Happy Memorial Day! (if you live in the States that is) and I want to thank our military servicemen and servicewomen past and present for their heroism and dedication.  Both my grandfathers served in the military (Army and Navy) so I truly appreciate everything they do and have done.

In true celebratory fashion, this also marks my 100th post! Wow. 100 posts seems like an awful lot. I am excited to have made it this far, and look forward to the next 100 posts with you girls! At this rate, that should be around my 1 year blogiversary, but we shall see! I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting me, for reading, sharing personal stories and becoming friends. This has been an amazing journey and I am so grateful to be part of a community as diverse and extraordinary as the online beauty world, and thank you for letting me have a small part in it 🙂

Now that I’ve got the mushy stuff out of my system, let’s get on with it, shall we? I decided that I wanted to finally share my bronzer swatches with you guys, along with some more summery looks I have recently done. I have been saying I was going to post this for ages, but something else seemingly more “important” always came up. But no longer! Just in time for summer….

*PS- This post features a bit of link love to some of my favorite ladies in honor of my 100th post and their awesome support, I kept it relevant to the topic so if you don’t see your blog here, don’t fret. I still love you!

L-R: Milani Baked Blush Bellissimo Bronze, MAC So Ceylon, Too Faced Sun Bunny, Tarte Park Avenue Princess, ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzer Duo (Blush not shown), Loreal Glam Bronze Enchanted Sunrise

These bronzers all contain shimmer or a slight sheen to them. The most sparkly is the Milani one on the far left. The Loreal Glam Bronze one is a cherished item for me. I got it several years ago, and it was probably my first bronzer ever. It is the only bronzer I have ever hit pan on, and it’s almost gone sadly 🙁 All of these are lovely and each have a slightly different undertone to them. You can also see Bellilissimo Bronze featured in Rai of Glam Morena’s April Favorites post here.

Inspired by MakeYuUp's post and MakeupbyTiffanyD's video

A true summer FOTD. I am wearing Chanel Bronze Universel all over in lieu of foundation. I’ve also used MAC Chrome Yellow eyeshadow and Chromagraphic pencil along with Stila 24kt shadow on my eyes. For blush I popped on Milani Terra Sole bake Blush and I am wearing MAC Lovelorn on the lips with a dab of Philosophy Melon Daiquiri lipgloss. I was inspired by Yu of Let’s MakeuUp (see her post here) to do this FOTD and TiffanyD’s video on YT. I love it!

Green and Bronze look

Again, I used Milani Terra Sole here, along with a bit of MAC Give Me Sun MSFN. For my eyes I used a new for Spring eyeshadow quad by Sonia Kashuk called Bronzed Beauty. I also used the green shadow on the lower lashline from my Victoria’s secret palette from last summer. I twitpic’d that palette here. On my lips I am wearing MAC Naked lipliner, MAC Ravishing and Korres Nude gloss

L-R: Physician Formula Cashmere Bronzer (darker shade), Milani Terra Sole Baked Blush, Too Faced Chocolate Soleil, Bourjois #52 Bronzer, MAC Give Me Sun!, Benefit Hoola

Again, all these shades are different in tone, but this time they are matte. The PF one has a slight sheen to it, but not noticeable really. My two clear favorites here are Give Me Sun and Terra Sole. I love them alone and paired together. My least favorite is Benefit Hoola. I just don’t care for it on me all that much. The Too Faced and Bourjois ones both smell of chocolate, the Too Faced having more of a cocoa scent and Bourjois being more sugary. Thanks to H at 25FLondon for sending me the Bourjois bronzer in a swap. You can also see the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer reviewed here by the lovely Ebru of Ebrushka’s Makeup Bag.

MAC Surf Baby Look

I used some of my newer Surf Baby items for this summery look. I am wearing Chanel Bronze Universel on my cheeks along with My Paradise Cheek Powder, MAC Hibiscus lipstick and Swell Baby Eyeshadows.  Jacquelyn of FabDiva20 shows us her Surf Baby haul here and Kia of KillerLipgloss has some awesome swatches here as well.

