Hi ladies! If you’ve read my blog before or follow me on Twitter, you know that I have a particular obsession with all things Amazonian Clay from tarte. Tarte has really impressed me all year long and I have enjoyed every purchase I have made. And so, it is with that sentiment in mind that I share with you my collection of the tarte Amazonian Clay blushes. I am only missing one shade at the moment, Blissful! Hopefully, it will be mine soon.

A Bag of Blushy Goodness

L-R: Dollface*, Tipsy, Amused, Natural Beauty

All of these are in the permanent line. Dollface is a lovely light pink and is matte. I didn’t think this shade would show up on me, but it’s surprisingly natural and a perfect pink cheek. My love for Tipsy is no secret, as I have posted about it before. Amused is a medium pink that is deeper than Dollface but equally gorgeous and unique. Natural Beauty is a red-pink that creates a nice “5 mile run” blush on my cheeks that I really love.

L-R: Dollface*, Tipsy, Amused, Natural Beauty

I know my skin looks lighter here, and it must have been the angle of the sun and my camera. Regardless, the swatches are accurate and true to color πŸ™‚

L-R: Exposed*, Blushing Bride, Flush

Exposed is probably the best and most natural nude blush I own. Blushing Bride is one of the few that contain sparkle, but it’s subtle and not glittery. Swatched, it’s a fine shimmer. I think this might be similar to NARS blush in Sin. I can’t say for sure, because I don’t own it. Flush is nice purpley-pink shade that is matte and smooth. I think all three of these are great for fall too.

L-R: Exposed*, Blushing Bride, Flush

L-R: Tickled, Adored, Glisten, Peaceful

These four shades are (or were) sadly only available in special sets. Tickled is a coral-red shade and is matte and was included in the 2nd delivery of the 8th World Wonder set from QVC. Adored was available in a Sephora exclusive set earlier this year. It reminds me of what NARS Angelika might be like because it contains the same kind of sparkle. Again, not overly dramatic. Glisten came from the first 8th World Wonder delivery from QVC and is a favorite. It’s a great peachy-pink with gold sheen. It might be similar to NARS Orgasm or Deep Throat. Peaceful is from the most recent set, still available on QVC and will be featured as a Today’s Special Value this weekend. It is peachier than Glisten, but also has a golden sheen. It also lacks the pink undertone of Glisten. You can pre-order this set now via Auto-Delivery (search item #A219234) or one kit (search item #A218483). I think the kits are a great deal, and I love the auto-delivery option because you get new shades each season. I can’t wait for the fall versions of both kits!

L-R: Peaceful, Glisten, Adored, Tickled

Bottom Line:

What shades do you have your eye on? Have you picked any up, and if you have, which ones are your favorites?

*the items starred were provided for consideration by PR. The rest I purchased myself.
27. 06. 2011

Ever wonder why some colors attract you more than others? Like Gold, for instance? Anything in the makeup world that is gold usually (if only temporarily) attracts my attention. I think it’s gold’s sparkly nature and light-reflecting qualities that make it impossible to ignore. It’s as if it says “I am gold, and you will look at me and revel in my glory.” It surely must be true. So then, having decided that I am slightly addicted to all things gold in beauty, I sat down to gather a few of pieces of golden delight.

L-R: China Glaze 5 Golden Rings, Revlon Gold Coin, China Glaze Mignight Kiss, China Glaze Lighthouse

Gold kissed fingertips are the easiest way to incorporate this metal into your life. It looks chic and sparkly, but not over the top. There are different levels of gold polish, like anything. From the more yellow variety (like Lighthouse) to the more antiqued shades (like Gold Coin). All are equally fabulous.

Clockwise from top: Urban Decay Greed, Victoria's Secret Sparkle 24K, Sonia Kashuk Gold Pencil, Milani Drenched in Gold*

My favorite way to wear gold is definitely on the eyes. The Sonia Kashuk pencil (part of a set from Target) is great and pigmented and lasts forever on my eyes. I am pretty impressed with Milani’s Drenched in Gold baked shadow. It’s not the typical gold shadow, especially from the drugstore. It is pigmented and leans more yellow, which I prefer. Most golds I come across are too brassy or too dark. I like a nice yellow gold, especially for the eyes. Greed is nice, but was a bit of a let down for me if I’m being honest. It wasn’t as pigmented as I had hoped. I still use it and it does enhance gold shadows quite nicely, or adds a little gold undertone to other shades. VS 24kt sparkle shadow is a bit of a rogue. Sometimes I like it, other times I hate it. It has fall out issues and isn’t pigmented. It’s quite a sparkly gold without being glittery. I find it’s a nice topper for that super sparkle look for going out or parties. Only problem is on it’s own it doesn’t last all day on me.

