Ok, it wasn’t long ago that I only owned a few plum or berry blushes and honestly, I felt like my range was *really* lacking. I am a total blush fiend, so I happily went on the hunt for newΒ  blushes for the fall. I have spent spring-summer hauling so many oranges, peaches, corals and honestly, I am kind of over those colors for nails and cheeks right now. As we head into fall I will be relying more and more on plum, raspberry, pinks and nudes.

Here are a few good options, should you be in the market for a plum blush as well πŸ™‚

Feels like fall!


Same, different lighting


Plums/Berries Part 1


Swatches, L-R in all photos:

Plums/Berries Part 2

Swatches, L-R:

What are your favorite plum shades? Are you into a certain color right now? Do tell!

*Update: I did chat with MAC on 9/15/11 about Dirty Plum and it was confirmed that the shade has been discontinued.*

19 responses to “I’m Going Berry Plum Crazy!”

  1. Alex says:

    Love cabana boy! Exactly what you said – a great way to add plum but not go nuts with it.

  2. Ebru says:

    Too bad Dirty Plum was discontinued, it’s so pretty! I also love your Blushing Bride swatch. Funny because I swatch it every time I’m at Ulta, I swatched it literally couple hours ago and it looked so blah. Other times it seems gorgeous. I have such a love/hate relationship with it ahhh! On a Mission also looks great! I will need to hit up CCO soon and try my luck! Thanks for amazing swatches girlie! <3

    • Danielle says:

      I know what you mean dear. Sometimes I think it’s the blush in the store, or the store lighting. So many hands touch those samplers and it ruins the blush…some of the tarte ones at my Sephora and Ulta I wouldn’t even touch they look so bad! But, at home it looks very nice. I wouldn’t call it a must have though, if that makes you feel better πŸ˜‰ I love the tarte formula more than I love this particular shade. Cabana Boy is great, as is Dirty Plum and Sin from Illamasqua.

  3. MakeYuUp says:

    Plum Foolery looks gorgeous! I’ve swatched it a few times without looking at the name too cuz it’s so pretty πŸ™‚ And NARS Sin was my go-to blush in fall/winter last year! πŸ™‚

  4. lilladylife says:

    omg! i own illamasqua sin and have NEVER used it, bc its so PURPLE in the case but its gorgeous on the skin this fal and winter for definite!!! must try this!!! i didnt know it looked that rasberry! and Blushing Bride and Exposed from Tarte are DEF on the Sephora FF list!! bc of u dear =)

    • Danielle says:

      I KNOW! I was SO shocked when I swatched it…like WHAAAA….where did that raspberry come from??? LOL. It’s more wearable than I thought just looking at it! Ohhh, girrrrllll….. Exposed and Blushing Bride are gonna be GREAT for the fall and winter!

  5. Jessica says:

    It’s as though you read my mind! I’m thinking of purchasing Sin when I get home, but I wanted to see it swatched next to Dirty Plum to see if they were too similar. You’ve saved the day! I think they’re different enough that I can justify buying it!

    β™₯ Jessica

  6. Of course one of the most unattainable ones (Dirty Plum) is one of my favourites of the bunch! I might have to settle for NARS Sin instead πŸ™‚

    • Danielle says:

      Yeah, I am still waiting to hear because I received a comment indicating that it may still be available. I don’t see it on MAC’s website personally. I know it was a PRO color before, and I had read that it was discontinued. But, if I hear different, I will let you know!! πŸ™‚ Sin is a great blush though, you can’t go wrong with it!

  7. Plum Foolery looks really nice! I like that it seems to have peachy undertones?

    I wonder how MAC dirty plum looks on the cheeks :s

    Great post hun!

  8. Joanne_ says:

    Dirty Plum isn’t discontinued…it can be found on the mac site πŸ™‚

    • Danielle says:

      I got excited when I saw your comment, but when I look on the regular U.S. MAC site it isn’t there…is it possible it’s a PRO color only now? I had heard that even for the PRO site it was discontinued, but if it’s still available I’d love to know! πŸ™‚

  9. Jacquelyn says:

    Love your blush swatches!! I too am glad to own Dirty Plum blush and I have not yet used it on my cheeks yet and will one of these days.

  10. Yogi says:

    Wonderful! I love plum blushes!!! I like dirty plum a lot in this comparison.. But first IΒ΄d have to figure out how to get my hands on nars sin.

  11. Nina says:

    Thank you for swatching! I wanted sin but it was quite expensive like most nars blushes so I went and got cabana boy. I love it ! I’m still a newbie in plum blushes.

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