When I first started using makeup (and we’re going waaaayyy back folks, to like 1999 lol) I remember seeing my mom’s eyelash curler and thinking “I will NEVER use one of those.” It looked scary (still does) and I didn’t want something like that going near my eyes. Fast forward to my late high school years (2004) and eyelash curlers have found regular use in my routine…until a rather embarrassing incident when my lashes met an unfortunate fate. I went to curl my lashes as usual, and the rubber guard had fallen off (unbeknownst to me) and snip! There go half my lashes on one eye. <—-not kidding, this really did happen.

While there will always be the isolated mishap, most makeup tools have made my life exponentially better.

Instruments of torture

Metal Eyelash Comb: Ever try using the plastic ones to try to comb through your lashes? Yeah, they don’t work (at least not for me). But this metal one here, works wonders if you’ve gone a bit overboard on your mascara, or if you are dealing with a clumpy formula. This one I picked up from Coastal Scents and it was super inexpensive! Could never be without this anymore.

Slanted Tweezers: For the obvious job of maintaining brows and keep stray hairs at bay, but sometimes are used for more obscure purposes….like aiding in de-potting. Any way you slay it, these are my favorite tweezers ever. They are made by La Cross and I am pretty sure that I bought them at Walgreens years ago. I’ve tried others and nothing compares.

Brow Comb: I used to think that just the bristle end was for your brows and the other end was for your lashes. Not true, at least that’s not how I use them. I use the plastic side to add in trimming my brows. It’s the perfect way to comb them so you can see which hairs need to be trimmed. The other side works great for everyday grooming, and I usually use it in conjunction with the plastic side if my brows are being particularly unruly.

Eyelash Curler: Goes without saying, it curls lashes. I don’t know what brand this is but I will bet I paid less than $10 for it. I generally don’t use it daily. I use it more for when I am using false lashes than anything. My lashes have sort of a natural curl to them so lash curlers don’t make a dramatic difference to me. But it does really help my false lashes blend nicely with my real ones.

Glass Nail File: This one happens to be from Sephora and it’s the only one I have ever purchased. I have used this since the beginning of this year and have seriously barely made a dent in it. Glass files are so muchΒ  easier on my nails than an emery board is. They give you more control I think and also last for an insanely long time. I see having this one file well into the future.

Spoolie: I use this particular spoolie for my hair. It is absolutely wonderful for taming fly aways. I spray a bit of hair spray on my fly aways and quickly run the spoolie over them. It works like a charm. If you’ve never tried this, you really must. This one was from ELF for a whole $1. Total bargain!

What are your favorite instruments of torture…ermmm, tools? Do tell! Any embarrassing mishaps like mine, indulge me, I promise I won’t laugh (only with you , not at you).



13 responses to “Interesting Implements.”

  1. lilladylife says:

    i loooove my spooly!!! i got it in some cheap set for like 5 bucks in Asia and i cant live without it to never make my brows harsh! tweezers and shu uemura are must have’s for me. I have always wanted to know how to use the black head extractor but i have NO CLUE how it works haha

    • Danielle says:

      I have always been curious about those too! Always afraid I’ll end up doing more harm then good….I will try if you try! πŸ˜‰

  2. Kayla says:

    I should try the spoolie trick! I have the John Freida Fly-Away tamer and it works well, but the gel can get a little gloppy. I think only tools I really use are my eyelash curler, nail file, and tweezers. They’re all drugstore buys, so I haven’t got a clue what brand any of them are, but they work! I use Q-tips like crazy too.

  3. Amy says:

    I hate tweezers. Wish I never had to tweeze my eyebrows again. I recently got the tweezerman one, which is recommended all over the place and I don’t see a big deal about. It’s def not worth $20. Anyway about a year ago I wasn’t able to get my eyebrows waxed and man did they need them. So I did them myself, I don’t mean waxed them myself, just tweezed them. Ok I really screwed my eyebrows up. Of course I went to a place, a spa, and the girl told me that I really botched them up…I thought to myself “tell me something I don’t know.” Anyway I look at tweezers like guys, u hate them but u love them at the same time….Ok I just thought of this now, and until replying to this I never thought so much about a tweezer.

    Very good post!

    I’m now actually remembering my first time seeing an eye lash curler and had no interest in it going near my eyes. man how times have changed.

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks Amy! Yeah, tweezing is a pain! I hate brow maintenance in general, trimming, combing, filling in. I wish it was a one time deal.

  4. River says:

    No matter what I do, I cannot curl one of my eyelashes. I think one of my eyes must be more sunken in than the other (though it doesn’t look like it), and no matter what I do, it can’t get to my lashes. So I just stopped trying! haha

    • Danielle says:

      Hmmm, yeah, maybe it’s the shape of the curler vs the shape of your eye? I tend to stay away from my curler…just because…you know… LOL

  5. kelly says:

    omg you snipped half your eyelashes off!? that sounds traumatizing. i really want to get a eyelash comb because i hate when formulas are too clumpy…hmm i have never tried metal ones so i will have to try that out! same goes with the glass filer. i barely use any tools besides slanted tweezers and a regular file!

    • Danielle says:

      Yes, they did!!! Not all the way from end to end, but about the first 1/3 of my eye. Ugh. It was horrible! It grew fast and I used lots of mascara but I will never forget that!

  6. Betty says:

    I love to use my eyelash curler, but there was this one time where I pinched my eyelid so hard my lid was swollen for the rest of the day πŸ™ , but oh how I love my lashes nice and curled lol
    Eyelash curler, tweezers and spoolie are must haves for me πŸ™‚

  7. Oh my gosh, that eyelash curler incident sounds horrifying πŸ™

    I have that same Coastal Scents lash comb πŸ™‚

    • Danielle says:

      Isn’t it? I was totally turned off of curlers for the longest time! It’s a great comb! So cheap too πŸ˜‰

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