‘Evening ladies! Wow, I feel like I’ve been a bit absent lately. Do you ever get that feeling like, “how in the world did it become Thursday already?” That’s me, only that’s every week 🙂 . I’ve had a stellar week albeit a busy one. I hope it’s been the same for all of you!

I wanted to share some newer brushes to my collection. I say newer a bit tongue in cheek because I’ve had all of these a nice long time. For some reason, I’ve just put off this review in lieu of other things. But, as promised, here we go.

Real Techniques Brushes L-R: Stippling, Blush, Kabuki

First I have to say that I absolutely adore the fact that these babies stand up all on their own. Brilliant! Presentation wise, I love the handles, the ends of which all being a rubberized material appropriate for gripping. Think of how NARS packaging feels and these are about on point with that. Now to the good stuff, these brushes are quite possibly the softest brushes I own. They feel so good on my face. The stippling brush is perfect for cream highlight, cream blush, or just pigmented powder blush. I don’t use it for foundation, though I am sure you could. It’s different from other stipple brushes I own because the bristles are actually quite short. I think it makes it more precise. Also, NO SHEDDING! How many times have I used a stipple brush that shed and I get those annoying little hairs in my product. This has never shed even one tiny hair. EVER. Same goes for the Blush and Kabuki brushes. Both are equally as soft as the Stippling brush. I use the Blush and Stippling brush more than the Kabuki. Being honest, the Kabuki was a bit of an impulse buy because I like that it flipped open.

Real Techniques Kabuki opened

Isn’t that cute?! I also like the fact that it is angled. I usually keep this brush in my travel bag because it can easily be used for bronzer, blush or all over powder touch ups. The Blush brush is actually quite large, rendering it a bit more difficult to actually use to apply my pigmented blushes, though I have used it for blushes/bronzers that aren’t as pigmented and I find it works lovely with them. I like using it to apply bronzer all over because of the slight point it comes to. It makes it easier to get into the contours of your face with it.

Real Techniques Eye Brushes L-R: Eyeliner brush, Accent Brush, Deluxe Crease Brush, Brow Brush, Base Shadow Brush

The same description as above applies here: no shedding, very soft, lovely grip at the end. Sad news: these do not stand up on their own 🙁  Oh well! My favorites in this set are def. the Brow Brush and the Base Shadow Brush. The Brow Brush is by far THE best brow brush it’s ever been my pleasure to try. Something about the bristles and the way it picks up and deposits powder is wonderful and precise, without making my brows overdone. It’s not as…flat as other brow brushes. It’s also lovely for using eyeshadow as liner as it creates a nice soft focus line. The eyeliner brush doesn’t suit my taste all that well, and I prefer other brushes I have (like the Sonia Kashuk one here)The base shadow brush is also a bit of a miracle worker for me. Interesting in shape too, when I think of my other shadow brushes.

Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush

It’s flat without being thin, and it’s longer and more narrow than other shadow brushes I own. This works AMAZING for shadows that are more difficult to work with and have fall out problems. Again, not sure what it is about the brush, but I really enjoy it. If fits nicely on my eyelid too. My ideal shadow brush for patting or packing on the shades!

Sonia Kashuk Pointed Foundation Brush

I am over the moon for this foundation brush. I use it in conjunction with my tarte foundation brush. I talked about here.  This gets into the corners and crevices of your face so well. it fits nicely under the eyes, and I have often used it for blending my concealer. I love that is is round and pointed, it is the ideal brush for under the eyes in my opinion.

Sonia Kashuk Pointed Foundation Brush Shape

It is soft and easy to blend with. Once again, this doesn’t shed. I purchased mine at a Target store. For some reason, it doesn’t look like it’s available online.

