for me and it’s super sparkly. Hate to use the word for the third time this post…but it isΒ  iridescent. Or, a silver-opal.

EDIT: Adding extra swatches:

L-R: MAC For Effect vs Dangerous Cuvee (natural light, no flash)


Let's Skate Paint Pot, direct sunlight

Those were the items that stood out in the collection for me. I hemmed and hawed at some of the other items for awhile, but determined that my collection just didn’t have room for the other items in there.

What are you planning to haul? Did this collection do it for you or were you unimpressed? Dish!

20 responses to “MAC Glitter & Ice: First Impressions & Swatches”

  1. lilladylife says:

    the nail polish is so pretty! this collection has quite a bit of sparkles! hmm not loving the paint pot lids….but the shadows do look pretty cute incased in white! Im so behind MAC!!!!i dont even know what MES stands for, ahhh need to catch up!! but thanks for the recap of the winter collection!!!! ur always the best at the swatches! the gloss looks festive!

  2. Ahhh is this collection out on the shelves? Everything is so pretty!!

  3. Sarah S. says:

    I really want Whirls & Twirls πŸ™‚ For some reason I get the biggest kick out of special MAC lipstick tubes.

  4. Jessica says:

    Lovely selection doll! How on earth do you get everything so early: must admit I’m quite jellous πŸ˜‰
    You’re changing my mind about Shimmermint. Even though it’s not a color I’d normally wear it’s just … lovely! I can imagine it would look great on a winter day.
    I’m thinking of picking up Unconditionally Fabulous (STILL don’t have a polish like this one yet!), I’ve preordered Lets Skate and Morning Frost, but now I want For Effect as well!

    As always you’re dangerous for my wallet, dear!
    β™₯ Jessica

  5. Kayla says:

    You and Jessica are killing me with these swatches! I had totally written off this collection until today. Need Paint Pots, lipsticks, liners, and maybe a Dazzleglass. =D

  6. Tamsin says:

    I am BEYOND excited for this collection. Thank you for swatching them! Now I have the bad decision of choosing between what I buy! So many lovely items. I actually really like the wintery style packaging. Gives a nice little break from the classic dark packaging. My mind definitely tells me to play with shiny things too πŸ˜‰ xxx

  7. Delyteful Speaks says:

    wow that’s a whole lota glitter!

  8. Jennifer says:

    I love that pink paint pot, must have for me.

  9. Sabrina says:

    I don’t think I want anything…. I’m getting into matte shades more and more and this looks too shimmery for me. Maybe I’ll get one of the kits

  10. Jessica says:

    I’m disappointed in this collection, but your swatch of Let’s Skate has me intrigued! I thought it looked awful and chalky in Temptalia’s swatch, but yours is lovely! I wonder what it’d look like under Tender Bisque e/s from Mac Me Over.

  11. Megan says:

    Wow this collection looks lovely and I’m usually nonplussed about MAC these days. I’m really into the paint pots and that technokahl is such a great rich brown colour.

  12. Joyce says:

    “Glitter and Ice” is definitely an appropriate name for this collection because most of the products seem to have at least some glitter in them. I guess I can easily skip this collection because I’m not a fan of glitter. ^_^

  13. Justine says:

    I didn’t know this was out already either! I love how US mac orders put black tissue paper inside, we don’t get that, just an ugly cardboard box.

  14. Alexis says:

    Just came across your blog while looking for Glitter & Ice reviews. You solidified my decision to get the paint pots and that lipstick :). Thanks!

  15. Love this review and swatches are great – I have a hopping list forming in my head now!!. If you’re looking for a more cake-shop type glittery nail polish have you tried China Glaze ‘Candi’ (I think thats how its spelt. Its got a light pink base and glitter – very nice πŸ™‚

  16. Pappetee says:

    I originally wanted to pass on the paint pots (which I am a big fan of) but you changed my mind. I want to get Let’s Skate. Thanks for the awesome swatches! πŸ™‚

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