Fun with Purples!

My cheek color isn’t as apparent here, but  can tell you it was definitely Terra Sole and a bit of Too Faced Chocolate Soleil. I am wearing Lancome’s 5 color palette in Amethyst Glam along with the Ombre Magnetique in Ultra Lavande. I am wearing Lancome lipstick in Poodle Skirt with Juicy Tubes in Moulin Rose on my lips.  Kayla of Beauty Charade did a lovely purple look here. Tara of Keeping Up With Me took a makeup class at Illamasqua and I love the pinky rose shade of lipstick she is wearing here.

L-R: Too Faced Aqua Bunny, Chanel Bronze Universel, Dior Aurora, Flirt! Sweet Desire

Too Faced Aqua Bunny is a cream bronzer in the way of Bronze Universel (Soleil tan de Chanel) but it is darker, and water resistant. I really like the Aqua Bunny bronzer, especially in the summer for the water resistant formula and because it’s darker and suites my skintone better once I have a tan going. The Bronze Universel is lovely and a splurge because it isn’t cheap. But I adore the fragrance and texture. Dior Aurora wasn’t my idea, but after Tiffany from Will Work For Makeup posted here, Julie from Lil Lady’s Life posted here and Jessica from Getting Cheeky posted here about the wonders of this bronzer/blush in one I have to try it out. For those looking for a bit more dark version of Aurora, Delyteful speaks has recommended the Dior Sunset shade in her post here.

Wearing Dior Aurora

In the picture above I am wearing Dior Aurora along with Chanel’s bronzing base all over. The glow the camera is picking up is from my Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow in Rose Gold, I am over the moon for that product! I am wearing Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense in Khaki Pulse lightly on the eyes and MAC Ever Hip with NYX Golden Pink lipgloss layered over. Jessica from Don’t Call Me Jessie has done some lovely FOTDs with Dior Aurora here.

That wraps up this welcome-to-summer and 100th post extravaganza. Although I know that officially summer doesn’t start til mid June, we all know that summer has arrived with blooms and sunshine and brightly colored lipsticks. Thanks again for your kindness and support, without my friends and readers this wouldn’t be anything worth doing!





Hey ladies! I hope you are all having a relaxxxing kind of Sunday. Sunday is totally my lazy day, the day where I give my hair and skin a break and just go au natural. Well, I mean, I don’t skip deodorant or brushing my teeth or anything (your girl is still hygienic) so don’t go thinking that, but I do keep a minimalist approach for the most part. 😉

Just for something different, I thought I would do a post of what I consider my top 5 makeup “don’ts”. You know, the things you see other women wearing and wish you had the courage to pull them aside and say, “Honey, no no no.” That’s what this is. And for funsies, I decided to make myself the offender of my top 5. Enjoy!

Offenders #4 & #5: Daytime Glitter Cheeks & Smudged Mascara

Don't! Smudged Mascara and Daytime Glitter!

#5- Smudged Mascara– The smudged mascara is presumably done unintentionally, but if you’ve seen that you’ve done it, please take a second to fix it. A tiny cotton bud with a dab of makeup remover should take care of it in a few seconds and you won’t have to walk around all day like you are on mascara training wheels.

#4- Dancehall Glitter for Daytime Wear– Yes, I have seen this, and no, it isn’t flattering. If the sparkle on your cheeks prompts me to bust out my sunglasses instead of the sun, there’s a problem. And I am no glitter hater, in fact I love the stuff…when used in the appropriate amount and for the appropriate occasion. The glitter I used is more than what I could capture accurately on film, but I think it comes through enough to say, “Hi, I’m Glitter and we are BFFs”

Yikes! Is this a drawing or a real face?

