The Prettiest Palette

I haven’t tried many products from It Cosmetics, but everything I have tried has been nice, even reaching must-have status (their bye-bye under eye concealer is amazing). I kept seeing video after video on the new Naturally Pretty palette they released. At first I was uninterested. I have so many neutral palettes and it takes a lot to interest me in yet another version of the same colors.

It wasn’t until I swatched it in person at ULTA that I knew I had to own it. It was a little hard to track down as all of my nearby ULTA stores were sold out. I was lucky enough to come upon a 30% off coupon for the It Cosmetics website and promptly placed an order.

It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette

The packaging is simple; a blush-toned velvet with gold writing. It’s classy, and unassuming. I do have to say that I don’t care for the velvet. It attracts dust, dirt and fuzz.

It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette 2

The palette contains 14 shades of matte neutrals and one transforming pearl shade that you can layer over the other colors to give them a pearl sheen. I like the concept, but it’s not what drew me to the palette.

The shades are absolutely buttery. They are silky, smooth and highly pigmented. The odd and most amazing part is that for how creamy and pigmented they are they don’t produce a lot of powder or fall out. They blend so well on the eyes and it’s easy to create pretty much any kind of look from the most natural to full-on dramatic.

It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette Swatches

Swatches L-R (natural light, no primer): Sheer Joy, Love, Soft light, Sunrise, Warmth, Sunset, Soulful, All Heart, Mocha, Java, Violet, Iconic, Midnight, Noir, Transforming Pearl

The quality and value are both impeccable. It’s worth tracking down. I’m glad I finally caved and swatched it in store. If I hadn’t I would have missed an amazing gem of a palette.  It retails for $42 at ULTA and It Cosmetics. I highly recommend this one!

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Choose or Lose: Dior Addict Fluid Stick vs Lancôme Lip Lover

It seems that every company has released it’s own version of the lipstick/lipgloss hybrid. We’ve been inundated with promises of high shine, long-wear and powerful pigmentation. The latest in this trend comes from Dior and Lancôme.

Introducing the Dior Addict Fluid Stick and the Lancôme Lip Lover:

Dior Fluidstick Lancome Lip Lover 1

What Lancôme says: A dewy, intense lip color that creates shine and color without sacrificing moisture.

What Dior says: A totally new kind of lip product. A spectacular fluid that you can barely feel… What it does is combine maximum color impact, glossy shine and a “no-makeup” feel in a lip color boasting sensational color, wear and comfort.

Seems pretty similar, right? Unfortunately the companies descriptions are where the similarities end. One of these products is amazing, the other falls completely short of the claims.

Dior Fluidstick Lancome Lip Lover 2

The wands are very different. Dior’s is wide and ends up pooling product on the tip (as you can see in the picture). Lancôme’s version is longer and more narrow. Both are made of a sponge-type material. I find the Lancôme version easier to use personally. If you have larger lips you might like the Dior wand better.

Dior Fluidstick Lancome Lip Lover 3

The shades I picked up are Rose Attrape-Couer (Lancôme) and Mirage (Dior).

Mirage is a nice nude peach that isn’t quite intense, but it isn’t subtle either. Rose Attrape-Couer is a face-brightening peachy-pink.

The problem is this: the Dior Fluid Stick has by far the most odd texture of any lip product I have ever used. My first thought upon initial application was “oh…. eww.” It’s tacky and sticky. It never really dries down. I keep rubbing my lips together because the stickiness is so annoying that I can’t help it. The wear time is mediocre at best- within an hour there is noticeable fading and forget eating or drinking. The product is completely gone if you eat or drink anything. It also does that weird line thing on your lips- you know where it kind of gathers in the middle? Yeah, it’s not attractive at all. I tried to find something about this product I liked. The packaging is cute and the color is very pretty. Other than that, I doubt I will ever use this product again.

The Lip Lover, however, does none of these things. It feels comfortable and silky on the lips, leaves a gentle stain for several hours and wears evenly. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and wouldn’t be surprised if I picked up a few more shades.

Dior Fluidstick Mirage

Wearing Dior Fluid Stick in Mirage

Lancome Lip Lover Rose Attrape-Coeur

Wearing Lancôme Lip Lover in Rose Attrape-Couer

It’s also worth noting the amount of product and the price. Lancôme’s version is .14oz for $23 (or $164.33/oz) and Dior’s version is .18oz for $35 (or $194.60/oz).

At the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference. I was actually pretty disappointed because Dior makes my favorite lip products of all time- so to see a fail from them was quite a shock.  I still love Dior, but you won’t see another Fluid Stick in my collection, at least not in it’s current formulation. The Lancôme Lip Lover has my absolute recommendation and has everything in a lip product that I want.

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Spring Fling

It goes without saying, I think, that spring is in the air. The days are getting longer, the temperatures warmer and most importantly- THE SNOW IS GONE. Ok. My fling with spring is in full force.

Currently testing….

Spring Fling Products 1

I’ve added a few new products into my spring rotation. I’m currently testing the new Dior Fluidstick (Mirage) and the lovely new Lancome Lip Lover (316 Rose Attrape-Coeur). I’m also testing out the new Dior waterproof mascara and the Guerlain Maxi Lash (both deluxe samples with purchases). I will have full thoughts on all of these soon. For now, they suit the spring bill nicely.

Spring Fling Products 2

I also caved and purchased the newly reformulated Guerlain Meteorites (in shade Medium). The tin was just too pretty and I mean, just look at it:

Guerlain Meteorites Medium

This picture just makes me happy. *sigh*

Spring Fling Products 3

Since it is the season of renewal, I’ve rekindled my love for products already stowed away in my collection. I’m all about glowy skin, pinks, peaches, navy and browns…oh and did I say glowy?

The Lineup:

Stila HD Beauty Balm Illuminating- I first tried this before Christmas and really enjoyed it. This is the deluxe sample size but I’ve got the full size waiting in the wings. It’s perfect for no makeup days.

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush in Pop- The blush that looks like skin. Seriously, this stuff is amazing. It stays put and gives a vibrant pop of pink.

Edward Bess Quad Royale in South of France- The name just evokes lovely, warming thoughts. On the skin it gives a radiant, lightly bronzed glow.

Guerlain Cruel Gardenia Highlighter- Sadly limited edition but the flower design and light, glowy pink creamy powder really make this a spring must have.

Clarins Instant Lip Perfector- I have two shades of these and really really enjoy the light color they give to my lips, the not-over-the-top shine and balmy, hydrating feel they add.

Burberry Lip Cover in Golden Peach- This is a darker, more wearable peach. The Burberry formula and packaging are impeccable.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner in Dark Brown and Midnight- I have mini versions that I got in a gift set for Christmas and I’m so thankful I did. The liner formula is one of the best and these colors add definition without too much drama for daytime wear. The brown pairs nicely with light, muted golds and the navy pairs well with pinks and peaches.

Smashbox Limitless Cream Shadow in Quartz- I picked this up last summer after being (easily) persuaded by the Smashbox rep at ULTA. She said it was their best-selling shade and every bride she does requests this shade be used. I can see why. It’s glowy but not glittery.

Chanel Illusion d’ombre Convoitise- Although I am outwardly not the biggest fan of this cream shadow formula, this particular shade gives the most beautiful effect on the eyelids by itself or paired with other shadows and liner.


What are your spring flings? What colors do you shy away from or gravitate to?

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March Beauty Favorites!

The end of another month and beginning of another season! Spring is finally here and I am thrilled that the snowy weather is behind us!

Thanks for watching!

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New Video: TMI TAG!

Ok, I decided to take the plunge. Follow along for 50 questions of madness!




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