L-R: Sonia Kashuk Gold, Victoria's Secret 24kt, Milani Drenched in Gold*, UD Greed Primer Potion

L-R: VS Spotlight Lipstick, Laura Geller City Lights, Stila 24kt Golden Charm

I love adding a bit of golden gloss to the center of my lips just to catch the light. Laura Geller City Lights ranks among my top favorite glosses ever. I first discovered it’s awesomeness on a trip to Vegas, and it’s always been a staple for me since. It’s worth noting this lipgloss smells like watermelon which I adore. But if you dislike fruity scents, you may want to steer clear. Stila’s gloss is darker and a bit more obvious, but no less pretty for sure. The Victoria’s Secret lipstick is sheer, but is nice to layer. It’s more of a champagne gold.

L-R: Victorias Secret Spotlight, Laura Geller City Lights, Stila 24kt Golden Charm

L-R: ELF Giddy Gold, LORAC face & body shimmer

Although not an everyday thing for me, gold on the cheeks is a fun way to play up a tan or add some dimension to your face. ELF recently came out with this new Studio Line “Blush” shade (not really a blush, it’s a highlight shade for most skin tones) that has a peachy-gold look to it. This LORAC one came in a palette I purchased off Hautelook last summer, I removed it from the palette because I liked it so much more than the other items in it. They both add a nice golden sheen to the face or body. I find them both smooth as well, not glittery or gritty.

L-R: ELF Giddy Gold, LORAC face & body shimmer

How about you girls? Do you live a slightly gilded makeup life? Share your favorite gold items below, I am always on the lookout for new and fabulous shades.

*this item was provided to me for consideration by PR.


Happy Friday ladies! Just a quick post here. I wanted to show you some comparison swatches for the recently released MAC collection, Blogger’s Obsessions, to help you decide if you should snag anything. This isn’t a review because I have only just received these items. These were swatched in natural sunlight and the shadows were swatched without primer. Enjoy, and I sincerely hope these pictures will aid in your decision!

Items I purchased:

L-R: MAC Resort Life Lip Gelee, MAC Evolution Revolution, Jemma Kidd Air Kiss in Strip, Milani 3D Glitzy in Designer Label, Mally Lip Laquer in Delish Apricot*

The closest glosses here are Jemma Kidd Strip and Milani Designer Label. Strip is more pigmented than Evolution Revolution, while Designer Label is close, but the shimmer particles are more apparent and are larger and glitter like. Delish Apricot is much more highly pigmented and behaves like a liquid lipstick and Resort Life is far more glittery/shimmery.

L-R: MAC Swell Baby, Urban Decay Creep, Stila Diamond Lil, MAC Hocus Pocus, Sleek Storm Palette Dark Grey Shade

I originally thought that Diamond Lil and Hocus Pocus might be dupes. I was pretty off. Diamond Lil pulls more taupey-brown while Hocus Pocus pulls more grey. Diamond Lil is supposedly a dupe for the infamous MAC Smoke & Diamonds and you can see the wonderful Pink Sith’s post comparing them here. From this I would conclude that Hocus Pocus is not a dupe for Smoke & Diamonds. Creep is similar, but in real life the black undertone is much more apparent and the sparkle is different too. The others are not even close.

L-R: MAC She Who Dares (Blue Side) Kat Von D Poe Blue, NYX Jazz Night Dark Blue Shade, NYX Jazz Night Light Blue Shade, Parisian Skies, Sonia Kashuk Paris at Night Quad Dark Blue Shade

Again, no dupes really to be found. I can’t tell you how happy I was that I picked two shadows up that I don’t have anything like yet. Not saying a dupe doesn’t exist, I just don’t have it. The lighter blue from the NYX Jazz Night palette is close, but lacks the obvious grey pull of Parisian Skies. Sonia Kashuk is much darker and much more navy in shade. The other shades are not similar really, but I wanted to include several just for comparison’s sake.

L-R: MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipglass, MAC Sonoran Rain Lipglass, Hourglass Siren Gloss, Revlon Colorstay Mineral Lipglaze in Continuous Coral, Loreal Infallible Lipcolor in Beyonce Red

I feel good about this gloss purchase. Nothing I own is really all that similar to it. Cyndi is much more pink and lacks the tightly packed shimmer, while Hourglass Siren is a blazing volcanic lava type of red and is more metallic. Continuous Coral is too coral and not red leaning enough and also lacks shimmer. Beyonce Red is a true in your face red and is matte in finish.

Overall I am happy with my purchases. I could have skipped Evolution Revolution, but I like Karen and I liked the story behind the gloss. The truth is I don’t care for the stickiness of MAC lipglass. I am hopeful about their new Glam Gloss collection coming out at the end of July. I saw some gorgeous looking orange and coral shades that I can’t wait to see swatches of. Allegedly the formula is non-sticky! *Squeals* Anyway, happy hauling ladies, and do share what you picked up, loved or hated about this collection below! πŸ™‚

*Disclosure: this item was provided for consideration and review by PR.


