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I saw this fun TAG post over at My Funny Valentine and decided I wanted to give it a go. I always like reading things about the bloggers behind the blogs I read :) and hopefully, you do too!

Top 5 Beverages

  • Ice water with fresh lemon
  • Apple Juice
  • Strawberry/Banana & Tofu smoothies
  • Mount Royal Light & Water, splash of Rose’s lime
  • Fountain Soda (Coke, Sprite, Pepsi)

(Honorable Mentions: Pink Lemonade, Margaritas)

Top 5 Snacks

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  • Popcorn (Kettle corn, movie theater, caramel corn, etc.)
  • Watermelon
  • Chocolate Covered Pretzels
  • Nachos
  • Yogurt (frozen, regular, with fruit)

Honorable Mention: Bananas (I freakin’ love bananas and I am never without some at my house)

Top 5 Books

  • Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (I loved the audiobook version. Have listened to it several times)
  • The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown (Angels & Demons was excellent as well. Currently in the middle of his latest book The Lost Symbol)
  • Hard Eight by Janet Evanovich (I like all of the regular Stephanie Plum series books)
  • Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain (I also prefer this in audio version. He is an excellent narrator.)
  • Extraordinary, Ordinary People by Condoleezza Rice (I really enjoy politically driven books or books about people in politics that I admire)

Honorable Mention: To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee (one of my favorite childhood novels)

Top 5 Musicians/Bands/Composers/Scores

  •  Frank Sinatra (I Won’t Dance is one of my favorites but honestly I have a whole playlist of just Frank I have titled “Simply Sinatra”)
  • Composer Hans Zimmer (It shouldn’t be hard because some of my most favorite film scores were composed by Zimmer: Sherlock Holmes, The Da Vinci Code, the Pirates movies, The Last Samurai, Kung Fu Panda, etc. )
  • Beyonce (From Destiny’s Child to where she is today I have loved her music videos, performances and songs)
  • Maroon 5 (I saw Maroon 5 for the first time at a Matchbox 20 concert years ago. They were the opening “nobodies” at the time opening for  Sugar Ray, who was touring and opening for Matchbox 20. I bought their first CD on the spot, Songs About Jane and I have loved them ever since)
  • Usher (I have been slightly obsessed with Usher ever since I saw his first music video on MTV for his debut single “My Way.” He can dance and boy can he sing)

Honorable Mentions: Rihanna, Janet Jackson, Keb’Mo’

Top 5 Movies

Sleeping Beauty is a Disney Production under copyright

  • Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (As a child, as I have mentioned, this was my favorite movie. As an adult I can appreciate the artistic beauty and perfect sound score that this film offers).
  • High Crimes (Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman are among my top favorite actors/actresses so the fact that I LOVE this movie is no surprise.)
  • Sherlock Holmes (the script is brilliant, Jude Law is a hottie, Robert Downey Jr. is magnificent and the score is fantastic. Plus, Rachel McAdams was in it too!)
  • Charlie Wilson’s War (I love the writing, the story and Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts are in my top list as well)
  • Hope Floats (This is definitely a chick flick but I don’t care. Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite actresses ever and this movie is just great all around)

Honorable Mentions: The Blind Side, Cold Mountain, The Pirates movies, Rumor Has It, You’ve Got Mail, Morning Glory, Troy and Avatar

I tag anyone who wants to do this! :) I think I will do more Top 5 TAG posts in the future featuring 5 more of my top 5s! It is so much fun!

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18 Responses to Top 5 TAG

  1. Kayla says:

    Love this! I was thinking about doing this post too! =) I loooove lemon in my water too.

  2. Kelly says:

    Eat Pray Love and the Davinci Code are amazing – some of my favorites too!

  3. Jessica says:

    Heck yes for Anthony Bourdain!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. kelly says:

    aww this is so fun, i loved reading this! and is it weird that i have never heard of tofu in a smoothie? very interesting! i havent read that anthony bourdain book but i like him so i want to check it out now.

    • Danielle says:

      Yes! Actually you can’t even taste the tofu in it, it’s added (at least for us) for protein. It helps make you feel more full after having the smoothie. Since we have them for breakfast a lot in the summer, I need it to have some substance to it. ;)

  5. lilladylife says:

    OH so nice to know about u!!!!! Water with lemon is my number 1 drink too!!! Watermelon is a daily food for me and i eat like 3 bananas a day!!!
    Maroon5 I love them!!!! prob bc Adam Levine is in the band! =P

  6. Awesome tag!! I love frozen youghurt too! Great movie picks ;)

    oh and Danielle, nice to meet you =P

  7. Larie says:

    Oooh, I haven’t had any watermelon yet this summer – criminal, right?

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  9. Bee says:

    Hehe, I saw this and I had to do it! I love Sleeping Beauty! She was always my favourite princess. :) Eat Pray Love was way better than I thought. I read some reviews who didn’t like her and thought she was too moany and concerned about her own problems. But that’s what people are like in real life and I could relate to some of the things she said. Anyway, here’s my entry: It’d be great if you could check it out and comment. :) I’m new and it’s starting up and I don’t have many readers…

  10. Bee says:

    I think WordPress didn’t process my comment…? Anyway, I love Sleeping Beauty. She was my favourite princess. And Eat Pray Love was much better than I thought. Some people thought she was too moany but when people are going through hard times, they tend to be more self-pitying. I could relate to some of the things she said. Anyway, here’s my entry: It’d be lovely if you could check it out and comment. I’m new and don’t have many readers… :)

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