Hi ladies! Hope you all enjoyed your week! Summer is in full swing here and it’s been sunny and hot daily for a while now. In honor of the hot weather I thought I’d do a series of posts with waterproof (aka sweatproof) makeup for those hot sunny days, long steamy nights and everything in between. This one is going to be all about the eyes!


Generally speaking, I like to keep it easy when it comes to eye makeup in the summer, especially for parties. A swipe of bright eyeliner or a quick wash of a cream shadow and I’m usually set. Here are a few ideas of shadows that have made the grade for me.

Waterproof Eyeshadows, before water

Shadows featured, left to right: Mally Beauty Shadow Stick Champagne, Sephora 12 hour Shadow Pencil in Kaki, Urban Decay 24-7 Shadow Pencil in Lit, Mally Beauty Shadow Stick in Dusk*, Mally Beauty Shadow Stick in Deep Plum*, BareMinerals Prime Time in Sundance, Urban Decay 24-7 Shadow Pencil in Rehab, Mally Beauty Shadow Stick in Platinum*

My first foray into these waterproof shadow pencils this year was Urban Decay’s Midnight Cowboy 24-7 Shadow Pencil (not featured here, but you can see my review here) and I became voracious for more shades. I purchased one of the Mally Beauty Shadow Sticks after seeing the lovely Emily (of emilynoel83 YT channel) use them in a video. I was utterly impressed!

Eyeshadow swatches, after vigorous warm water rinse and dry

I can use both Urban Decay and Mally Beauty shadow sticks without primer and they will last all day on me. When I start getting beyond 10 hours, there is noticeable fading with the UD pencils whereas the Mally will last fully in tact until I take them off (she says bulletproof and they really are!). A word of difference between the two regarding formula, Urban Decay’s formula is drier, at least on my eyes. My eyelids feel kind of tight when I wear them, but it doesn’t flake and it’s not too terrbile. Contrary wise, the UD version retails for $20 for .10 oz and Mally’s retail for $25 for .06 oz. I would love to see the Mally version include more product, or be at an equal price point of the UD ones. Luckily, they do offer shadow duos that make the value much better and you can find them on QVC’s website 🙂 .

The Sephora version is a total dupe of the UD version. It also contains .10oz but retails for a staggeringly low price of $10! For beauties on a budget, the Sephora ones are an excellent value. It lasts all day on me as well.

The Bare Minerals primer is a new release for this summer, and is a gorgeous shade that works as a shadow or a primer. Love how it held up here! My only problem with the Bare Minerals new primers is the amount of product you get for the money compared to other primers on the market. You only get .1 oz for $18 and the normal Urban Decay primer potions contain .37oz for $19. 🙁 Granted, these are thicker and can do double-duty and are admittedly gorgeous….but I can’t help but knock it down a few pegs for the value. On a better note, you don’t need much of the product to get the job done, but you should be aware of the size before you buy it.

You can see after water, some of the shimmer and dimension has gone, but the shadows are mostly if not completely in tact. I’ll admit, I was quite vigorous with these swatches and am impressed more wear was not visible.



Eyeliner can be a girl’s best friend. A lot of times I swipe on a quick line of bright liner in the summer (waterproof of course) for weekends and evenings. I hadn’t gotten into liquid liners that much until this year, and I still haven’t quite gotten the knack of applying them (give a girl props for really trying!) just yet. I used to be exclusive to UD 24-7 liners and gel liners. And those are still great options, but I’ve been exploring some others more recently…

Waterproof Eyeliners!

Liners Featured, Left to Right: Urban Decay 24-7 liner Electric, Urban Decay 24-7 liner in Baked, Stila Sparkle Liquid Liner in Electric, Milani Infinite Liner in Everlast*, Milani Infinite Liner in Infinite, MUFE Aqua Liner in #14*, Tarte Smolder Eyes Amazonian Clay liner in Fig, Mally Beauty Evercolor Starlight liner in Caribbean Sea

All of these liners are stellar performers. The Milani liners are so pigmented and long wearing for me, for a drugstore liner they perform like something I would buy at Sephora, not CVS.

My love for Urban Decay liners is no secret, as I’ve reviewed them before here.