Happy first week of summer! Though, for me it’s been rainy and cloudy every day with no end in sight. Hoping that will change very soon! In the mean time, I am still enjoying bringing out all my summer clothes and jewelry.

Speaking of summer, I’m all about easy makeup. I don’t want to have to think too hard about it most days, and other days it’s too hot to even bother with something elaborate. Enter Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Instense shadows.I have already reviewed two other shades here, but today I’ve got Khaki Pulse!

Giorgio Armani Khaki Pulse

I swooned over this shade when I saw it on Temptalia several weeks ago, immediately knowing it would someday be mine. I am pretty set with the Eyes to Kill shades I want for now…unless they release more colors down the line πŸ™‚

This is a gorgeous khaki bronze and I love the way it looks in the pan.

L-R Laura Mercier Black Karat vs GA Khaki Pulse

Above, I am comparing it with Laura Mercier’s Black Karat. Definitely not dupes. Laura Mercier is definitely more green and less bronze than Khaki Pulse. Khaki Pulse is a unique blend of khaki, brown and gold. It’s sparkly without being gritty or glittery and I don’t experience fall out with it (this may be a brush issue if you do experience fall out with these). It glides on like buttah and is instantly intense, though you can sheer it out as well. This as well as my other Eyes to Kill shades last all day on me and don’t crease, with or without primer. They aren’t exactly a bargain at $32 each, but if you like sparkly creamy/intense shadows that don’t budge, these fit the bill perfectly πŸ™‚

Wearing Khaki Pulse

Wearing Khaki Pulse

Khaki Pulse FOTD

Makeup Breakdown:





Overall, the Eyes to Kill have been standouts for me so far. I realize that they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that they are quite pricey. But I enjoy using them immensely and hope they release other shades in the future.

What’s your go-to khaki shadow? Or do you find khaki shadows don’t suit you? Do tell!


20. 06. 2011

I was tagged to do this post by the always awesome and amazing G. ofΒ  Nouveau Cheap. I always like reading what everyone’s all time favorites are, not just the seasonal likes. So here we go!

The Rules:
1) Link back to the person who tagged you
2) Nominate 10 other bloggers
3) List your 10 favorite beauty products 

I nominate: 

  1. 25fLondon
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  3. Delyteful Speaks
  4. Beauty Charade
  5. Lil Lady’s Life
  6. Getting Cheeky
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Even if your name doesn’t appear in this list, feel free to do the tag! There are so many beautiful and lovely bloggers out there I couldn’t possibly choose just 10, so check out the links in my sidebar, I tag all those bloggers too!

My Top Ten Beauty Products of All Time (I’ve linked to my reviews of the products if available and I have owned and used all of these items for months now. That should give an indication of just how lovely they are!):

1. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer: This stuff is the bomb. If you’ve not tried it, you really should. It works miracles under the eyes. Stays put, covers well, ’nuff said!

2. Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Balancing Foundation: An oily/combo skin girls dream. Makes me skin look and feel airbrushed. Lasts all day on me which is a shocker!

3. DDF Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew: I have raved about this being my HG moisturizer and it’s 100% true. It’s not a lotion or a gel, but somewhat of a hybrid between the two. Whatever you want to call it; it works fantastically on my skin!

4. Givenchy Phenom’eyes Effet Mascara: Pricey, but definitely leaps and bounds ahead of my other mascaras. Love the softness of my lashes even while they are dramatic with this mascara.

5. Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow in Rose Gold: By far my favorite highlighter that I own. It’s glowy, dewy and natural all in one.

6 & 7. Milani Baked Blushes in Luminoso and Terra Sole: These are probably the most used in my collection this spring/summer. Although I definitely go in phases for blush, these two you can’t go wrong with any time of the year!

8. Too Faced Natural Eye Palette: Shock! Horror! I use this more than I use my UD Naked Palette. Sorry, I just like it better. The Urban Decay one is great, but I have used my Too Faced one so much more. πŸ˜‰

9. Mally Beauty Evercolor Shadow Stick in Champagne: This is a fantastic product. It doesn’t get enough love. It stays put without primer. I want LOTS more of these. I use Champagne several times a week. It’s just so easy. No blending, no brushes, just swipe ‘n’ go.

10. MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Gotta Dash: It’s a lipstick + gloss in one.Β  This shadeΒ  pretty much goes with anything, and it’s why it’s solidified it’s place in my handbag.

This has inspired me to do a “Top Ten” series with other beauty items. More on that in the future! Can’t wait to see what your favorites are. Feel free to share in the comments below!