#3 Unblended or Heavy Handed Blush: Although it’s not coming up as much on film as it did in real life, heavy handed blush aka clown cheeks is embarrassing. Other than the fact that you may look perpetually embarrassed due to your blush, you also look completely unnatural. Blend your blush out to a natural flush and remember that less is more. You should look healthy, not clownish. 😉

#2 Noticeable Lipliner: I cannot tell you how many times I actually do see this, on blogs and real life. I shouldn’t be able to tell from many feet away that you are wearing lip liner. If you need to shape and define your lips –fill them in entirely, don’t just do a stark outline, especially if you are wearing a lighter color. But the truth is, whenever I wear liner I blend it in and shade my lips in fully because I know that my lipstick will eventually wear off and I don’t want to be stuck with the outline if and when I forget to reapply.

Annnnnnddddd, my number one makeup Don’t of all time is:

#1- Overly/Obviously Drawn on Eyebrows: Listen, I get that a full brow frames the face. I get that not everyone is blessed with awesomely amazing brows, believe me, my brows aren’t the fullest thickest things either. But there are ways to fill them in, versus drawing them on. When I see photos of beautiful ladies with overly drawn on brows, I think, “Did the mirror only show them up to their eye sockets?!” I am serious! It ruins the whole look for me and I just can’t take you seriously with those cartoon brows. Trust me when I say it will look LOADS better and much more natural if you just gently fill instead of tracing the outline of the brows you wish had on with pencil and coloring them in.

Thanks for playing along ladies, this was a lot of fun to do. I am not a professional by any stretch, but I think these things are all common sense. What do you think, what are the worst makeup offenses/crimes  you have seen someone commit?

And one more for the road…..

Natural vs Overdone



26. 05. 2011

As most of you know, Beauty.com had a Friends & Family sale a few weeks ago. I indulged in a few things I had been wanting to try out, including items from a brand I have never tried, Jouer. I created a FOTD with these products when I first got them, but can’t seem to find the photos, so here is one I wore today, and swatches of the products I chose.

If you aren’t familiar with Jouer, their packaging is unique in that it all slides and snaps together so you are essentially creating your own “palette”.

Jouer Compact Snapped together

I really like how it snaps! So easy to travel with, I have been keeping this in my makeup bag to take with me.

L-R: Sunset lipgloss, Peach Bouquet Blush, Tiare Highlighter, Organza Cream Shadow

This was taken in sunlight. The Sunset gloss is my go to gloss now. I have rarely used any other gloss since I got it! It isn’t sticky but it still wears a long time on me. Plus, I love the color! Tiare is a great gold highlighter and doesn’t feel greasy. Organza is a drier cream shadow and doesn’t feel greasy either. Everything lasts all day, but I do have to set Organza with a powder shadow and use a primer, if I don’t it will crease on me. But, it pairs stunningly with Satin Taupe! Which brings me to my FOTD….

Jouer FOTD

Wearing Jouer

Jouer FOTD

Product Rundown:





Happy Hump Day again! Wow, I sure wish this weather would figure out what season it is. Hot then cold, sunny then rainy. Make up your mind already! But, for the most part things are warming up around here, and thank goodness. Since we are fast approaching June (I know!!!) I figured it was high time a did a peachy/coral/orange blush post, so here it is! These blushes represent some of my all time favorites. I have my eye on a few more blushes in this color range, but for the most part I’d say I am pretty satisfied with my collection thus far. Let me know what your favorites are, and if you’d like to see a pink blush post!

*PS- these are all powder blushes. I am saving the creams/liquids for another post 😉

L-R: Korres #44 Botanically Coated Blush, Illamasqua Lover, MAC Ripe Peach, Hard Candy Skinny Dipping

The Korres blush above is discontinued. It was a different formula than the newly discontinued Zea Mays #44 Orange that you will see later in this post. This one is definitely more peachy. Lover is a bright peach while Ripe Peach is more pink peach and Skinny Dipping is slightly more orange yet than Ripe Peach. Ripe Peach and Skinny Dipping both have a sheen to them, while Lover and #44 are matte.

L-R: MAC Mighty Aphrodite, MAC Peaches, MAC Instant Chic, Benefit CORALista

None of these blushes are really similar, but they all belong to the Peach family in my estimation. I am not sure why CORALista is coming up more pink than it really is in real life, it could just be because it’s more pink when compare to Instant Chic.

