Good Morning Beautiful! It should come as absolutely no surprise that I have picked up more of these blushes (no, I am not ashamed, they are THAT good). If you care to re-visit the awesomeness that was my initial review of these beauties click here. Otherwise, I will get to the good stuff…the swatches!

Tarte Clay Blush L-R: Glisten, Natural Beauty, Adored

Tarte Clay Blush L-R: Adored, Natural Beauty, Glisten

The blushes here have the same smoothness and longevity as the ones I previously reviewed. These colors are so fun and gorgeous. Natural Beauty is a wonderful strawberry red and really does represent a natural pinched cheek look on my skin tone.  Adored and Glisten are different from the rest of the collection because they both contain shimmer (Adored has actually silver shimmer in it and Glisten lives up to it’s name with a glistening glow, but I classify it as shimmery none the less). Glisten might be a dupe of NARS Orgasm, though I wouldn’t know for sure because I don’t own it. I suppose it is worth mentioning that two of these blushes are currently only available in special sets. Glisten is part of a QVC exclusive set that I will be reviewing later this week. Adored is part of a special set available from Sephora. I do not know if either of these colors will be released separately, but I hope they will be! Natural Beauty is available in Sephora stores now and online. I did speak with a Tarte rep at Ulta when I was there over the weekend and she said that the clay blushes would not be carried there for the foreseeable future, which is too bad. These retail for $25 and I highly recommend picking up at least one shade!

5 responses to “Tarte Amazon Clay Blush- Part Deux!”

  1. amanda says:

    Is adored more pink or purple? Looks purple.

    • Hi Amanda-

      Adored is more of a pinky purple and has silver shimmer throughout. It is a pretty unique shade, but it definitely leans purple.
      Is that the shade you are most interested in getting? I think it looks great on medium skin, but could definitely be layered for darker skin tones or used with a lighter hand on fairer skin!

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  3. Kia says:

    AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH I must have them all! *sigh*

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