Hi ladies! I was so excited to start this week because…short work week! I’m only in the office until Wednesday and then, it’s wilderness time! 🙂 I literally cannot wait to get out of cell phone range and be totally unplugged! But, for now I am still here. I had two reader requests recently that I wanted to go ahead and post about it. Both are blush related.I hope this helps you ladies out, and thanks for being such sweethearts 😉

Milani Luminoso vs MAC Nuance

The first request was to show how Milani Luminoso and MAC Nuance blushes compare. As you can see, Luminoso has more pink to it, and Nuance is more of a true peach. Nuance was a limited edition shade (or it was discontinued) and isn’t available anymore (try CCO or AllCosmeticsWholesale as they both usually have it). They are similar, but not dupes.

The next request was to swatch all of my MAC blushes. I had to wait for it to get sunny out, and luckily today gave me a bit of sun later in the day and I was able to swatch everything before dusk hit!

MAC Blush Swatches


MAC Blush Swatches


MAC Blush Swatches


MAC Blush Swatches


MAC Blush Swatches


That’s it for now! I still have my eye on a few blushes from MAC, namely Melba, Cantaloupe, and Burnt Pepper. Are there any other MAC permanent blushes you feel are must haves? Lemme know! I am truly a blush girl and am always looking to try new favorites.

I know I still need to do a NARS blush post as well, and believe me that’s coming soon. I just need to wrap up some other things first. I am always happy to take requests, whether it’s comparing things with swatches or otherwise.

10 responses to “Reader Requests! 1st Edition”

  1. Destinee says:

    Definitely pick up Melba. Its a beautiful everyday color. I love it!

  2. lilladylife says:

    Instant Chic looks nice, maybe during a re promote? Gingerly is one everyone seems to love, it looks so easy to wear! Nuance is pretty! Lately I have been lemming MAC’s Earth to Earth, damn discontinuation!!

  3. i need margin and dirty plum!!! so nice….booo to it being discontinued 🙁

    Vonnie of Socialitedreams.com

  4. Kelly says:

    Bite of an Apple is one of my all time favorites! I usually don’t go for bright blush, but I find it goes on quite sheer. 😀

  5. Diane says:

    thank you thank you thank you Danielle for granting my wish of the MAC swatches.you’re a saint well a beauty saint/fairy godmother ;D .it means so much that you actually went to the trouble and made an effort to grant my request.they’re all beautiful.i can’t pick…can you help me out?which ones above are suitable and complement asian/tan/olive skin?Would really appreciate some help again.sorry you might start thinking that I’m abusing and taking advantage of you.hahaha. ;D BUT beleive me when i say you’re a wonderful blogger.thanks again.much love from me to you.

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks Diane. I was happy to help!

      I think Peaches and Plum Foolery would be great for you. Fleur Power would probably look amazing as well. Happy shopping! 🙂

      • diane says:

        oh thank you for the recommendations.i agree with you.i already had my eye on peaches.we think alike.hahaha =D Fantastic choices will definitely keep my eyes on them when i do finally go shopping for my first mac products.but it’s not until November.grrr. now i’m all sad again =C lol.

  6. Betty says:

    Definitely Style, is an absolute favorite of mine and a must have!
    Sunbasque is another blush you should definitely check out 🙂

  7. Hot damn, now I want all these blushes! Especially Milani Luminoso, MAC Nuance, Margin, Salsarose, and Azalea!

    I wish I’d got Pink Cult when it was out, my friend bought it and I thought it looked like such a wearable neutral nudey pink but didn’t buy it. >__> *stalks ebay*

  8. […] ten. The reason is that although I think MAC does make a nice blush (as evidenced by my collection here) and has the most extensive range of colors, their formula doesn’t usually ‘wow’ […]

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