Sometimes, dear beauty lovers, I get so involved in the collection of more makeup that I completely forget to review or even use a product I was once very excited about. Case in point, many things I got around Christmas time including the Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland Palette. I had waited, stalking, for this palette when it first came out so I could grab it before it was gone. Grab it I did and have rarely pulled out it since the first two weeks I owned it… until just a few weeks ago when I remembered I had it! Such is the life of a makeup addict/collector. Don’t pretend this doesn’t happen to you ALL the time 😉

Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland Palette

La Vie en Rose Blush and Snow Bunny Bronzer

La Vie en Rose, Snow Bunny

I haven’t used the bronzer too much, but I really enjoy this blush shade. They are both soft and easily blend into the skin. I have thought of depotting this blush and putting it in my z-palette….but I don’t want to ruin the beauty of the palette. But I think I would use it more if it were with other blushes!

Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland Eyeshadows

Too Faced Eyeshadows Row 1

Too Faced Eyeshadows Row 2

Too Faced Eyeshadows Row 3, and Glamour Gloss in Pillow Talk

The shadows are sooo phenomenal! The are fantastically pigmented and smooth. And look at those gorgeous colors! I already had Velvet Revolver and Honey Pot in my Too Faced Natural Eye palette, but I don’t mind as those colors are quite lovely. Label Whore is a supposed dupe for MAC Club (first shadow in Row 3). I love the second shade in Row 3, Glamazon.  All of them are nice to work with you can create some really awesome looks with this palette. I don’t care for the gloss. It is “plumping” and it makes my lips sting. The color is nice, and the gloss is smooth. But it is rare that I like any gloss with a plumping formula.

All in all this palette was about $50 (roughly) from Sephora. It also came with a full size tube of Shadow Insurance. How could you not love a deal like this?! If it is still around…pick this up. You won’t regret it.

11 responses to “Better Late Than Never!”

  1. River says:

    I love all the colours in this! Gorgeous. I wish it was available in New Zealand.

  2. Tiffany says:

    This palette is so pretty! I love the gold in the top row, the blue and the green in the middle row, and the middle shade in the bottom row. This definitely makes me want to try out some Too Faced products asap!

    • Hi Tiffany- I don’t think (other than the lipgloss in this palette) that I have not liked any Too Faced product I have bought. For awhile, it was a brand I was really into. But, like so many other things, I was easily distracted by the “next best thing” lol. When you do try them, I can’t wait to hear what you get and what you think!

  3. 25FLONDON says:

    I don’t use my Snow Bunny much either, but it is a lovely colour! The blush looks nice too, but my favourite shades are the first 3 from the bottom row!

    • I LOVE the Glamazon shade. It is probably my favorite of the whole palette. This palette was such a deal, that I didn’t mind getting two repeats and the not so lovely gloss.

  4. Kayla says:

    Hahaha that happens to me regularly. Today I dug out my Kat Von D palettes and I totally forgot how much I love them. It’s so ridiculous how often that happens but it makes my collection more fun! This palette is gorgeous and I don’t actually own anything from Too Faced, so I think that’s an excellent excuse to splurge. =)

  5. kelly says:

    i LOVE the blue shadow in the second row and the dark blackened green in the last photo. so many shadows come in this palette

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