28. 07. 2011

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that lately I am all sorts of obsessed with red. A color that I quite frankly used to be scared of and had no interest in wearing makeup or having my hair in-hued in that shade. Now, silly me, I have done both. Baby steps, though, baby steps….

Tarte for True Blood

Now, I need to add a little disclosure here saying a few things: 1- I have never seen a full episode of True Blood (shock! horror!) 2- I have never been a huge Tarte Cheek Stain fan (only 1 has impressed me so far..Eco Cheek). 3- Red normally scares me

Ok, with that said, on to the good stuff. First of all, the Tarte LipSurgence formula is brilliant. I have another shade in Sweet and it is with me at all times. I favor it over other shiny lipsticks because it’s not sticky and has a nice minty smell (not tingly on me though). I bet y’all want to see some swatches sooo…

L-R: Tarte for True Blood LipSurgence and Tarte for True Blood Glamour Me Cheek Stain

You will notice glitter in this cheek stain. When I first opened the tube I was shocked by it’s glittertastic-ness. And for me, glitter on cheeks (unless clubbing) is a no-no. Upon swatching directly from the tube, quite a bit of the glitter translated onto the skin. I was getting worried that this totally wouldn’t work for me. Then, after using a stipple brush to apply it on the swatch, I got what you see above. You will see in the following photos that the glitter is hard to detect on my cheeks when I applied it this way. Can you see sparkle on my cheeks in person? Only when I put my face about 6 inches from a mirror and tilt my head side to side. And even then, it’s not like chunks of glitter. So, I was able to make it work. This stain is different in formula from others I have tried…it’s very similar to eco-cheek in texture making it less greasy and more pigmented.

The LipSurgence speaks for itself. It’s gorgeous, applies smoothly and acts like a stain on my lips, lasting 4+hours. It’s the least drying “stain” I have ever come across.

Not-so-scary red lips!


Where's the glitter at, yo?


I <3 red

And of course, I had to show you all a pic of my new red highlights…. kinda hard to capture on film, but here goes:

Red, She Said!

Have any of you stepped out of your comfort zone and visited with Madam Red lately? Or was red in your regular line up already? Share some of your favorite red for lips, cheeks, nails….!

*The products mentioned in this post were provided for consideration only by PR. Feel free to read my disclosure policy.

Hi ladies! It’s sad, but I think we have reached the middle of summer….at least where I’m from! It’s been a great one this year…lots of sun and heat! To celebrate the wonderful weather and get me over the sadness of the midway point, I wanted to host a little giveaway of some goodies that will help you make it through the rest of these hot summer nights with a little more flare 😉

Everything is brand new and full size:

Giveaway Goodies!

1 Winner will receive the following prize package:

The Rules:

Want to see swatches of the giveaway goodies? I own all these myself, and have reviewed or swatched them all on my blog in the past and have linked to them below.

17 Mirror Shine Nudist Peach

MAC Birds & Berries

Urban Decay 24-7 pencil in Zero

ELF Giddy Gold Blush

Milani Tropical Fiesta


Good Luck! <3 And a big thank you to all of my readers and followers on twitter. You gals (and guys) rock!


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Happy Friday ladies! The weekend is upon us, first weekend in awhile where I don’t have some event to go to, which means I’ll be getting plenty of sun and R&R.

I wanted to take a moment to talk about beauty on a budget. It’s where I, and many other beauty bloggers/fanatics got our start. You will notice as you peruse the hundreds of blogs out there (by the way, thanks for stopping to read mine) that most of us feature more items in the mid to high end price range than from the drugstore. And while it’s fair to say I like (love) several items I have bought from department stores and Sephora, the drugstore items that are available are just as good. Sure, the packaging may not always be the most eye-catching but what about the good stuff that lies beneath?

All Drugstore: base and face

For most of my early makeup years, drugstore items suited me just fine. And while the occasional luxury item is certainly to be appreciated and treasured, I don’t want all you ladies out there to feel like you have to have and spend gobs of cash to achieve a great makeup look. A good friend of mine who works in fashion once said to me “Show me a lady who can go to Goodwill and pick up a few pieces, put it together and look fantastic and you will show me great fashion sense. Show me a lady who purchases what’s on the mannequin at Macy’s, and you will show me someone who knows how to copy great fashion sense.” I think this can apply to makeup as well. It’s about creating something for yourself, finding little bargains (and treasures) and putting something together that is uniquely you. I guess what I want to say, is that just because I may show a high end or pricier item on my blog that I love, doesn’t mean you have to run out and get it. Take what I loved about the product and challenge yourself to find something that fits into your budget. Obviously, when I recommend something, it’s for a reason. But, who’s to say you won’t find the next best thing….at half the price? 😉

More Drugstore Madness!