NARS Yachiyo Brush

I had this brush on my list for quite awhile after seeing it in several videos on YoutTube. It’s expensive, there’s no doubt about it. Coming in at $50 it is a bit of a luxury item. There is no question in my mind though, that this brush is mostly worth every bit of that. It does apply blush (particularly pigmented ones like NARS) fantastically. It’s lightweight, and smaller than I’d envisioned it to be. I love the wound handle and overall shape of this brush. It is soft, but not as much so as the brushes above. Can I apply blush with other brushes just fine? Sure. But the shape and design of the brush and bristles makes this a unique piece to own. I’d like to see the price of this brush come down to about $35-$40, but I doubt that will happen. Just make sure to pick it up with a coupon code, which is usually floating around somewhere for the NARS website for 17% off (orders of $75+).

Top view of Blush Brush and Yachiyo

Just to illustrate the size difference of the brushes; the Yachiyo is quite a bit smaller than the Real Techniques Blush Brush.

Overall Breakdown:

Have you found any great brushes lately? Any brushes you couldn’t do without that you already own? Do tell!

14 responses to “A Brush With Greatness….”

  1. River says:

    I love those ones that stand up on their own! Best invention. Probably wouldn’t work for me and all the earthquakes though. Haha.

    I’m a bit new to brushes really. As in, only started using them in the last year or so (besides blusher). I don’t like the idea of wearing one for liquid foundation because I don’t like all the product that seems to soak into the brush.

    • Danielle says:

      River- I totally feel you on using them for liquids. But I have noticed a huge difference in the way my foundation/concealer look when applying with a brush. Some product gets into the brush, but most of it stays on my face. I used to use only my hands and fingers for liquids, but got tired of having my hands all dirty with makeup. It took me awhile, but I have finally embraced using brushes stem to stern in my makeup. 😉 But really, it all comes down to preference.

  2. Jessica says:

    Every time I’ve forgotten about the Yachio Brush you remind me of it again! So amazing looking!

    I’ve been intrigued by the Real Techniques brushes, but I hate the shape on the bottom! I keep all my brushes in a jar and I don’t want that wide bottom taking up unnecessary space.

    ♥ Jessica

    • Danielle says:

      Ahh, I know! The Yachiyo was worth it for me, since I use many pigmented blushes. I know what you mean, I store mine in jars too, but it doesn’t bother me. The eye brushes don’t have the wide bottoms. But, I actually prefer that they stand up, because I hate laying a dirty brush down on my desk while I am putting my makeup on! I like being able to stand it up on it’s own 😉

  3. Kelly says:

    The real techni1que brushes look great! After reading this, I’m definitely going to check them out the next time I get to go to Ulta! Thanks for reviewing them!

    PS I’m totally jealous of your NARS brush!

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks Kelly! Those brushes are def. great ones to own, and the price is right on them too! The NARS brush is a splurge for sure, but if you’re ever looking for a way to treat yourself, it’s definitely a good way to do it!

  4. lilladylife says:

    the Yachiyo brush is smaller than expected, but i dont care, must get it one day!!!! in the interim the sonia kashuk looks very interesting and i may have to order real teq online as they seem amazing also esp the lil kabuki that open’s up! Love it!! thanks for sharing! post was worth the wait!

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks dear! I know, the kabuki was too cute to pass up! The Yachiyo gets a lot of love, and I can see why!

  5. That NARS blush brush gets a lot of love, but I just can’t see spending so much on a brush, lol 🙂

    • Danielle says:

      Krystal- I know what you mean, it was hard to swallow that price tag! But, if you’re looking for a luxury item, it’s definitely a good one to splurge on.

  6. Brilliant! Why haven’t all the make up brush people made standing up brushes?? And I just checked out your Zoya Rica swatches – such a beautiful colour, you’ve inspired me to go get it! Definitely following you now, can’t wait for more posts!

    • Danielle says:

      Aww, thanks dear! I know, right? I love the fact that they stand up! It makes them so much easier to use!

  7. Becca says:

    Thank you for posting this!

    Have been trying to decided to get the Real Techniques brushes for a little while and posts like this really help.

    Think I will deffo be purchasing a few come payfay! x

  8. Becca says:

    *Payday of course 😉

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