11. 09. 2011

By now, all of you have heard about MAC’s latest collection, MAC Me Over. For the first time in quite a while I was actually pretty excited for this release. MAC is hit and miss with it’s limited edition collections for me, and when I finally see one that catches my eye, I go a little crazy. The last time I liked so many things from one collection was almost a year ago, when Venomous Villains released.

MAC Me Over- Lady Grey Eyeshadow Quad


Swatches L-R: All Races, Tendersmoke, Lady Grey, Hazy Day

This is the first quad in quite some time that I have been attracted to, even remotely. I happened to swatch the entire collection at my local MAC Counter before it released, and as soon as I touched this, I knew it would be mine! Hazy Day is my favorite of the four, but all of them work well together. All Races looks sheer in the swatch, but on the lids, it’s actually quite pigmented. I was taken back by how good it looked on.

MAC Me Over Creamy Bisque


MAC Me Over Moleskin

MAC Me Over Outre


Swatches L-R: Creamy Bisque, Moleskin, Outre

Initially, the only shadows that appealed to me were Moleskin and Outre, just because I felt like those were shadows that MAC didn’t have something comparable to in their permanent range. But, again, swatching them in store first left me with another one on my list…Creamy Bisque. It was so utterly smooth and gorgeous. And actually, not like any other MAC shadow I own or that I was able to see in their permanent line at the counter…even the MUA was impressed with it (we swatched them for the first time together). I’ve actually become quite chummy with her, and we can talk makeup for literally over an hour while swatching….it’s happened more than once 😉

MAC Me Over Cakeshop Shadestick


MAC Me Over Seaside Cream Colour Base


MAC Me Over Midnight Blues Fluidline


MAC Me Over Avenue Fluidline


L-R: Cakeshop, Seaside, Avenue, Midnight Blues

Cakeshop and Avenue appealed to me instantly. After seeing swatches online, they were already firmly on my wishlist. Seaside and Midnight Blues had intrigued me, but I hadn’t seen any concrete swatches of these two and was therefore more hesitant. But, once I touched them for myself, it was clear they would be in my collection. Seaside is an absolutely stunning peachy highlighter. Midnight Blues is a lovely teal fluidline, and I didn’t yet have a gel liner in a teal shade so it seemed perfect for my teal obsession. Avenue is a gorgeous dark brown with sparkle in it. If you look at the picture of the fluidline itself, you can see gold and copper and it’s one of the prettiest gel liners I own.

MAC 226 Brush

The one item I heard about the most was the elusive 226 brush. They didn’t sell this online and I have to give a huge thanks to Kia from Killer Lipgloss for getting this for me. It is an AMAZING crease brush.

The 226 up close

It is soft and does a great job for adding color and blending out the crease. No shedding yet in the first week, but I will keep you all posted if it starts acting up on me.

For me, this collection was one that needed to be seen in person. There were some items I didn’t particularly care for, but was happy to order and now use all of the items here. In fact, I use Moleskin every single day now to blend out all of my eyeshadow looks.

Then, as long as I was already ordering from MAC, I picked out two lipsticks.

L-R: Korean Candy and Patisserie

Jessica from Getting Cheeky recommended Patisserie as a great nude lip, and I am thankful she did. It’s a great “my lips but better” shade on me.

I posted a twitpic of me wearing Korean Candy last weekend, but if you care to see how it looks on another lovely blogger, check out Tiffany from Will Work For Makeup’s post where she shows this shade as well. It’s really a nice shade. I pretty much love the entire Sheen Supreme line, so it’s not a shock that I enjoyed this one.

Did you pick anything up from this collection? I am thrilled with all of my purchases.

29 responses to “MAC Me Over, Please.”

  1. Mercedes says:

    Why didn’t I see those eyeshadows?? Are they pigmented once on your lids?

    • Danielle says:

      Absolutely! I actually found the lady grey ones to be more pigmented on my lids than in the swatch, the other three are exactly what you see in the swatch on the lid 🙂

  2. Dinah says:

    Omg! Sooo pretty. I love everything you’ve picked up. You make me want to go to Mac!

  3. ShannoninBC says:

    I picked up Midnight Blues, Avenue and So So So lipstick – love, love, love them all…but hearing great things about Creamy Bisque so now I’m kinda lemming LOL Midnight Blues is a bluer liner than Siahi from the Mickey Contractor collection but VERY similar so if anyone has Siahi, don’t bother purchasing Midnight Blues!

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks for the tip Shannon! I don’t have Siahi, but I did swatch it at a CCO once, and now that you mention it…they look very similar. Creamy Bisque is a sleeper hit, at least for me. It was definitely a swatch thing. If I hadn’t swatched it in person, I never would have bought it!

  4. Makeup Diary says:

    Beautiful photos. I love the swatches. It really makes me want to shop at MAC. It’s been a few months.

  5. MakeYuUp says:

    Wooow Moleskin looks so pretty!

    I know what you mean about LE’s being so meh sometimes – I haven’t bought anything LE since Champale! I’m really excited for Posh Paradise though 🙂

    • Danielle says:

      Wow! That’s almost 9 months!! Good job avoiding the LE stuff for so long! I have found some great LE items this year…but most of the collections I only like 1 or 2 things from.

  6. Jessica says:

    So happy you got Patisserie! Such an easy, “don’t need a mirror” color to slap on 🙂

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Aseya says:

    Oh those fluidlines are gorgeous!! I’m definitely going to get those when they get released over here! (We JUST got Semi Precious haha)

  8. AngelaQ says:

    awesome stuff, i was thinking of buying some eyeshadows form mac, thanks for swatching yours. xx

  9. Kelly says:

    great haul! I ended up picking up Stunner! How do you like the shadestick?

    • Danielle says:

      Stunner looks pretty! 🙂 I actually like it a lot. It’s not as hard as the ones I have swatched at CCO. It’s a very different shade too!

  10. OMG the 226. I totally forgot about that. Need it!

  11. Sabrina says:

    I want Moleskin & Outre…sigh!

  12. Jessica says:

    I did the same thing with Creamy Bisque – I had absolutely no interest in it whatsoever, but when I swatched it, WOW. It’s so beautiful! It was love-at-first-swatch with Seaside CCB for me as well. I really love this collection!

  13. Tiffany says:

    You got so much good stuff! I especially like the look of Avenue fluidline and Moleskin eyeshadow 🙂 Patisserie looks like it would be a great everyday lipstick, too!

  14. Jacquelyn says:

    You got some amazing stuff from Make Me Over collection!! Moleskin is my favorite eyeshadow from that collection along with Mythical and Carbonized! Patisserie is a lovely nude! I adore it so much and I have not used it in such a long time. Need to give it more love!

  15. ohh i just got mac’s ‘vanilla’ and creamy bisque looks so much more like what I was looking for! so pretty!

  16. Arianne says:

    I so want Outre! I’m curious to see how this colour translates on my skin tone, since apparently mustard/saffron shades are quite flattering on the skin. I did not know this! I always thought it was a yucky colour.

    Love LOVE Korean Candy on you in the Twitpic. How does the formula compare to other MAC formulas?

  17. Jen W says:

    I want everything here! Those MAC Me Over Fluidlines especially, and Outre too.

    I’ve purchased Korean Candy lipstick on a whim, and I’m glad I did after looking at it here- should be getting it in the mail any day now.

    • Danielle says:

      I can’t wait to see how Korean Candy looks on you! I bet it’ll look fantastic as always!! The fluidlines are really something special. Outre is such a different shade, and at first I was hesitant when I saw swatches online because it looked so….ugly. But on my skin tone it actually works nicely!

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