L-R: Stila Make Me Blush, Too Faced Papa Don't Peach, The Balm Hot Mama, Tarte Clay Blush Glisten

Stila Make Me Blush is the odd man out in this group, being that it is much more coral in color than the other three. All of these have a gold sheen to them. Too Faced is slightly darker than Hot Mama, which is not quite as pigmented as Tarte Glisten. Hot Mama’s gold sheen is more obvious than the others.

L-R: Milani Baked Blush Luminoso, Milani Baked Blush Coralina, Milani Mai Tai, Urban Decay Score

You have seen the baked blushes here before, and here you can see that none of the four blushes above are really all that similar. Luminoso is a true peach with shimmer, while Mai Tai is an orangey coral with a slight, almost undetectable sheen. Score fits in with the ones from above (i.e. Hot Mama). Coralina is a true coral with plenty of shimmer. Oddly enough, with the Milani baked blushes, the shimmer is not as noticeable on the face as it is in a swatch.

L-R: Milani Baked Blush Rose D'Oro, MAC Stereo Rose, Korres #44 Orange Zea Mays, Sonia Kashuk Sunset

Already touted as dupes be other bloggers and myself, Rose D’Oro and Stereo Rose really are quite similar. Sunset is a bright coral peach, while #44 orange is a deeper coral with an orange sheen. Korres #44 Zea Mays is one of my most favorite blushes.

L-R: MAC Bite of an Apple, MAC My Paradise, MAC Devil, NARS Exhibit A

I NEVER would have described Bite of an Apple (LE with Venomous Villains) as a pink alone, but next to the more orangey-red blushes in my collection it looks a lot more pink then when she flies solo. My Paradise (LE with Surf Baby)  is definitely more coral than Devil (which is a MAC Pro color). Devil has a sheen to it, and is slightly more orange in color than Exhibit A, which is matte.

L-R: NYX Cinnamon, NYX Love, NARS Taj Mahal

I had several times heard that NYX Cinnamon was similar to Taj Mahal. For me, the only similarity they have is that they both happen to be shades of orange. Different shades, at that. Cinnamon is much lighter and brighter, and leaning towards a peachy orange and is matte, while Taj Mahal is deeper, darker orange and has an obvious gold sheen. NYX Love might just be the marriage of the two, falling somewhere right in between, and how conveniently placed is that swatch 😉

I have absolutely no idea why the above photo doesn’t show the normal caption (believe me it’s there) and why it doesn’t have a frame. Growing pains! Anyway swatches from L-R: Tarte Tipsy, Sleek Pan Tao, Barry M Apricot, Illamasqua Excite

I hate to say it *again* but these are not really all that similar. Isn’t it amazing how many peachy/coral blushes there can be that aren’t alike? It’s madness! Barry M is definitely the darkest and most orange of the 4 above. Excite and Pan Tao are kind of similar, but Pan Tao leans more peach while Excite leans slightly to the orange side (slightly,and I do mean *slightly*) so those two could pass for almost dupes. Tipsy seems more pink in comparison to the other three, but you have seen Tipsy on it’s own on my blog, and it’s anything but. I think the lesson here is that Tipsy leans more towards pinky coral, while the others lean toward peach/orange.

Well, that wraps up the powder blushes. I am still trying to decide whether to post bronzers or the cream orange/coral/peaches next. Any thoughts? I hope you ladies enjoyed this, it was a lot of fun digging through my stash and seeing how things were similar, or not so much. It was kind of surprising to me as well.


Good Evening ladies! I decided to do a Face of the Night, something I would wear when going out for dinner or out with friends. I wanted to incorporate a newer Bare Minerals eyeshadow called Sweet Smile (a lovely shimmery grey with blurple shimmers). I really like how it turned out!

Face of the Night!

Face of the Night!

Product Rundown:




What do you ladies wear for a night out? I usually bust out the black liner. I don’t normally use Feline (I have stated before it smudges like crazy on me) but it was the first black liner I pulled out so I went with it. What are your favorite black eyeliners?