I’ve also raved about the Mally Starlight liners before, and they perform magically on my lids, in a stunning array of colors.

Eyeliner swatches, after vigorous warm water rinse and drying

The biggest surprise after rinsing with warm water and drying is the Stila and MUFE liners. I have worn both of these when I’ve gone out jet-skiing and didn’t experience any wearing off. Though, some of the sparkle of Stila did go away after swimming in the lake. You will see in the picture those are the only two that were affected noticeable by my test. I still love both, even if they didn’t live up to the others here. They have both performed well for me when I’ve done real life testing. Plus, the colors are both gorgeous! I prefer the tips on Stila and MUFE to the ones on Milani, simply because for me it’s easier as a novice to apply it with their applicators than the longer ones Milani features.

The Tarte Smoulder Eyes came with a recent set I purchased from QVC (Glow You Way To Gorgeous). It’s a stunning plum/brown color that smudges magnificently on upper and lower lashlines.

I’ve gone a bit on and on with this post so I apologize for my rambling. I hope you are able to find your match of waterproof shadows and liners that suit you this summer season. You can’t go wrong with any of the ones I have featured here. If you have any doubts, swatch them in person if you can 🙂

What are your waterproof eye favorites? Do you apply liquid liner like a pro, or do you feel like there should be an app for that? ;P

*these items were provided by PR for review and consideration. My commitment is to being honest at all times.

19 responses to “Waterproof Your Makeup: The Eyes Have It.”

  1. Kelly says:

    I am totally going to try the sephora liners! They look amazing! great post 😀

  2. Alex says:

    I’m definitely going to have to check out Mally Beauty! Some of these shades look stunning, plus the waterproof-ness would be fab for summer.

    • Danielle says:

      Alex- Mally is fast becoming one of my favorite brands. Her line up is impressive and long wearing. I also love her Youtube videos. Plus, have you ever seen her on QVC? She is such a doll!

  3. iliana says:

    The Urban Decay Electric one looks stunning! x

  4. rach. says:

    GREAT blog! if you get the chance to check out mine i would really LOVE your two cents on it, especially in the most recent post. you are so inspirational and your opinions would mean so much! Thanks!


  5. Arianne says:

    Impressive! These all look great. Thanks for comparing the Sephora one to the UD version. I’ve used their Flashy waterproof liners in the past and they also have incredible glide and staying power. 🙂

    • Danielle says:

      Oh, I will have to check out those flashy liners…I’ve never tried one. Is there a particular shade you love?

  6. lilladylife says:

    those are INCREDIBLE swatches!!! i never tried anything from Mally’s but i must now!! i love the Sephora liners too!!!

    • Danielle says:

      Yes! The Sephora ones are a great value, and the Mally ones are incredibly long wearing and smooth! 😀

  7. Jo says:

    Oooooo loving the look of MUFE #14 (even if it wasn’t the best performer) and Tarte Fig. Must find some similar shades here. Really need to expand my eyeliner collection, i’m a complete BB Gel Liner in Sepia addict – never wear anything else!

    And who knew ‘waterproof’ liners could be so durable?! xx

    • Danielle says:

      Yes, I still love the MUFE #14, even if it didn’t hold up as well. It’s a lovely shade. The Tarte Fig is the perfect color that is really no-nonsense. *goes to look up swatches of Sepia*

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  10. Amy says:

    Girl, you are right on the ball with Mally’s eyeshadow sticks and liners, MUF’s aqua liners and of course Tarte! have you tried Tarte’s amazonian clay liners? I can’t wait to get the Glow Your Way Gorg, I bet the taupe is so pretty. I have the seashell and moss. The seashell pink is my go to color for this summer.

    I love Mally’s shadow sticks. I also have dusk, plum, saddle shimmer and one other color, I can’t remember. I have been had my eye on the platinum one.

    Your swatches are great by the way!

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks Amy! Yes, I have the Amazonian Clay shadows, I love them! Tarte and Mally are such great brands I cannot believe they get snubbed so much in the beauty world. Tarte is making a huge comeback this year though so I am happy about that! Mallys shadow sticks are the best performers though. I think I want them all!!!

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