It is with that spirit that I write this post. Does it mean I won’t continue to indulge in mid and high end makeup? Of course not. I am at heart, a lover of beauty and that love extends to trying out as many things as I can…in hopes that I can share with you the hits and misses along the way. My first thought whenever I see a new product released is “Where can I find a cheaper alternative?” Because, in all honesty the second best thing to finding a great beauty item, is finding a great beauty item for a bargain.

Finishing Touches

So I challenged myself to go back to my roots and do my makeup entirely from the drugstore. And so I did. The items pictured above are what I used. It’s just what I happened to have. Look through what you’ve got, don’t feel the urge to buy something new. Half the fun is re-discovering what you already own!

The Swatches:

Face Products

Swatches L-R:

Eye Products

Swatches L-R:

The Finished Look:

100% drugstore EOTD


All drugstore FOTD

If I didn’t tell you, would you have guessed this was all drugstore? 😉

It’s not pictured in the swatches, but it’s in with the products show at the top…but my lipgloss I’m wearing is Maybelline Shine Sensational in Sweet Indulgence.

What are some of your favorites from the drugstore? I’d love to see your all drugstore looks so do share!

When I first started using makeup (and we’re going waaaayyy back folks, to like 1999 lol) I remember seeing my mom’s eyelash curler and thinking “I will NEVER use one of those.” It looked scary (still does) and I didn’t want something like that going near my eyes. Fast forward to my late high school years (2004) and eyelash curlers have found regular use in my routine…until a rather embarrassing incident when my lashes met an unfortunate fate. I went to curl my lashes as usual, and the rubber guard had fallen off (unbeknownst to me) and snip! There go half my lashes on one eye. <—-not kidding, this really did happen.

While there will always be the isolated mishap, most makeup tools have made my life exponentially better.

Instruments of torture

Metal Eyelash Comb: Ever try using the plastic ones to try to comb through your lashes? Yeah, they don’t work (at least not for me). But this metal one here, works wonders if you’ve gone a bit overboard on your mascara, or if you are dealing with a clumpy formula. This one I picked up from Coastal Scents and it was super inexpensive! Could never be without this anymore.

Slanted Tweezers: For the obvious job of maintaining brows and keep stray hairs at bay, but sometimes are used for more obscure purposes….like aiding in de-potting. Any way you slay it, these are my favorite tweezers ever. They are made by La Cross and I am pretty sure that I bought them at Walgreens years ago. I’ve tried others and nothing compares.

Brow Comb: I used to think that just the bristle end was for your brows and the other end was for your lashes. Not true, at least that’s not how I use them. I use the plastic side to add in trimming my brows. It’s the perfect way to comb them so you can see which hairs need to be trimmed. The other side works great for everyday grooming, and I usually use it in conjunction with the plastic side if my brows are being particularly unruly.

Eyelash Curler: Goes without saying, it curls lashes. I don’t know what brand this is but I will bet I paid less than $10 for it. I generally don’t use it daily. I use it more for when I am using false lashes than anything. My lashes have sort of a natural curl to them so lash curlers don’t make a dramatic difference to me. But it does really help my false lashes blend nicely with my real ones.

Glass Nail File: This one happens to be from Sephora and it’s the only one I have ever purchased. I have used this since the beginning of this year and have seriously barely made a dent in it. Glass files are so much  easier on my nails than an emery board is. They give you more control I think and also last for an insanely long time. I see having this one file well into the future.

Spoolie: I use this particular spoolie for my hair. It is absolutely wonderful for taming fly aways. I spray a bit of hair spray on my fly aways and quickly run the spoolie over them. It works like a charm. If you’ve never tried this, you really must. This one was from ELF for a whole $1. Total bargain!

What are your favorite instruments of torture…ermmm, tools? Do tell! Any embarrassing mishaps like mine, indulge me, I promise I won’t laugh (only with you , not at you).